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Re: warrants
Today 16:08
These shares have already been forward sold.
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Today 16:00
New shares tuesday and wednesday will probably hold price down. I suspect news Thursday that may then set this for a rally. Tomorrow and wednesday probably hold days and watch the sp for additional top up chances. First hour of trading may be deceiving . Medium term this is looking very strong.
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Look at the MAN
Today 15:47
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wrong board
Today 14:19
My apologies, meant for SOU.
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N2 results
Today 14:18
Judging by the derrick movements on Sunday's webcam, they were only running casing / liner then. If that is the case, then I doubt if we will get any flow results before Friday. Fingers crossed and GLA.
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RE: Observation
Today 14:07
mornin spacey - rizo - Extractors......

"squeezing out the traders" spacey lol - never i say NEVER mwahahahahahahaha we're the lifeblood u know lololololololololol (what me sarcastic - never - chuckle)

trust ur chipper spacey/riso me ol fruits

here's an update on possibilities for this wee corrective phase as i currently see em fyi ignore or otherwise as see fit..........
1) FLAT ABC pattern (one i least favour but is "possible" if not probable [imo]) takes price down to approx 2.7p Called a flat as well the pattern's flat as the A B & C waves are all roughly the same length
2) RUNNING FLAT ABC - strong possibility of this one & the next one i'll show - well next lol - takes price to anywhere from approx 3.2p (trendline support) to approx 2.8p - key here is the C wave is shorter than the A wave & the pattern rather than being flat actually has an incline (slopes upwards) & is very bullish
3) equal favourite is the 4th wave triangle - & typically found in 4th waves - price bounces within the triangle with smaller & smaller waves & breaks out - other TA names for this are the "pennant" in non EW terms - key here is where the previous patterns were a 3 wave affair - this one is a 5 wave pattern & rules are the C wave must be shorter than the A wave & the E wave shorter than the C wave + the D wave must be shorter than the B wave

so still looks like a decent buying opp may arise anywhere between 3.2/2.8p ceteris paribus & caveat emptor n all that for a push on up above the current peskie 0.4p resistance.....

wI was 0.22p in length & wIII 0.25p so would expect wV to be in similar proportion if not (as seems to happen in AIMies) possibly longer.

this would suggest then that 0.5p & poss more is "doable" within what may be this first V wave move of possibly wave1 & if a genuine bull trend is emerging then again the wave counts will be 1up, 2down 3up (long & strong!!!) 4 down & 5up all on a much larger scale - see the EW & fractals link below....

so still a buy dips & hold it appears & hopefully off to 1p+ next retrace/consolidate & then go again...........


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RE: robin
Today 13:44
XTR paid a portion of the money up front for a better long term deal, so this just indicates confidence in the project.

Jan has an incredible track record that he won't want to tarnish, so I feel very sure O'Kiep will deliver in time.
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Today 11:48
Yes we might of paid for access only, but what your missing out is that initial payment was for 30k. XTR has just paid out 250k and we will get better overall terms. This deal is done in my opinion. I will eat my hat (along with paddy ashdown) if XTR walks away from this. Jan doesnt seem like the type of guy to throw 250k at something for nothing. If it did turn sour then the CEO would have egg on his face, but us investers would quickly forget about the 250k because Chepica will probably be bringing £24 million a year around then :-)
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Testing O'Keip.
Today 10:01
Doing what it says on the tin. Paid for access only. Now testing the heaps. No further cash required until the Bod see the results. If its poor then expect no action or cash spend. Jan has seized this as an opportunity so EXPECT the next step to be $125,000. 2 months of Cheipca profits lol. Cash put to good use.

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