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Victoria Oil & Gas Share Chat (VOG)

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It's facinating
Wed 22:32
that there's still so much interest here when it's pretty obvious that this has entered a lull and the SP isn't going to do anything, any time soon.

And yes, I hold here, before anyone aaks.
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re' - ''true magicians''
Wed 21:49
With regards to the ''true magicians'' post :
Thanks a lot for your ''Oh So - non-inspirational comment''

Comparing Victoria Oil and Gas to the three companies that you quoted is very much akin
to making a comparison between a doggies 'doo-doo' and a sheep's 'doo-doo'.
Different animal ... but the same old pile of 'doo-doo'.

And as for :
''connections update - drill update - contract renewal update - Q4 update - 2017 outlook
year end accounts - further drill update ... etc''

I am wondering about the 'etcetera' bit of that post - could it possibly be - ?
Promises made - Promises broken -
Targets set - Targets missed -
Shareholders Cash Call -
Excuses found -

Back in the early days everything looked ever so 'Rosy' - but now I find myself wishing that
I had never even heard of Victoria Oil and Gas.
Twelve - (dismal) - Years of Failure after Failure.
Chucking in more Good Money on top of Bad Money.
[What is meant by ''Good Money after Bad Money'' is my personal investment in V O G -
- and the MILLIONS in shareholders investment money that has been plowed into the
ground ... without any profit - only losses.

1] - Kemerkol ... 2] - West Medvezhye ... 2] - Logbaba ... what has Victoria Oil and Gas
achieved? What has Kevin Alfred done to reward the Financial Investment (and patience)
of their long suffering and loyal shareholders? Squat - Diddley Squat - and that's it. V O G
is being run into the ground.
Market Cap ..... slashed -
Share Price ..... Decimated -
Shareholder Sentiment - (apart from the delusional Rampers) ..... very low.
Everything now hangs on Matanda ..... and 'aj' ain't feeling all that optimistic.
My personal fear is that Matanda is going to be the next West Medvezhye.

Can anyone see anything on the V O G Horizon -
- that will turn this company around?

I read 'pathetic boasts' that Victoria Oil and Gas are supplying the Guinness Brewery -
some Palm Oil company - (and a few more) - with Gas.
If British Gas had the equal amount of customers they would have gone under long ago.
What we have IS NOT ENOUGH to sustain existence and growth in any company.
Time to take the blinkers off, folks. ''The King isn't wearing any clothes''

Spleen vented. Off out to catch Last Orders .....
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Supply vs Demand balance
Wed 20:38
There was an interesting article a few days ago about when the supply of electricity in Cameroon will balance demand - according to the boss of government company EDC(Electricity Development Corporation) it will occur in 2022. Whilst another expect as assessed to government growth aspirations the demand growth will be much higher.

The 2022 projection assumes all the planned dams are built out, IMO there is not a lot of chance there and demand growth is growing at a massive 8 to 10%, I thought it was 5%.

The figures also fail to take into account that the success of ENEO in sorting out the distribution network will create additional demand (victims of their own success), if load shedding stops then usage will grow and with it peak demand - there is no way Hydro will meet demand throughout the year any time soon, probably decades away. VOG's position is already factored into the supply side of the equation and IMO ENEO will want to do an expansion deal with VOG as soon as reserves are upgraded and VOG has something to sell.

EXTRACT "Today, the production deficit is not huge. It is roughly 300 MW. The problem is that the demand grows by 8 to 10% per year. Therefore, in five years from now, the demand will have doubled and we will be able to meet it. With the dam projects over the Sanaga, we will recover a production balance by 2022, after the commissioning of Natchigal (dam with a capacity of 400 MW, Ed.). Another challenge is the transport of energy on which the government is putting an emphasis today”, he explained in an interview granted to Le Monde Afrique.

With a current installed capacity of about 1,200 MW, Cameroon will in principle add close to 1,000 MW in capacity to its electricity offer by 2022. In part through the announced commissioning of the Memvé’élé (200 MW from June 2017), Lom Pangar (30 MW after the completion of the adjoining plant), Natchigal (400 MW from 2021) and probably Song Dong dams (270 MW).

Incidentally, the forecasts of the MD of EDC are more optimistic those of the Cameroonian financial expert, Babissanaka, who projects “irreversible” needs of 4,000 to 5,000 MW of electricity for Cameroon from 2020. This, he specifies, “in accordance” with the country's industrialisation ambition declared by the government.

Brice R. Mbodiam
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RE: coming soon
Wed 20:29
If you want the true magicians
take a look at the wizzards who ran Xcite, Afren, Petroceltic et al
they can make whole companies
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RE: coming soon
Wed 19:42
Couldn't resist, you missed off we also have superstar Kev running the show. A true magician who has managed to halve our market cap in less than 12 months.
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coming soon
Wed 13:18
connections update / drill update / contract renewal update / Q4 update / 2017 outlook / year end accounts / further drill update... etc.
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the past
Wed 13:16
may have consequences for directors who show poor judgement and loose lips, but as for tradeco, worth stating again, ...we have gas resources / we have access to them / we have customers / we have a way to supply customers / the current status quo at least breaks even / the model scalable / we are growing our asset base to service scale / such growth ought to realise greater profit / we are protected (contractually) for near term customer and gas price shocks / we have insurance/security against default in customers paying / we are the only one at market ...
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RE: space re grimm
Wed 13:13
there is a reason the past is called the past...
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space re grimm
Wed 12:50
a silly silly man would not have amassed
thw wealth that grimm has
although he can be a pain in the neck
and foo started that Phase by declaring to all voggies
that we now owned 100 percent
of vog
which led to a costly court battle that we did not Need
which grimm won by the way,so
silly he is not
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RE: bigsmoke
Wed 09:49
I would be happy to arbitrate Mr Big
however I cannot think what there is to arbitrate about
The rig was approved by Grim's team
passes by independent assessors
& appears to be merrily drilling away
Mr Grim is a silly silly man!

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