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Fund Manager Chris Bailey talks about an opportunist 2017 for investors Watch here

Fund Manager Chris Bailey talks about an opportunist 2017 for investors

Sareum Share Chat (SAR)

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Opinion:Strong Buy
Today 02:35
I apologise if i appear complicated on research. But its no so simple. I have disclosed my interest and position that can be taken with suitable salt.
However i have done a lot of research. Which i share freely. I also try and post links to the 3rd party sites that inform my views. I have no links to the company. But am an accountant. Usex to work in pharma and have been a bio investor/ shorter fir more than 20 years.
In very sime terms.
There is mo cure in RA. IBS. MS CROHNS . PSORIAS. LUPUS.
Which together are as big as the global cancer market.
The issue with other kinase treatments are mostly side effects through "dirty" off target inhibition of jak2 and jak3. This causes reduced abity to fight other infections.
So we are trying to nominate a tyk2 compound that doesnt interact much with jak2 or jak3.
From the published data we have already achieved that against our nearest competitor by a factor of ten.
The next round will see candidate selection and super selectivity (less side effects)
So in very simple terms.
We potentially have the patents on a market as big as cancer and the class of molecules.
For a 27m microcap on aim.
Of course im bullish and invested. But my 250k investment was only a 60k investment last year. (And happy to prove to num4 this came from my profit in 2011 when i banked at 3,3 to 4.5p) when we were much less advanced than now.
It is a little complex. But that is also why we are under researarched and have no institutions yet.
It may go down. It may go up. But for me the exit is a buyout and wiggles short term dont matter.
But if its easier to say "its going north". Not really interested. You need patience of years sometimes to be proved right. I think sooner. But its all imho and dyor. But ive disclosed my interest.
Ps obelix agree. We may find out at end feb. Gla
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Mon 22:11
I believe some big order has been working since the last RNS out. One day up to 0.95 then down to 0.90 massive Buy volume here since there and more to come.
Good luck to all here,
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RE: I like the optimism..
Mon 21:13
I appreciate Thoths contribution but I can only understand one in every three words he posts : ) I had a reading age of a 25 year old when I was 10 but I can't make head nor tail out of half of it. Some of us mortals need a layman's translation. Again no disrespect meant.
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I like the optimism..
Mon 20:54
This company is far better than another crappy similar company beginning with V, which has turned into an absolute disaster, with an awful bod. In contrast this seems to have potential, and I think Tim cares about the investors and imo deserved his pay rise and shares as he's done a great job so far.

Whilst I enjoy some of Thoths posts, I read them both on LSE and ADVFN boards and he posts a lot. I think people on these boards need to stop relying on his posts and getting overly drawn into predictions. He has 250k invested here and knows more than you, which means he has a hell of a lot more to lose.. or gain. Only invest what you can afford and dyor.

Thoth, no disrespect, I like reading.
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RE: A couple of
Mon 19:23
hi aa111 directors deals can be a boon to shareholder confidence - although - the last time I researched these things (at least a couple of years ago), the correlation between director's buys & sells with subsequent share price was awful. In other words, many directors are no better at predicting their own companies share price than you or I. The stats may have changed in favour of the directors of course, but I doubt it.

In any case, have you heard of the 'closed period?'

A period in which directors aren't allowed to trade - because they would be deemed to have inside knowledge.

This closed period is 1 month before quarterly results and 2 months before annual results.

Now SAR only tend to post annual and half year results but I'm guessing half year results fall into the 2 month category?

If so, the last 2 half year reports have been on 25th Feb 2015 and 24th Feb 2016, so maybe we are currently in the closed period ahead of the next half year report in February?
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A couple of
Mon 18:17
Directors deals would be nice. Give holders a bit more confidence.
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RE: It's all well and good
Mon 18:12
hi Aber, small blue day was nice here and hope to see more of them!

I do understand your frustrations but I think the nature of Sareum's 'business' dictates perhaps longer periods without news than other AIM stocks.

There are informative videos and radio interviews on SAR's website and to be fair, to the best of my recollection, newsflow is better now than it used to be
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It's all well and good
Mon 17:06
having most on this BB feeling positive but the news needs to be broken to the masses ... and that is where SAR are awful at emphasising to the market what huge potential they have ... and if the masses do not know then we wont get any real movement except once we have a deal ... so just sit tight as no-one other than the BOD really know which direction SAR are taking ... We can all speculate (Some much better than others and with much more knowledge) but if the BOD are looking in a completely different direction then who knows what will occur
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Mon 17:01
Even the old tart is posting positives.
Takes a while but the realisation of SARs huge potential seems to be seeping through to even the thickest of blocks.
Not long now before another decent spike in the SP it would seem.
Exciting times ahead.
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Opinion:Strong Buy
Mon 15:40
Fantastic find , well done.

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