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RE: new directors -
Fri 12:29
nonresident. Hopkirk wash. You are funny.
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new directors -
Thu 21:31
well said arb

nothing s going on in usa - despite the pr campaign on here

nothing is said by anyone from china - only the bod tim and harper - for some reasson it too is delayed and still running behind chk 1 believe him

any criticism is denounced as sell up and go well no - people to go is first harper

ambiguous statements from the bod abound - private investors havebeen taken in . only icr cruk cpf can save them from a loss

death spiral finance and bucket shops

the list is endless
I dont beleive anything harper says or mitchelll

i used to give him every benefit of doubt but i cannot believe him

the only thing happenning is icr cruk cpf and chk 1 -

just look at the abuse whenever someone suggests new directors - instead of delight at some of the professors being approached the abuse on here suggests to me there is forces at work which try to dissuade such activity from private investors

too many companies like beacon hill on AIm l

the latest on here from usual knowall sources is that you cannot or severe difficulty to change the directors - and big suggestion that directors own the patents

for many years 8 report after report and recent video suggested deal - this is all hogwash private investors have been taken in - snake oil salesmen or what

two brokers now -fees every year as the share is diluted
salary increases supported on here by usual sources and of course perks

yorkville was presented by same contributors as structured finance deal

nearly year and half for lead optimisation in usa in magazine interview from lovely innnocent tim - hogwash

or hopkirk wash
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Thu 13:05
How refreshing to read a level-headed post, No claims of altruistic reasons for buying shares, no incorrect charge that buying shares finances salaries, no charge that Sareum sit around doing nothing . If any one of the three most advanced drugs being developed prove their effectiveness then share holders stand a good chance of reaping a decent reward (which is the only reason for buying shares) if they choose to sell. The eureka moment happened a few years back (chk1, aurora+flt3 etc), now we are approaching the Q.E.D. moment when the drugs will be tested on humans. The time between eureke and Q.E.D. will always be several years and no amount of screaming and shouting will change that.
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Thu 07:41
it often amazes me how people on these boards - admittedly in good faith - quote expected timings of developments, as fed by the RNSs and BoD, and think that they're actually going to be achieved and stuck to. With most Aim companies you can usually safely add two quarters to whatever timings are given, and IMO Sar is no different than others in this respect. So those quoting supposed trials beginning in Q1 2016 should IMO more realistically be thinking Q3 or Q4 2016, if indeed they happen at all, which is of course not guaranteed. If they happen on time, then in my experience that would be an exception and not the rule.

With Aim tiddler companies, one's expectations should always be pitched very low. It's not that they never get there (many don't, but a few do) it's simply that it virtually always takes a lot longer than is stated or predicted.

All in my opinion only.

Here's hoping of course, but it's probably best to excpect the slowest/worst, and then be pleasantly surprised by anything better than that.

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Thu 05:45
who ever it is,get your finger out and push this up to where it was 3 years ago.
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RE: re Tim . . .
Wed 21:48
Arbitrage, well said Mate. We all here have to agree with your comments below. TIM and CO didn't make nothing this year for us (shareholders) "creating value" it's a disillusion word created by some Companies.
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RE: re Tim . . .
Wed 21:07
As much as I feel fairly let down this calendar year I find it a bit doubtful that TIM &Co are capable of ripping us and CRUK & SRI off without much intervention.. They MUST have something of substance to keep them interested and on the verge to take CHK1 into two seperate clinical trials by Q1 2016.. Aswel as aurora flt3 in China, tyk2..
I honest feel the pain of many invested in here but also feel like there is still much more to come from sareum as a Co and Sp.. Only time will tell
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re Tim . . .
Wed 19:50
I ask you in all sincerity, what do he & his fellow crony care as to the state of SAR's sp as they have both 'creamed-off' over £100k plus benefits (as evidenced on page 16 of SAR's Annual Report: Governance: Remuneration Committee Report: Director's remuneration; Dr TJ Mitchell: £126,094, Dr JC Reader: £126,670), from this Cos this past year alone and that, against the backdrop of a plummeting share price, for purporting to manage a Cos that is in actual fact little more than an 'out-sourcing entity'. The management (or rather the mis-management) of this Cos from a shareholder's perspective is, imo, an embarrassment beyond comprehension and as the evidence of these past years confirms, shareholders are perceived to represent little more than 'cash cows' to be diluted via an innumerable number of fundraising's at en ever lower sp. Little wonder there are no Institutional Investors in this Cos when, one considers that, with the exception of 'share options' the BOD have negligible, if any 'skin in the game'. As to the repeatedly stated aim of "creating and building shareholder value" well, don't make me laugh! Only an exceptionally good licencing deal or, preferably from my perspective, a take-over of this Cos by a far more performance driven, commercially competent and shareholder focused BOD will achieve this objective and in so doing, save 'our' i.e. the shareholders investment in this Cos. In conclusion and despite on several occasions emailing this Cos in an attempt to offer constructive comment and suggestion, my emails have been met with a stony silence and have failed to receive so much as a courteous acknowledgement. Finally, I have concluded that this organisation represents little more than a 'Lifestyle Cos' funded by honest, trusting and long-suffering shareholders, for the benefit of certain members of the BOD.
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scream quietly
Wed 17:34
or the neighbours will hear
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Wed 16:40
FFS pull ur finger out!!!

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