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RNS EXCLUSIVE: Cabot praise 3D seismic mapping after successful winter programme

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Re why why why
Today 20:07
Tom Jones eat your heart out....... Or who is Samson and Delilah on here. ...... Hedy Lamar was gorgeous in the film. .......bickers ....try a more balanced view on range and you may get more respect
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RE: why why why Surely
Today 19:36
why why why DELILAH du du du da da dooo....i could see Range was no good for me... forgive me
DELILAH as just couldn't take nee more : (
everybody happy. good.

4-6 weeks lolzzzz
Good lad loadsa' anger...bless
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why why why Surely
Today 15:33
I know what happened, and I know the games played on iii too by a group of people out to trash a message board...sound familiar ?.

But the main point was, yet again, Surely coming out with an accusation that is 100% FALSE about someone who cant reply. And also showing in his unbalanced posts, selected trades & not the complete (opposite) picture

Rainbow, talking of Range as we should, you clearly HATE/DETEST RANGE - why the carp are you here ???????
There is no way in the world you have the bits to go short, your not invested & hate Range with a clear passion - why waste your time here ???

I cannot believe admin cannot see what has been going on here for months and months with many many IDs....the latest called Scrapp, came, trashed & got banned recently. How many more are lined up ?? INCREDIBLE

Anyway, Ill give it 4-6 weeks and you group of caring non shareholders will be gone as Qtr 1 will demonstrate once again the significant upturn in performance & financing
The only thing the half yearly report did was confirm the Qtr 3 and Qtr 4 significant improvements & we all know how January went too.
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January 777 avrage
Today 15:18
How did we get to that ? Did we have a big jump at some time in that month to get to that? What will we get for feb/March? Very much looking forward to Q1
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RE: Unbalanced posts
Today 14:59
Not sure why you want to highlight an $8.5m loss but I£m pretty sure that has a bit more to do with the drop in cash than acquisitions and drilling programmes.
Can£t see how they can re-finance, the upcoming debt payments on decent terms, with continued losses like these....
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Re why why why
Today 14:11
Bickers ......mickdee may have got banned because of a particular post he made . ..........
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RE: why why why
Today 12:53
Can you please switch your attention to Range and stop constantly using this board to attack me and my posts, please read the posting rules. 4. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate; rudeness, swearing, insulting posts, personal attacks, or posts which are invasive of another's privacy.

I have reported your post as it violates this rule.
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Unbalanced posts
Today 11:09
While we are on the subject of selective editing it might be worth looking at Surely's summary of Financial highlights,
just one line extracted - Cash and other liquid assets at the end of the period of US$10.9 million (prior year: US$20.6 million). No mention of the qualifying sentence that came after - "The reduction in cash is due to a number of factors including the investment into the new acquisitions and the funding of a drilling programme in Trinidad"

For those that missed it here is the full unedited summary:


Financial performance has materially improved with a 77% reduction in loss before tax to US$8.5 million (prior year: US$37.8 million);
Revenues increased by 39% to US$5.4 million (prior year: US$3.9 million), principally due to an increase in production;
Operating expenses decreased by 14% to US$34.5 per barrel (prior year: US$40 per barrel);
General, administration & other expenses decreased by 40% to US$3.2 million (prior year: US$5.4 million);
No impairment charge has been recognised for the first time since 2013;
Cash and other liquid assets at the end of the period of US$10.9 million (prior year: US$20.6 million). The reduction in cash is due to a number of factors including the investment into the new acquisitions and the funding of a drilling programme in Trinidad; and
Range continues to benefit from the generous credit terms offered by LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd across various funding arrangements. The average maturity profile is in excess of two years and none of the credit arrangements have any security, and nor do they have any financial covenants or restrictive controls.
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Opinion:Strong Buy
why why why
Sat 23:06
WHY is it I'm always having to post corrections to his unbalanced posts Surely ?

If im not showing him that for each of the very small / tiny BUY trades he keeps pointing out, there are 3 or 4 equally tiny / small sell trades
Here's Friday ones to back up my statement with facts
8.00am 29877 sell for £48.58
8.00am 2300 sell for £ 3.74
8.34am 7000 sell for £12.08
12.36pm 26450 sell for £43.91
2.31pm 2301 Buy for £ 4.49
4.00pm 23819 sell for £37.90
Which of the above do you think this unbalanced poster highlighted ? - yep just the 1x buy
and on Thursday same pattern as Friday
sells include £5.71 + 21.17 + 48.70 + 11.59 + 31.76 +21.87 +44.18
buys include £14.70 only

And now hes gone and insulted my friend MickDee in his last post of Fri 17.38 that he is now posting under the new alias of Pedrob999. And if this pedrob999 whoever he is, is a ramper as he says, well, hes only posted once it seems. Obvious a serial ramper LOL
And to dig himself in even more he talks about multi trolls needing multi rampers

Ive got very very bad news for you Surely.....again
I actually know who MICKDEE is and can confirm 200% he does NOT have any other aliases nor does he post here anymore. I can also confirm 200% he is a genuine shareholder unlike you and the two ***** who ticked up your post - how do they know him ??? ANSWER IS THEY DONT & I DO

Please stop trying to look like the you are, we can all see it & maybe lets have some balanced actual facts from you for a change.

***Admin*** - Id be grateful if you actually read some of the message you are deleting & look deeper into the history of some of these ex-shareholder posters. Its not difficult to work out who they are, read their posts.

***** This post is done to defend someone who cannot defend himself here anymore as he was manipulated off these boards by people long since banned but are back with new names *****
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View Thread (2)
RE: Cash
Fri 17:38
Oh and I totally forgot to say a welcome back to MickDee who is now posting under Pedrob999 it seems.

Welcome back Mick, great to have you with us again. Those multi id trolls need multi id rampers to talk to. Ying and Yang if you like.

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