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Royal Bank of Scotland Share Chat (RBS)

Share Price: 251.50Bid: 251.40Ask: 251.50Change: 0.00 (0.00%)No Movement on Royal Bank Scot
Spread: 0.10Spread as %: 0.04%Open: 250.80High: 253.80Low: 250.30Yesterday’s Close: 251.50

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Morning all
Today 09:09
Nice to see the sp still holding up....Hope storm D not causing anyone too many problems .

Tracker ..."We play by the rules and we are honest "... Really ? ....forgive me but that's straight out of the Kellyanne Conway view of reality .
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Wed 10:02
We play by the rules and we are honest.
RBS's problems are entirely because they were not honest and did not play by the rules. When fred the shred was in his pomp this company was an object lesson in all that was bad about capitalism. It says something for how badly (and illegally) the company was run, that here we are 9 years later and 45 billion worse off and still discovering "liabilities". Hopefully we are close to the end of the bad news and can get on with being a proper business, but don't hold your breath, in the culture that pervaded this and many other companies at that time nothing seems to have been beyond the pale.
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Mon 20:06
...If Lloyds had risen almost 7% in one day, the board would be buzzing till the early hours. Second thoughts, maybe not, as we would likely all have died of shock.

Fortunately for health reasons, unlikely to ever happen with the spectre of Brexit looming large.

Still we play by the rules, and are honest, so no wonder our share price is abysmal
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255 hit today
Mon 08:20
Well have been waiting for the 255 trigger to activate for about two months now... With all the noise you can't blame RBS for taking that long... Question is can we see it hold above 255 at the close of market today, if so then we have the Bazooka results day soon so a lot of action for Banks this week.... Good luck investors.
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Sat 17:23
Tony Blair many would say used his position of prime minister in later years to feather his own nest and wealth grow.. Not a person to respect anymore in my eyes .. Are his speeches now just looking after his own interest again... As far as I can remember EU countries were supposed to have debts limits of up to 2%, but they let Greece go up to 5% plus and now we know the state they are in now and more trouble to come it seems... Meanwhile the Trend seems from other countries to seek their own independence with elections coming in the EU.... What with Brexit and other issues brewing in the EU and of course the USA ... I would expect a very interesting year... And Will Russia join in, we will have to see...

All this said I am beginning to get fed up with the constant daily political bombardment of news wherever you see TV news .. In you face everyday is starting to be boring and a switch off now to me.. It is becoming relentless. just had 2 weeks sun break in Tenerife nice to have shorts on for a couple of weeks .. And little political news .. Bliss.

Have a good week next week all...
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RE: Good move by RBS today
Fri 23:19
Sorry now in ENGLISH

''We are not going to be told to account by Tony Blair or the EU, no-more or we now call shots on our destiny

Anyway Tony Blair is a hypocrite, why is he not locked up

Great Britain will be a free from the EU in 2017 and RBS needs to sort her own house out

EU no more telling us Brits what to do :-)
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Good move by RBS today
Fri 23:15
We are not going to be told by Tony Blair or the EU no-more or an more once more wee call shots on our destiny

Anyway Toney Blair is a hypocrite why is he not locked up

Great Britain will be a free from the EU in 2017 and RBS needs to sort her own horse out

EU no more teling us Brits what to do :-)
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16 Feb '17
Bailed out for what? The bail out in 2008 was for a massive liquidity shortfall, beyond anything previously experienced. The government took drastic action to prop up credit across the economy by providing liquidity to those institutions that provided it to everyone else; the banks. Are you suggesting that this legal case will have an impact on par with the 2008 crash? You'll have to spell it out for me I'm afraid, because your cryptic questions aren't providing sufficient detail.
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RE: Tilting
15 Feb '17
They caused the crash and were bailed out at our expense so they could have gone. Will they be bailed out again?

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