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dunadusted .All
Wed 18:07
Interesting read about Hodgson....

My point remains that the past amount of managers going back to 1966 with Alf Ramsey is about 15....From England and other countries ..The last 10 being poor to very poor.. How the English National game can consistently produce so many years of players that do not as it seems have the ability to perform on the day when needed... Everyone has a bad day .. But the ridiculous amount of not years but DECADES on non achieving players and even worse not even looking like achieving anything as a team .. hardly ever reaching a Semi Final position and it is England`s National Game ..I have loss the point of interest now with shed loads of EXCUSES after every tournament they play ....Even the English women have far better success..

I gave my reasonable point of view in my earlier posting... Regarding Foreign Players....It has now become that it doesn`t matter who is the next manager, you just know from the past record of 15 failed managers .. the next will probably fail as well... Because our players are not FOREIGN players and therefore just do not produce the ability to beat FOREIGN players...... The only plus for the next England manager is that he will be on a nice brilliant big earner ... of £10 million plus for a 4 year contract... no matter what happens.. I can do that..

I wish the next manager success ..but I really need to see such highly paid English players actually perform to the standard required to play in any tournament they agree to play in... 50 years of spending hundreds of millions of £s, how does the powers that be justify achieving nothing in return.... There has to be ONE HELL of an EXCUSE for this one..... But that is the weird folly of Football...

Have to cheer on WALES now the UK will go Mental if they win the Cup.. Good Luck to them

Better day today ...yes in at 188p ... nearly bought more today at 172p ..but did not, I might regret it .. we will see...ATB
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Wed 17:06
See if this one works

I think you bought in at 188p ? It should soon be back there.
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Time to Look..
Wed 17:04
That was an uplifting article. I just hope it wasn't put out to bolster confidence. The post by Markymark certainly does bring comfort. A loophole for the passport problem..banking passport that is. That's very important.

mailman….I don't know what it is about the FA. They all to often go for the 'safe pair of hands' My wife asks me why we don't win or play better. Well, with Roy in charge it looks like the FA put grandad in charge. He has to be one of the most unsparing managers I've ever seen,well, him and Mclaren..I don't have football acumen but even I would have had Rashford on after half-time. I'd have had Vardy on earlier too. He left it too late to replace a non-firing Rooney. Even Kane was missing the goal. The whole team play like they were strangers to each other. The FA really need to think outside the box. I don't know who they would go for. Seems Southgate is doing a grand job with the under 21s and there's talk of Sam Allerdyce too. Where are the likes of Bill Shankley, Matt Busby, Alex Ferguson..I could even include Brian Clough but he was not an insider,way too outspoken. Some pundits talk about bringing back Glen Hoddle. Fancy bringing in a medium (Eileen Drury) to talk to a football squad and some want him back ????

Have a read of this re. Hodgson.

and Gary Neville's take
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Time to Look at Royal Bk Scot (RBS)
Wed 16:01
Keep a close eye on Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) @ current levels. Potential reaction to Harriett Baldwin's perspective on UK banks' financial status following the severe market volatility resulting from the last week’s vote

Check this out
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checkricky .. All ..
Wed 15:16
We are in limbo times and renegotiations probably going on with many issues .. With so many that have got caught out on the leave vote... Meetings about Damage limitation where big money is concerned i assume is currently going .. Lloyd annouces 400 more job cuts ... A period of uncertainty about uncertainty must be certain in this unknown territory invironment.... Mps all saying different reasons of Brexit implications... And another raft of issues one Artical 50 is activated... In the meantime uncertainty will continue ... With banks reported harder to opperate out of a single market ...

Like most things changes take time to adjust and bigger ones take a lot longer ... The divide in the country may well bring another twist in this vote result ..

Things are changing Day by Day.. Certainly Interesting times that's for sure... .. What else can one say... One does not know what is going on behind the scenes .. So I carry on as normal and wait UNTILL the situation changes otherwise. Like millions of others have to.

No doubt it will are sort its self out in the end ... It has to.. Have patience and watch Wimbledon and the football, it is always better once England are out.. And the better class teams are left to play.. It will take my mind off of it all.. A lot can happen in the next 2 months ... . ATB.
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Loophole Banks could trade in EU
Wed 14:44
Scottish Daily Mail - Loophole that Banks could thrive in the EU after Brexit in Daily Mail City and Finance section also.
Articles 46 and 47 of the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation(MiFid)
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over 120% Needed
Wed 14:19
To get to some of last year high's this must be painful for some PI. Have not been on here for some time just don't have as much time on hands anymore.... The UK banking sector has been a joke and to get RBS to go back up 120% we will need a combination of good news otherwise we can kiss goodbye to 420's and even the 390's for maybe 12 to 18 months...Need a settlement on all the litigation issues state side mainly, need a new prime minister, and when we do find someone to be a leader. Then Britain has start the process to leave the European Union, the new Prime Minister will have to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty for the first time in EU history, thus beginning the formal process of withdrawal. And the two years clock starts at that point....what a mess, will Britain be any better off I don't think so we will still have mass immigration as they are all ready here breading like everyone else, will we still have all the other issues of course we will but the only sad thing is we will be left on our own to shovel the sXit so sad to see David Moron went for the BIG ONE and it spectacularly back fired on him......Can anyone see positive news on the
horizon because I can't and by the looks of it any small bounce runs out of steam by the end of the day...Lets see what BOE has to say over the coming weeks....
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Wed 12:50
Naturally, Michael Gove, former Times columnist, responded to the thousands of economists who warned he was taking an extraordinary risk with the sneer that will follow him to his grave: “People in this country have had enough of experts.” He’s been saying the same for years.

If sneers won’t work, the worst journalists lie. The Times fired Johnson for lying to its readers. Michael Howard fired Johnson for lying to him. When he’s cornered, Johnson accuses others of his own vices, as unscrupulous journalists always do. Those who question him are the true liars, he blusters, whose testimony cannot be trusted because, as he falsely said of the impeccably honest chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, they are “stooges”.
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dunandusted ..All
Wed 09:42
Interesting post...

I think things will level be a bit more stabilised over the next 2 months... BBC Breakfast saying up to when article 50 is activated by next PM.... Airlines will have to pay compensation at current levels, after article 50 is activated they will not.... May other issues will probably emerge on the activation of Article 50 when it happens reported to be in September ... after Con leadership is finalised.. so we wait...

As for the Football England Manager I have nothing but good luck to whoever is the next manager . The salary of over £10 million will attract those in the know...Personally I had lost any major interest 10 or more years ago. Foreign or UK managers have made little difference the past 30 years and as we all know 50 years since a tournament win.

You just cannot have a successful Premier league, best in the world some say, made greatly enhanced by foreign players... Take away the Foreign players and the top flight in the Prem would a lot different. All this said when Big football tournaments are played the foreign players return to the respected countries and play better than the English players. English players that play better playing alongside their foreign team mates in the Prem, but seem to play worse on their own without them in an England shirt.....This just seems to sum up the past 30 years the consistent poor performance of England players just my opinion but to me seems a valid point. ... Ability of England players playing on their own is enhanced when they play as a team with their foreign mates in the prem teams they play in... Explain how Rooney plays better at MANU and worse in an England mention just one player...

The UK football system needs a big change or we could expect another 50 repetitive years of the same.. So to me it seems .... With NO CHANGE .. you can expect NO GAIN... as the past 50 years has not had any lessons learnt ...The FA just seem like Lemmings following the same path to just making up the numbers at every tournament England are entered into....

Purely my thoughts as always... ATB

Hope we hold the move up today...
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Wed 09:02
Aplogies..duff info. Phone-in on Corbyn.

I suppose the next game changer for shares will be who wins Conservative leadership election

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