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HUM CEO updates on Yanfolila and Dugbe Gold Projects.

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Today 10:23
Hopefully another 1% goes this week???
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A real shame
Today 10:23
That the politicians who believe in Europe, don't believe in the UK.
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I wonder if the problems..
Today 10:17
in Italy will effect the SP here?
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euro and all that
Today 10:13
This is the 63rd Italian government since the war so they should get over it.
Ever controversial.
But they seem a long way from getting rid of the Euro to me .. Its possible but its a bit unlikely and some way off - it seems to me anyway.

The next elections are scheduled for 2018. They could bring them forward but its supposed to be unlikely. They need some election law passed, something to do with their two party situation I think before an election or something. Then 5 star would have to be voted in who are not that favourite. and (Beppe Grillo) cant be PM as he has a record. 5 star would hold an advisory ref at best. They might need two referendums to get the Euro voted out.

But Italians on average like the Euro according to all the reports I have seen - about 7 or 8 I guess. A poll published November 21 by La Stampa, and carried out by Community Media Research and Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, found that only 15.2 percent of the population were in favour of leaving the single currency, with 67.4 percent declaring themselves true single-currency believers. (from Bloomberg)

Renzi was trying to reduce one of the two equally sized houses of government which results in continual deadlock - and it's that he blamed for the decades long deadlock they got into often, stopping him tackling old tax rules, the banks and any over number of things.

If you ask me the Euro will be here for some time. The ECB and the countries involved have no plans to let it sink. 330 million people, 24 countries, including Vatican City and San Marino. 4 of the biggest economies in the world and 200 million peoples currencies are "pinned to it in Africa. Before the credit crunch it was proposed as a possible reserve to replace the dollar when the dollar was not doing well, Which makes it no wonder the Americans don't like it so much.

Yes it does make the currency and exchange rates a bit inflexible, but they mostly seem to like being in it. I am not sure why people want its end because it will not be nice if it collapses. For a start then EU debt would be a big problem for other countries. All of a sudden you are owed pesetas, francs, droznis, conch shells or washers, whatever the original now near worthless currencies would be worth. That would be a big haircut for the world.

I'm sure you know all this but I don't understand the death wish of hoping 24 neighbouring countries implode, taking our cash with them. But then I don't understand many things.

Looks a good program DanD saw some trailers.

Its been a better day so far than at first thought, good luck all. I hope this is legible.
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RE: Wer Doomed !
Today 10:10
Lex I think the UK politicians are concerned that their comfortable lifestyle is 'slightly' at threat from the 'leave' vote.

Imagine IF you were them. Naturally I don't know what job you do, or did, but IF your boss paid for you and perhaps a pretty little p.a to stay in the very finest Hotels, with all the luxury of spas, massages, finest foods, gyms, saunas, high class hookers, all claimed for on expenses, then would YOU be fighting to keep that lifestyle, or just thinking 'Ah well, it was good whilst it lasted'?

If you 'knew' your children, relations, friends etc could all climb aboard and be part of the scene, getting very well paid jobs, with massive expenses all paid out of the EU pot, with few questioning it, as they are all on the take, would you not be threatening those great unwashed with dire consequences should it all be under threat?

Once that threat had failed, would you then not quickly change tactics, and place a PM who, clearly was for 'staying' now suddenly (to appease the great unwashed) a turn coat, and 'seemingly' all out for a hard Brexit, YET, safe in knowing it is not going to happen, 'for reasons beyond her control'?

Thus keeping your party looking like it listened and tried to act on democracy, but was thwarted by others, thus keeping what your party and current PM really wanted.

As always, THINK how YOU would play it out, IF you were them.
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Today 10:05
Get a job, in Yorkshire.
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RE: re warrington/newchurch
Today 09:53
I am not saying that at all mate - I am saying that there are some people who won't take a 30 minute train journey each day to do a job or a 45 minute drive - I realise the difficulties of living in or around London when your income is eroded by transport costs and high house prices - and it makes my blood boil when I hear some of my old mates in Yorkshire complaining about how difficult it is for them to manage with a small mortgage that cost peanuts each month and a transport budget of 25 quid in petrol each month - Carrington by the way not warrington (that is a town up North!)
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Wer Doomed !
Today 09:52
UK politicians are a joke, with a few exceptions. They have got there knickers in a twist, because the people took charge with the leave vote, and there ego and all self importance has been brought into question, they are suffering big style, if the people can decide then what is the purpose of them, they are the lowest of the low.
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Today 09:40
Who thought the SP would rise after a no vote? It shows we know nowt.
The premise seems to be anything which screws up Europe is good for the UK in its "negotiations" and the ftse.
Austria was always going to vote in a green. It is too closely associated with Germany to do anything else. Same language and recent history, if you get my drift. But for some reason, not the same bad press. After all, Europe is run for the benefit of Germany.
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Today 09:39
At this rate the EU will have collapsed and Brexit won't be necessary. Fingers crossed.

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