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RE: RE: banks deserting the city
Today 11:28
Just thinking a bit more
Don't the Germans have car manufacturing plants all round the world
BMW in South Africa and USA
VW also in South Africa and I think South America
How do they get on with the EU issues

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RE: RE: banks deserting the city
Today 11:26
Sorry Cath
Forgot to ask
If the stuff made in Malaysia is sold out side Europe
How would taxes be levied
Would they be UK taxes or Malay taxes
Malaysia do advertise they are a growing country with a young workforce and special set up allowance and cheap labour
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RE: RE: banks deserting the city
Today 11:21
Good morning Cathz
Cani ask a question
It is not a loaded question

Mr Dyson now hasaplant in Malaysia paying workers pennies to knock out various products
Can he sell to Europe
If he can what are the import taxes etc that he will have to pay as a non EU manufacturer or
Does he sell them internally to his UK company and then onward sell them to Europe
If he does it this way what taxes import duties would he have to pay if any
Do other countries in the EU do this
Just an honest question

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RE: RE: banks deserting the city
Today 11:10
To explain.

EU Directives are implemented into British law by Parliament as they see fit. That is how it works in all EU countries.

The BBC article I posted was written in 2002, which is how far back the lie goes (The one mentioned by someone else on the board about Dyson having to move staff to Malaysia because of the EU).

In 2002 Dyson announced the closure of a factory employing 800 people, as he wanted the jobs to go to Malaysia where there was a cheaper more "flexible" workforce. The Daily Mail of the time reported union staff saying "the first employees heard of this was as Dyson and the jobs were waving good bye on the way to Malaysia".

In 2002, at the time of the above the BBC article I posted was written.

Later in 2002 The EU Directive on Employee Consultation mentioned in the BBC article was produced defining minimum standards for consulting staff in cases of more than 50 redundancies. This Directive would have been first proposed and worked on long before Dyson's announcement.

In 2004/5 The UK implemented the EU Directive in UK Law in the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations.

In 2012 and no doubt many times before, the billionaire (and man of the people hero), Sir James Dyson then reported to own more land than the Queen was calling for "looser" employee laws in the UK. In 2016 he was a staunch Leave campaigner, with obvious vested reasons (unlike ordinary working people) for wanting to leave the EU.

The BBC, when quoting public figures including union officials are usually reliable, if they get it badly wrong the people concerned usually put them right.

The EU is of course not perfect but on balance it is though a force for great good in the UK.

The Dyson story represents only one reason the EU is a good for the UK. The misconceptions it unearths illustrates the layer on layer of lies and mistaken beliefs that have been peddled and allowed to build up denigrating the EU over decades. These lies and half truths have been used to protect the interests of the over privileged and successive UK governments. This is to the detriment of normal people of the UK who do not realise that "taking back control" is not for ordinary people but for the most ruthless and wealthy in the country. The most extreme hard line Brexit leaders are those who are prepared to take the lie furthest. Good luck.
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Today 11:03
deutsche bank holding up on that early rise.
so risk ON..atm.
and yes,FIXED.
yanks futures looking good atm.
so dont sell just yet wids old chap.
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RE: Q3
Today 10:59
If Q3 point to full year coming in circa £5bn - what's wrong with this -

Pretax £5bn x P/E12 = £60bn/71bn shares = circa 85p + ~3p divi
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Today 10:33
I am wondering what would be seen as a good Q3 report,
Even with amazing results and possible future increases in div's I am unable to see Lloyds hitting the 80+ until the whole Brexit situation is over and we know the future of the UK? Any opinions would be great.
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Today 10:30
Lord Lucan!!
Must be speaking from beyond the grave....
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Today 09:58
German manufacturing PMI FIXED!
German services PMI FIXED!
French manufacturing PMI FIXED!
French services PMI UNFIXED!
Eurozone PMI FIXED
Eurozone services FIXED


Unfortunately, the debt pile continues to increase daily and the underlying problems and European banks remain - UNFIXED.

Just saying.....

Must go, Lord Lucan is on the phone.
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RE: lloy
Today 09:46
All is well then.....


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