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@The Hurricane
Today 11:57
Sorry folks, my earlier post was in response to Newchurch, sorry for confusion!
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What to do
Today 11:57
Bit of self talk really
'These are difficult times masterly inactivity is what I need to do, I mean do nothing until the storm blows off itself.No sell no buy !'
Lot of people here seem to have accumulated tons and tons of LLOY in their portfolio, or too many of these LLOY eggs in the Basket!!
Perhaps now is the time to stop collecting the LLOY eggs in the portfolio basket until further.........
Non Sids here are already proud part of share owning Democrazy. Mr GO please take note!!Thanks LLOY
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Today 11:36
You nailed it,spot on.Dreamers think that when PPI is finished they will get the cash set aside for PPI in the divi. they are wrong because the bank will have lost too much business.Compare lloyds interest rates to SANTANDERS. I have already closed one account with Halifax and am off to close the current account today.lloyds are not competitive on the high street,They can't be with all the cash being paid out in PPI and fines. Did we have part time jobs zero hour contracts etc before we joined the EU!! No, so lets get out of it.
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@ TheHurricane
Today 11:30
Most interesting post, and one which does set out nicely the harsh reality of our economy and those folk just trying to get by . I hold both Lloyds and Bank of Ireland shares and don't see either turning in a profit anytime soon. I hold for the long term, with the prospect of dividends in the years to come, hopefully steadily rising. There is no doubt that the share prices of both of these banks are being manipulated to keep them artificially low. In any other business, these shares should be rising, both banks are profitable, both have good footfall through their doors, both offer products that are if not outstanding, certainly are worth buying for your needs. Both are well known brand names, both are well funded, both have undergone massive change and efficiency streamlining. So what's the problem? Institutional shareholders look at much bigger pictures than the average man on the street. In my opinion, there is manipulation behind the scenes, it is the only logical explanation. be it political in the case of Bank of Ireland, or extra Governmental (i.e. European) in the case of Lloyds. Again, I stress that this is my opinion. My outlook is to hold for the long term, which after all, is the basic tenant of shareholding, you see a company, feel that it offers long term potential and you invest accordingly, hoping to have your hope rewarded with a return over time. We live in a world were we have come used to instant gratification, and like spoilt brats, we throw the toys out of the cot when we don't get it. Stay steady, have faith, and if you're looking for a potential short term gain, visit a bookmaker....
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PPI and Bear Newchurch.
Today 11:19
The thing you have to remember about PPI provision is this: money set aside is precisely that; money set aside. IF part of the government's policy is to have the banks set huge amounts aside to pay PPI mis-selling claims there will presumably come a point in time when there are no realistic claims to pay. One must assume there must come a time where a PPI cut off date would have to be agreed to. By which time the accumulated money set-aside might be very large indeed! Thus, IF Lloyds was faced with a hypothetical situation where a huge amount of money that had been set aside over a prolonged period could be ploughed back into the business or paid out, the question would be what would Lloyds do? They could buy the company's shares. They could re-invest it into the business or they could pay it out to shareholders by was of a Special Dividend. They would probably choose a combination of all three. My opinion is that Lloyds is a good bet Long Term. The shares I own were purchased by my grandfather in 1922. In 1922 he got a reasonable dividend, important as this was to be his retirement income. In 2022 I expect Lloyds to produce a reasonable dividend.
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I wonder if..
Today 11:10
Meercat is topping up?
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Re: The Hurricane
Today 10:52
Very good post!!!
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Today 10:47
most fitting name, given our weather.

Hardly think I am enjoying fame. I would rather be proven very wrong, and see Lloyds rise, but it won't.

Understandably many on here detest negative posts, yet endure countless pages of positive, yet totally wrong waffle without a single word of complaint.

Now, no one likes to admit they got it wrong, or their investment decision is dire, but whatever bravado is on the outside, inwardly we know.

I know many stress over gaps, charts etc, and, like alchemists of old, blame the any failure of their predicts on mis-reading or unexpected outside events.

Well, if we for once ignore gaps, charts, etc, yet look at what is happening to our country, and therefore our bank, (it being mostly UK based), then there is little to give hope to a rise anytime soon.

PPI either 1 or maybe Plevin 2, is going to be used by this Government to milk the cash cow for as long as possible, remember the constant Government banks bashing for YEARS, and pep[;e mystified WHY as HMG were owners of such?

Well, it has been more profitable to milk all UK banks for PPI, and by softening up the public, an easy task. They STILL have the banking shares to sell, anyway, like getting a nice rent, and still knowing you can sell the flats anytime that suits, So no mystery there.

Most of you have been here for an age, and have seen events such as Scottish vote, UK election, US election, and various other such things drop this share to its knees, so SURELY you know what impact the Brexit will have on Lloyds? Even though it will show a near 50/50 slit, to make the most volatility, you know it will go the Gov's way, otherwise there would be no vote.

You must SEE many people struggling to earn enough to cover basic costs and watch the news, seeing more and more people filling small land, adding to lower wages and higher rents and house prices?

You all KNOW Lloyds has had to sell much of its business, and now that sold is in competition to it. You must know that all the very immoral but lucrative PPI and packaged accounts etc are now over, cutting easy profits to the bone.

You must know interest rates are so low and yet cannot be raised for fear of sinking the holed ship.

Maybe you are all rich and are unaware of zero hours, part time, or low paid work. If so it would explain a lot of why some appear mystified.

Those potential first time buyers struggle to pay rent, so can ill afford to save for a deposit, as due to supply and demand due the rapidly increasing population, wages are kept low, yet rent and houses rise. A desperate situation for a 'mostly UK based bank.

Would just like to see a little more balance and some flack given to the dreamers not those proven right, just occasionally. Better still no insults at all, just some decent answers
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Today 10:46
lloyds is simply following the ftse down,trouble is,it dont follow it up. If we cant get stability in banks,we wont get stability in the markets. authorities have punished the banks too heavily and are the biggest part of the problem There is no chance of selling rbs or sids ever, if they continue doing what they are doing.They are cutting their own share of the divi with their bank bashing. It's just a load of clowns running the circus
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Today 10:35
I do not buy the fact of a delayed rate rise denying profit. You can make even more of a spread when rates are at Rock bottom

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