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Sat 13:46
Complete waste of time. Already all the info is in TheStock Exchange Daly Official List
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Mr Wolf
Fri 14:31
Glad to hear your still at large & free to educate the masses lol, the jury is still out on jez , the more I hear from him the more i like the cut of his gib, although I've still not forgiven him for the divi cut, have a good day mate GLA
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Hi Picket
Fri 14:04
As I was logging on and reading past day, you must have been typing.
Did make me smile, have a good day, just off now, be lucky
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The Bookie, Sufc and all others
Fri 14:02
Sorry it has been a bit like bob Hoskins's "The long Good Friday" these past 24 hours for me . . .
Had been trading the Dow and FTSE an with Asia early hours of yesterday morning, watching everything hit the fan.
Knowing if I had stayed home and traded it would have been "Kerching" once ti settled down.
Instead I covered most and left just 1 FTSE short.
Which seems to be the story / pattern of my last months trading, if at home an watching my screens I would have been well up yesterday.
So all I got was a standing "paid for a seat" train journey, ride on the tube lol
Then made to feel like a bit like Micky Flanagan "Im only out, not out out"

Without dribbling on yesterday was bit like getting in the ring with Mike Tyson, "if you started you have have got battered" lol
Few good point raised but it wasn't worth heckling, just worth listening to more "sales pitch"
Mac needs to be put in the real world for a day and Jiz believes his own lies, he did emphasise the fact he was heavily invested himself . . . funny that because he won't pay any capital gains after 2 years !
The penny should have dropped back in November on that point.
The only thing worth putting to them was the point about our divi's dropping and their pay an bonus not being affected.
The only thing that came out of yesterday was a saying my uncle quotes "You can not educate pork"
Jis did seem to imply that he presumes Barclays will become more favourable and clearly hopes that will be enough to make us "long term mugs" sorry share holders, little more happy with losing the dividend increase promised.
. . . Which in layman terms, just came across as "lets put a fresh carrot in front the donkeys" lol
In a nut shell . . . Has anyone had to walk away from a potential argument knowing they were right all along, then listening to a flow of utter drivel, whilst being in "polite" agreement . . . then an hour later scratching your head ?
Still Barclays is what it is, we all push the deal button lol
Though I will be so glad to see this Brexit issue put to bed, then a interest rate rise, another and another.
"Clear out the dead wood and let the new grow"
Just about to go out the door, hope you all have a profitable after noon
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Fri 13:47
Think this board needs to start a new petition to get Mr Wolf released from custody, I fear he has been detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure for an over exuberant exchange of views with the board at yesterday's agm , might have to sell some barcs to bail him out, missing his colourful posts! GLA
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Not sure if I should have waited
Fri 13:26
I've just topped up on Barc, for the 4th time in few weeks. Also, just entered Lloyd. Both seem like they'll break through by the end of this year, or I hope so at least.

Convinced Barc is making the necessary steps to deliver a strong performance for the future, might take some time, seen some bashing of Jes Stanley, not a supporter by any means, but think he's been unfairly punished? He's making the necessary hard decisions to turn the business around and often this means cutting divi's, selling assets, exiting business area's, some of which us shareholders don't like, but is well needed for the business to succeed in the future.
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RE: The Petition is gaining support
Fri 13:22
Just signed it. Will also look at sending to my MP, although not sure if it'll be fruitful.

Might be worth posting in some of the other shares chats with high volume, to get some attention
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The Petition is gaining support
Fri 13:08
Apologies for board hopping but-
The petition is going quite well; 4300+ signatures so far. Although it really needs a turbo boost.

This petition was stalled in parliament since 12th Aug 15; finally green lit on 12th feb 2016.
The FCA don't even reply on the matter, now is your chance to have your say.
If you hate seeing buys reported as sells etc!!!!!!
Has already been sent to Martin Lewis, Daily Mail, Moneyweek & Watchdog.

My local MP supported this petition by writing to the petitions committee to help un-stall it.
There’s 650 MP’s in Westminster, So have you written to your MP? 649 to go!

If this petition doesn’t reach 10,000; then imo we might as well have not bothered as it will almost certainly be filed B1N; @ 10,000 the government should respond.

So – If you haven’t yet signed or indeed have but haven’t passed it on to others, then now’s the time to do so. We really need a social / media savvy individual to help generate more interest in this.
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RE: Time to Look at Barclays (BARC)
Fri 11:10
So does this affiliate program that you spam in every post you make pay well then?
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Time to Look at Barclays (BARC)
Fri 04:05
Keep a close eye on Barclays (BARC) @ current levels. Potential reaction to an action by the company following a breach of a CMA order

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