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Barclays Share Chat (BARC)

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Wed 18:13
Surely this has to be the the bottom?
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Smart investor? Dumb move! [2]
Tue 22:02
If the ultimate gameplan by Barcs was to pith off its retail customers it seems to be doing a pretty damn fine job of it.

The move to Shmuck Investor is a disaster of the highest order IMNSHO! The loss of interactivity, of functionality that the new interface provides is a prime example of how NOT TO win friends and influence people. Just what were they thinking when they agreed to the new steaming pile of dingos kidneys?!? It's like the person(s) who designed it are stuck in the Mac OS 9 days! Sheer white backdrop, pale borders, minimal functional features.

Then there is the "rollout". No real "trial" period, no option to reject the new interface. Horrid user experience.

Lest we also forget the functional failures of the new interface. A lot of users have complained that they have not received login details (why, exactly, did you have to change the user login details?)

Then you look at the rather sinister way that you can now access your share portfolio through the RETAIL bank interface... along with your full credit card account, which I seem to remember used to be fairly seperate.

At a time where they are talking about the ring fencing of retail banking away from the investing side of banking. Just what the hell are they thinking?

Plus add to that they have the temerity to say that you now have to pay about a fiver a month to use even the most basic of their stock accounts. Either someone was having a very bad day in the 'Ideas' dept, they want to get rid of us pesky retail customers or their finances are so bad that they've got to change their customer business model to bring in a regular cash flow.

Then when you ask them about transferring out they give a pretty lame "You'll have to contact your new broker and fill out their forms"! Not even a "sorry that you're leaving because of our changes. Here let us help you transfer!"

I am so glad to NOT be holding any Barcs shares (except for about 7 left over from a divi payment) atm. If they don't "get ahead" of this colossal screw up they could damage any positive "customer feeling" towards them and get left out in the wilderness.

For God's sakes, bring back Bobby D. At least he seemed to have a clue!

Sorry all, I just needed to rant!
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Smart investor? Dumb move!
Tue 21:37
Taken from
Investment platforms have reported a significant rise in the number of clients transferring from Barclays Stockbrokers following the disastrous launch of its Smart Investor platform that prompted a wave of complaints.

Many investors were left without access to their accounts after the August bank holiday launch of the Smart Investor platform, with disgruntled clients citing missing membership numbers and passwords, and others receiving error codes on trying to access their accounts.

Those who tried to complain to Barclays directly were faced with a wait of between 40 minutes and two hours to speak to someone on the helpline.

A host of other grumbles about the way the platform is set up has led to many clients walking away from the broker.

This has been good news for rival platforms who have seen a surge in the number of clients transferring from Barclays.

A spokeswoman for Bestinvest said the platform had seen ‘a huge increase in transfers from Barclays’.

‘The number of accounts coming across in 2017 is already 7.5 times higher than seen during the full year 2016,’ she said.

Although AJ Bell could not put a figure on the number of transfers, a spokesman said ‘we have definitely seen a substantial increase in the number of transfer requests’.

Danny Cox of Hargreaves Lansdown confirmed the platform had ‘seen an increase in the number of people moving across’ from Barclays.

There was a similar response from TD Direct, which was recently bought by Interactive Investor. A spokeswoman said: ‘The Interactive Investor group has seen positive new customer recruitment throughout the year and new customer enquiries have continued to be very strong of late.’

Unhappy Barclays customers may have to wait some time before they are able to move away from the Smart Investor platform as transfer times have been exacerbated by the volume of people moving.

One platform told Citywire Money that the transfers were ‘taking time’ due to the large number.

‘It’s not surprising if you have a lot of people trying to move off,’ they said.

Another platform said Barclays was 'clearly struggling with the volume [of people transferring away] because it is taking a long time to hear back from them on those transfers’.

One platform source, who wished to remain anonymous, said that some customers had been migrated onto the new service but had not received log-in details, which meant they were ‘stuck in a limbo where they cannot trade on the old system but they cannot transfer until they [can access] their new account’.

Barclays had not responded at the time of publication.
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Tue 17:31
Give it a rest ,Go and annoy another board.
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Tue 15:12
Still breaking records

And barc moving up albeit micro moves is motivating me to open a short on Thursday

Looking for a 1.90 short as I expect a drop on Friday followed by falls into next week
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RE: Divi
Tue 14:17
Hi Ajok,
Did think that you would be propping up the 19th hole today lol
They best be introducing the divi again, though not sure if it will be addressed end of October, Jiz might dither around the subject again, as he did last May. Guessing we will here something positive end of the year results.
Then that will give him more time to play. has anyone noticed the amount of shares that bloke is chalking up !
If we combine mine and your holdings Ajok, think it might cover his capital gains tax lol.
Least if we had a sensible dividend it would not be so painful holding this amount.
Basically we are just getting violated yet again.
Regards W'
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Tue 13:53
Is there any chance they will reintroduce a decent divi any time soon.
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Sachs 175 & HSBC 250 !
Tue 12:25
How on earth can 2 respected institutions release targets so far apart.
These so called professional banking analysts should be giving founded technical opinions of this share in the coming months, you can expect the odd 10,20, 30 points difference, though where the hell are these estimates coming from ?
"The *anking department?" Cant help thinking of my ole grandad, he called them all 'Merchant Bankers" and never trusted the banks.
Personally I think this share would have moved back in the mid 170's already if not for Carnage indicating a small rate increase in coming months, which is really so much hot air, knowing the pounds is going to get shunted again.
Its a matter of whether we would have seen 160's tested, despite dropping some of its dead non core already.
So personally if we breached into the 170's that looks like the belly line to me atm.
Either that someone little snotty nosed 19 year old analyst at G'Sachs knows far more than we do ?
Off now, GLA
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Tue 12:12
Long time chap, besides this "pIle of dung" you are doing well. Exactly the reason why I attended the AGM this year.
Pompas and arrogant sums it all up. If my memory serves me well, you are awaiting the same get out / B/E's as the rest of us on here, hanging in with some hope lol.
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RE: sp
Tue 10:45
I'm unsure whether anyone who is 'managing' this business really cares anymore.
Loads of empty promises - oh wait though bonus time is due in a couple of months and guess what, we'll be rewarding ourselves handsomely once again for continued failure.
Shareholders.. ...those irritating bodies who show up at the AGM and have the temerity to question why they aren't seeing a fair return on their hard earned.
Been stuck in this pile of dung for years and would like to get out. Don't see it any time soon though.

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