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Fund Manager Chris Bailey talks about an opportunist 2017 for investors

Barclays Share Chat (BARC)

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barbedwk -------
Thu 20:25
Seems to me that you've got all the basic TA indicators covered atm. ---
My advice is always not to complicate things too much ---
For what i'ts worth here's my two pennies worth --
The SP is currently stuck in a trading channel / range between good supp. at or around 220/222p
and res. up at or around 237/240p ----
So quite a narrow trading range , which if broken on good volume either way will give 210p , first target down and around 260p next target up .---
Broker & Analyst targets from beginning of 2017 range from just below 200p up to around 260p ----
Moving Averages ( 12dma, 26, dma & 200dma ) still look good ---
However, fast & slow stochastics & daily chart macd have all turned , and remain, negative ---
Price Action is now below 26dma which isn't good ---
Standard 14 day rsi stands on or around the 50 mark and has been dropping since the early december 2016 overbought levels ---
Price Action stands almost midway between the standard bollinger bands ---

What does all this mumbo jumbo mean and where do i think the SP is going next ??
To be honest i have no idea (lol) ---
But i'd be waiting for a break of the 240p res. or a re-test of the 220p supp. if i wasn't already in !! ---

JMVHO ---- and if anyone reading this post is a total TA non-believer then i really don't want to hear it cos' without a shadow of a doubt i've heard it all before !!

GL -----
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RE: Re : OT ---target prices , how?
Thu 13:06
Thanks for the link. I have to admit to crossing over the doomed chasm into the world of TA. So far this year I've not done too bad, mainly on AAL and WAND (until today... bad mistake!)

I'm asking because I've got a fairly good ratio of hits for picking the stock, it's just knowing what sort of price I should be aiming for rather than guessing or spooking out, jumping out too early and leaving cassh on the table.

I'm using a mix of price action, T-line trigger, bollinger bands, stochastics and volume. It's a learning process and, I guess, at the craziest time to try and do something like this with Brexit and Trump creating major uncertainty.

Once agin, thanks for the link.
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Re : OT ---target prices , how?
Thu 12:31
Are you asking for calculations based on Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis ?
Because they are very different depending on which " camp" you favour sleeping in !!
Below is a link to a good example of using Fundamentals .
Most Fundamental target levels basically use the same indicators .

Using Technical Analysis to calculate Share Price Targets , as you have found out i suspect , is a ot more subjective & basically depends on which of the hundreds of technical analysis " methods" you personally subscribe to !! .----

Hope that has helped in a small way ?

GL in your research ---
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Barclays Africa
Wed 20:29
Hurdles slow Barclays sale of Africa division
Pretoria News1 Dec 2016Renee Bonorchis
BARCLAYS sold the first slice of its controlling stake in Barclays Africa Group just two months after chief executive Jes Staley laid out his strategy to boost capital.
Here is why the bank’s next move has taken much longer and some key issues the 365-year-old lender must overcome to speed up its two- to three-year time frame for the sell down:
How difficult is it to sell the stake?
Project teams are working late nights at Barclays Africa to make sure every detail is taken into account, according to the Johannesburg-based lender.
The SA Reserve Bank must ensure Barclays’ withdrawal doesn’t endanger stability across the continent, put the rand at risk or upset transactions for Barclays Africa’s 12.5 million customers.
Also at stake is the future of 41 250 employees at the company formerly known as Absa Group, more than 70 percent of whom are in South Africa.
What’s happening inside the banks?
The banks are negotiating a transitional services agreement to deconsolidate Barclays Africa, according to Staley.
They are also figuring out how to change reporting lines within teams; maintain global distribution for investment banking clients; which customers should get transferred to different units; how many staff are needed and where; how to change Barclays-linked e-mail addresses; how to deal with software licences; and who will do dollar-based trading for clients across Africa.
What has the uncertainty done to Barclays Africa?
Barclays Africa is the worst-performing lender on the six-member FTSE/JSE Africa banks index this year, having gained 12 percent compared with the average increase of 24 percent, with investors concerned about shares that still have to be sold on the market. The stock is trading at a 12-month dividend yield of 6.3 percent, the highest in the index.
What happens to Barclays Africa’s name?
After more than 100 years in Africa, there is a real chance that the name Barclays may disappear from the continent.
“Decisions on brand are being carefully considered and will be implemented over time once they have been taken,” Barclays Africa said in an e-mailed response to questions.
Absa kept its branding and red colours even after the purchase by Barclays in 2005, while the turquoise colours of Barclays was retained in the other African units.
What do Barclays’ holdings look like now?
The UK bank owns 50.1 percent of the South African lender, a stake which is valued at about R68 billion.
It sold about 12 percent through an accelerated book build in May for R13.1bn, where demand exceeded supply.
Who might be interested in a stake in Barclays Africa?
Dubai-based Abraaj Group and US private equity firm Carlyle Group were initially interested in a stake along with Bob Diamond’s Atlas Merchant Capital, but withdrew after regulators made it clear it didn’t want Barclays Africa
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Old article
Wed 20:16
Home » Running your investments » Shares & trading
Exclusive: Barclays shares can 'double by the end of 2017' following latest results
29 JUL 2016
The latest results from banking giant Barclays, released in London this morning, show sufficient progress that investors should start thinking of the shares doubling by the end of 2017, according to Rob James, banks analyst at Old Mutual Global Investors.
Exclusive: Barclays shares can 'double by the end of 2017' following latest results
David Thorpe
David Thorpe

The latest results from banking giant Barclays, released in London this morning, show sufficient progress that investors should start thinking of the shares doubling by the end of 2017, according to Rob James, banks analyst at Old Mutual Global Investors.
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The latest results from banking giant Barclays, released in London this morning, show sufficient progress that investors should start thinking of the shares doubling by the end of 2017, according to Rob James, banks analyst at Old Mutual Global Investors.James principally works on the Old Mutual UK Alpha fund, which has an investment of around £70 million in Barclays shares right now.The analyst commented that the results this morning reveal that, ‘everything is going according to the plan outlined by the chief executive, the only thing revealed this morning is that the plan is moving ahead faster than expected.’The results revealed that what the company call the ‘core’ assets of the business showed a 19 per cent increase in profits, the overall profit decline was a consequence of writing down the value of some non-core assets, businesses that are in the process of being sold.Read more: Why I’m happy to own Barclays shares, despite Brexit, by investor of £1.3 billionThose units include a European retail bank and an African operation. James commented that, ‘those assets are not a “bad bank”, they are good businesses, it is just that under the Basel III banking regulations, they are not good for Barclays to own.’ He added, ‘there hasn’t been any bad news in these Barclays results, even the investment bank achieved a return on equity of above 10 per cent.’James believes that a 10 per cent return on equity is what a bank should be achieving.He continued that, with the business achieving a return at that level, yet in valuation terms the shares trading at half the value of the tangible assets (book value) of the company, ‘in my world that means the shares should be doubling by the end of 2017, as evidence comes out of the plan happening, and I think you can trust the quality of the assets.’Bank shares suffered severe gyrations in the wake of the EU referendum result, but James commented that while the collapse in bond yields since June 23rd is bad news for retail banks, the increased volatility helps inv
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OT - target prices, how?
Wed 19:09
Hi all,

not currently in Barcs but keeping an eye on it. Missed the damn jump on Jan 3. Still, live and learn, hey?

Anyway a slightly OT question but I'm asking here as I reckon some of you having at least half-a-clue about what you're talking about.

How do you determine the "target price" for a share? I'm reading around, googling all sorts of queries but can't seem to get a good answer. About the best I've found so far is to use fibonacci levels from the last trend change to the current SP. Is that "the way", a "good way" or not worth bothering with?


Up the Barcs! (Hi Suffy! :D )
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Research yourself
Wed 13:54
Dear Mr Jackboowers, Any wise investor does his own research. If you take advice of most tipsters you will be out of the game . Again G L.
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Wed 13:18
You really should of done your own investigation before investing fella. If I said a dodgy aim stock was a great investment would you do it?
People on here believe in there own investment so of course there going to reccomend it. Next time seek out some aid from an industry pro.

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