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RE: Shareprophets article
Fri 22:18
I don't care about the language, only the substance. The header could be written in Urdu profanities for all I care, what matters is the financial points it makes re cashburn.
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RE: Shareprophets article
Fri 16:48
How on earth can you take an article seriously that uses abusive words in the header. Its analysis is damaged by a headline of drivel.
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Fri 14:57
I don t think this RNS has explained anything.
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Shareprophets article
Fri 10:36
Seriously negative article on Shareprophets, high cashburn, unable to meet financial commitments, needs to raise more money than the company is capitalised at just to remain open.****ed-away
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sub 30p
19 Aug '14
is coming
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14 Aug '14
Nice pop in yhe slv price....noticed its not being smacked down with gld.....
well that's me fully loaded ...looking for £1 by xmas...
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11 Aug '14
Some very influential resource experts – Rick Rule, Theodore Butler to name just two – are ready to pounce on what they see as an inevitable silver rush.

We’ve analysed the best ways we think investors could profit from this critical shortage.

And this week, we’d like to share them with you.

The Fleet Street Letter has been way ahead of the curve
before on big commodity calls…

In 2002, when everyone and his wife said it was crazy to buy gold, we told British investors to load up on the yellow metal.

Over the next ten years it climbed from $400 to nearly $2000 an ounce.

Today, we’re making a new call – get into silver - now.

This is a forecast. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.Because if a shortage occurs – and powerful industries panic buy – we think you could double every pound you invest. At the very least.

At 11am on Thursday, we’ll be ready to release the full research – including the three key investments we think you should make ASAP.

I cannot wait to show it to you.

Tomorrow, you’ll hear from my Fleet Street Letter colleague David Stevenson on why buying into silver’s coming boom ticks every one of his boxes for making a good value investment.

If you want a part of silver’s coming boom – stick with us this week.

Until tomorrow,

Bengt Saelensminde
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11 Aug '14
t’s human nature to buy more of something that’s in shortage. And that’s precisely what industries do. In this case, the auto-industry was in something of a panic and started to stockpile rhodium, ramping demand and driving up the price.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve written a lot about lithium. It’s a similar story there – demand for bigger and better batteries is skyrocketing – whilst supply struggles to keep up… and I believe the price will soon make an astonishing leap.

It’s not complicated: if you can see the next supply shortage coming, you can position yourself to make a lot of money.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Otherwise everyone would be doing it!

Outside of specialist circles, these shortages are usually a complete surprise that regular investors simply miss out on.

That is why I’m writing to you today.

One of the most valuable metals on earth could be about to shock the world…

And hit the biggest supply crunch in its 6,000 year history…

Announcing: The NEXT great supply crunch
to hit the commodity market!

We have spotted a commodity shortage looming. All our research suggests it could have a dramatic effect on its price.

And it’s not any old commodity…

It is the most in-demand metal on the planet.

It has more than 10,000 industrial uses.

More than 69 tonnes are consumed every single day.

Companies like Apple, Samsung and First Solar need tonnes of this metal every year to keep their multi-billion dollar empires running.

Three years ago this metal narrowly escaped a supply crunch.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.Back then, the mere threat of a shortage drove it up 700% to a record $60 an ounce.

This time, we think it could go even higher.

Because our research tells us that this metal is not only facing a supply shortage… but a possible, industrial extinction – the first event of its kind on the commodity market. Not in 100 years, or 50 years. But within the next decade.

“CrowdPower: How you could profit from the P2P boom!”

P2P lending, social networks, 3D printing, off the grid energy...

MoneyWeek’s experts have spent the last six months investigating this incredible growth story.

Find out the simple ways they think you can profit.

Click here now to get all the details.

MoneyWeek magazine is an unregulated product published by MoneyWeek Ltd.

The precious metal I’m talking about is SILVER.

I know how that sounds… even some of my analyst colleagues raise an eyebrow when I tell them what’s going on…

But we’ve looked at the figures, researched this situation in depth… and you’ll be shocked at how close we are to silver inventories running down to ZERO.

And while supplies are falling, demand is going through the roof.

Some very influ
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Could be good for the share price !
11 Aug '14
11 August, 2014

The Right Side ‘take over’ starts today!
Bengt Saelensminde

Dear John

This week, we’re doing something completely different.

Something that I hope you’ll find interesting and – more importantly – will be able to profit from.

With the help of my fellow Fleet Street Letter analyst David Stevenson, we’re dedicating the whole week to an opportunity that we think will make you a small fortune – if you invest now.

You’ll hear all about this opportunity:
Why we believe the rise of one undervalued precious metal is inevitable
Why most people are likely to miss out on this commodity bull
And show you three different ways we think you could profit.
Join us on this exciting week, exploring what could be THE commodity story of the next ten years.

By the end of the week, you’ll understand exactly what’s happening – and have a clear idea of what to do.

If that sounds good – let’s get started…

Are you prepared?

Right now, most markets are performing well.

But the very thing that has made them soar… could be about to bring them crashing down.

At least, that’s what one award-winning investor believes.

What does he know that you don’t? Find out here.

The Price Report is a regulated product issued by Fleet Street Publications Ltd. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares, never risk more than you can afford to lose. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results. Please seek independent financial advice if necessary. Fleet Street Publications Ltd. 0207 633 3600.

The most powerful force in economics
could make you a small fortune…

This powerful force is often used as a throwaway term, without much thought.

But for centuries those who know how to exploit it have made huge profits from it.

I’m talking about supply & demand.

Without doubt, supply and demand is one of the most influential forces in the world… and it can send the price of a commodity soaring through the roof.

For a famous historical example – let’s take what happened in France in the 1780s: Bad wheat harvests saw the price of bread rocket. The landowners filled their pockets, causing an outrage that led to the Great Fear – a particularly bloody peasant revolt.

Anticipating and investing in a genuine commodity shortage can make you a lot of money.

And in 2003, we saw how lucrative this situation can be for investors…

Back then, a shortage of rhodium – a critical component in cars and trucks – forced the price from $475 an ounce to more than $1900 an ounce in just five years!

That’s a price rise of almost 2000%.

It’s human nature to buy more of something that’s in shortage. And that’s precisely what industries do. In this case, the auto-industry was in something of a panic and star
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AGQ on youtube
9 Aug '14

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