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Regulatory News

Boost Issuer PLC - Daily Fund Prices

Fri, 17th May 2019 07:54

FundDealing DateISIN CodeShares in Issue Base CurrencyNet Assets NAV/Share
Boost FTSE 100 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B88D2999 22,129GBP 5,061,898.50 228.7450
Boost FTSE 100 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B7VB3908 383,065GBP 4,631,128.82 12.0897
Boost EURO STOXX 50 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B7SD4R47 30,610EUR 6,654,351.92 217.3914
Boost EURO STOXX 50 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8JF9153 2,932,722EUR 15,993,510.27 5.4535
Boost LevDAX 3x Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B878KX55 63,734EUR 13,281,566.59 208.3906
Boost ShortDAX 3x Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8GKPP93 715,991EUR 4,099,219.31 5.7252
Boost S&P 500 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B7Y34M31 20,374USD 13,369,406.12 656.1994
Boost S&P 500 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8K7KM88 10,029,362USD 42,248,286.25 4.2125
Boost NASDAQ 100 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8W5C578 20,714USD 27,460,563.31 1,325.7007
Boost NASDAQ 100 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8VZVH32 21,822,876USD 29,954,908.87 1.3726
Boost WTI Oil 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B7ZQC614 110,474,435USD 101,620,107.89 0.9199
Boost WTI Oil 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B7SX5Y86 1,846,680USD 30,323,574.03 16.4206
Boost Gold 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8HGT870 978,903USD 19,279,567.71 19.6951
Boost Gold 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B6X4BP29 13,202USD 1,447,784.12 109.6640
Boost Copper 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8JVMZ80 267,985USD 3,349,194.85 12.4977
Boost Copper 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8KD3F05 22,121USD 1,500,177.84 67.8169
Boost Natural Gas 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8VC8061 511,226,814USD 34,919,756.51 0.0683
Boost Natural Gas 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B76BRD76 735,436USD 6,255,038.21 8.5052
Boost Silver 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B7XD2195 11,558,837USD 19,545,803.80 1.6910
Boost Silver 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8JG1787 7,022USD 963,505.52 137.2124
Boost FTSE 100 2x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKF15 56,180GBP 1,944,944.67 34.6199
Boost FTSE 100 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKG22 24,442GBP 1,506,524.35 61.6367
Boost FTSE 100 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKC83 3,909GBP 649,162.13 166.0686
Boost FTSE 250 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BBGBF313 1,045,153GBP 52,746,353.02 50.4676
Boost FTSE 250 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKJ52 11,117GBP 2,353,172.46 211.6733
Boost TOPIX 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BBGBF420 6,854JPY 35,934,996.95 5,242.9234
Boost TOPIX 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BBGBF537 9,250JPY 137,645,496.62 14,880.5942
Boost Palladium 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QLR02 97,653USD 3,101,981.75 31.7654
Boost Palladium 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QLN63 10,029USD 2,361,591.74 235.4763
Boost Natural Gas 2x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QL251 8,786USD 631,890.89 71.9202
Boost Natural Gas 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKX96 117,212USD 278,805.50 2.3786
Boost Gold 2x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKT50 5,200USD 376,455.52 72.3953
Boost Gold 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKW89 4,194USD 374,973.49 89.4071
Boost Gold 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QKS44 10,001USD 765,716.99 76.5640
Boost Silver 2x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QL921 2,115USD 168,374.93 79.6099
Boost Silver 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B94QL699 5,138USD 149,980.04 29.1904
Boost FTSE MIB 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B873CW36 3,717,465EUR 27,700,416.10 7.4514
Boost FTSE MIB 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00B8NB3063 394,464EUR 29,433,845.14 74.6173
Boost BTP 10Y 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKT09149 18,228EUR 2,331,060.46 127.8835
Boost BTP 10Y 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKS8QM96 149,688EUR 6,437,329.58 43.0050
Boost Bund 10Y 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKT09255 4,765EUR 763,040.52 160.1344
Boost Bund 10Y 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKS8QN04 256,557EUR 11,251,212.41 43.8546
Boost Gilts 10Y 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKT09479 3,278GBP 507,526.43 154.8281
Boost Gilts 10Y 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKS8QQ35 145,404GBP 6,323,765.15 43.4910
Boost US Treasuries 10Y 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKT09032 8,805USD 953,269.52 108.2646
Boost US Treasuries 10Y 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BKS8QT65 48,211USD 3,753,878.34 77.8635
Boost EURO STOXX Banks 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BLS09N40 1,512,036EUR 19,529,188.74 12.9158
Boost EURO STOXX Banks 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BLS09P63 242,388EUR 6,309,099.80 26.0289
Boost Long USD Short EUR 5x Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BLNMQS92 5,727EUR 879,080.43 153.4975
Boost Short USD Long EUR 5x Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BLNMQT00 161,411EUR 3,814,819.71 23.6342
Boost WTI Oil ETC16-May-19IE00BVFZGC04 83,470USD 1,722,133.31 20.6318
Boost WTI Oil 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BVFZGF35 27,774USD 2,001,799.62 72.0746
Boost WTI Oil 2x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BVFZGG42 19,835USD 755,682.20 38.0984
Boost WTI Oil 2x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BVFZGH58 21,560USD 652,679.71 30.2727
Boost Brent Oil ETC16-May-19IE00BVFZGD11 167,350USD 4,204,038.76 25.1212
Boost Gold ETC16-May-19IE00BVFZGK87 133,697USD 3,442,885.65 25.7514
Boost Natural Gas ETC16-May-19IE00BVFZGL94 42,249USD 836,034.15 19.7883
Boost BTP 10Y 5x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYNXNS22 165,690EUR 5,394,629.79 32.5586
Boost Bund 10Y 5x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYNXPH56 197,582EUR 6,359,271.33 32.1855
Boost US Treasuries 10Y 5x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYNXPJ70 10,254USD 771,192.75 75.2090
Boost Long USD Short EUR 4x Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYNXPK85 3,228EUR 328,952.01 101.9058
Boost Short USD Long EUR 4x Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYNXPM00 7,482EUR 435,421.26 58.1958
Boost Brent Oil 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYTYHS72 106,523USD 5,484,041.72 51.4822
Boost Brent Oil 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYTYHR65 746,039USD 3,847,694.13 5.1575
Boost Emerging Markets 3x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYTYHN28 45,699USD 6,374,899.90 139.4976
Boost Emerging Markets 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYTYHM11 59,668USD 1,517,888.28 25.4389
Boost S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures 2.25x Leverage Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BYTYHQ58 651,446,594USD 18,806,872.30 0.0289
Boost FTSE MIB Banks ETP16-May-19IE00BYMB4Q22 61,438EUR 7,854,393.89 127.8426
Boost Bund 30Y 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BF4TW453 4,340EUR 260,700.62 60.0693
Boost Gilts 10Y 1x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BF4TW560 7,615GBP 729,867.17 95.8460
Boost US Treasuries 30Y 3x Short Daily ETP16-May-19IE00BF4TW784 3,500USD 338,588.61 96.7396
Boost Enhanced Industrial Metals ETC16-May-19IE00BF4TWC33 6,500USD 155,923.82 23.9883
Boost Enhanced Energy ETC16-May-19IE00BF4TWF63 6,500USD 170,717.75 26.2643

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