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14 Mar '16

all retraces in a company with growing market share and growing EPS must end sometime. Maybe this week is our week.
14 Mar '16

background helping. Maybe this week for some SP catch up with sector and FTSE.

Probably just a small institutional seller into thin volume has kept us down Buyers biding their time waiting for the an obvious inflection point so volume thin. Still surprised no fund has swooped on an obviously cheap SP and built up their position. Sub 3.60 is incredible. News on future profits only has improved since placement.

Even the worst of doom and gloom in the press hardly impacts on TEF’s business model and geographic areas and price of product. In the great depression pencil makers made extra money as there were vendors at every street corner in 1933 who could not be bothered in 1929 to push such a low value product. Not that 700 to now 1000 is "a low value product" but in relatiionship to prime at 2,000 to 3,000/ sq foot in London it is. Lot of safety below 1000 in london s near prime areas as the demand is there from knowledge workers who are a grwoing sector.
9 Mar '16

I'm sure we'll see 5 quid much faster than that.

Funny market. Got no feel for it. I can understand a retrace from 4.93 on general jitters and TEF dilution but not so low or so seemingly persistant. My gut feel is it will end soon and drift up towards results and then 420 ish on finals.

I'm leveraged on my non ISA holding so in a hurry.
9 Mar '16

Just could not make it up.

Wish me the patience of Terrace.
9 Mar '16

Just could not make it up.

Wish me the patience of Terrace.
3 Mar '16

what happened to the 3m penthouse TEF was flogging. Did they get that away?
2 Mar '16

TEF SP right now is like watching paint peel. I doubt if we will get a big move out of this narrow traiding range until the year end update in mid April but one can always hope. Only 7 weeks away now.
2 Mar '16

according to the report London has generated 235,000 high-skilled jobs since 2013, more than any other city in the world.

It is ridiculous for ignorant analysts using multiples of earnings applicable to the historic populations of the relevant Boroughs to say we are at the limit of affordability. London’s workforce is a dynamic and changing workforce and enough of the new jobs can afford a TEF product into the foreseeable future no matter how fast TEF ramp up yearly output.

We are a unambiguously a growth stock that will double volume and profit every 5 years priced at the P/E of a utility company. Ridiculous.
1 Mar '16

i said "makes us look" rather than "means we are"

Anyhow always a bit of fun to poke at the Yanks and they make it soooo easy.


I am getting tired of sector posting sterling results and projecting great years to come and we are all languishing on P/E ratios of 10 while the US exchange as a whole still has P/E's 70% above that. International footloose money is dumb.
1 Mar '16

I am convinced that the sector retrace is temporary. Whole sector will do well for the foreseeable future even in strange times.

Looks like Trump will be the Republican candidate. Whatever the nastiness of our Brexit campaign the level of the debate makes all us Brits look like a super intelligent species compared to those hamburger eating gun toting Yanks. Even Nigel seems thoughtful compared to that lot.

All that hatred and stupidity in the US must help our property market in London a bit. What self respecting Muslim millionaire will now buy in LA when they are positively welcome to buy a TEF penthouse in Tower Hamlets and be absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of what mosque to attend or what Halal meal to have.

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