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Share Views - Ferrum Crescent Exec-Chairman Justin Tooth talks on his re-structuring strategy and exciting new projects Watch here

Share Views Episode 13 - Ferrum Crescent Exec-Chairman Justin Tooth talks on his re-structuring strategy and exciting new projects

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31 Aug '16

seems to be receding Brexit fears and a focus on short term prospects that remain quite good. AS IC says no need for such low valuations A few day old below but seems to describe reasons for rally pretty well.
30 Aug '16

House builders sitting on permissions to manipulate the local markets to their advantage! No not possible. They are all altruistic public servants keen to help solve the housing crisis regardless of the impact on their profit.

We are in for a long run of undersupply Brexit or no Brexit and a long term holding in TEF will literally pay dividends,

I personally would open up many sites by a one off review of the greenbelt and a CPO law that would allow registered private developers to buy land with CPO powers if they were willing to pay 50% over assessed value to compensate for a forced sale. That would unlock many London brownfield sites that need ransom strips removed and give developers the confidence to assemble parcels bit by bit knowing they can complete the needed envelope in the end. However no major party is bold enough to do either so we are in the money for the next 20 years.
29 Aug '16

not unexpected cabinet split. Good on Hammond.

where is the Labour Party in all this? That the views of a 170 member strong labour parliamentary party on this are not even worth reporting means we as a nation are 100% in the hands of the Tory PCP. Ridiculous. Shame on COrbyn. The mother of parliaments is on it's sick bed and part of that is down to a stubborn old man who can't see the wood for the trees.
29 Aug '16

If there is a secret plan that beats in the heart of May and a few trusted associates to negotiate a very soft exit (that legally might not be an exit at all but a renegotiation of existing relationships that in some way gives some limits on migration and decentralizes to the UK some additional vetos and powers) phase one will be to talk tough on Brexit and prepare the government departments for a relatively hard exit. Spook EU partners we will take the hit. Little is given up to do so -except a few wasted years of a few hundred mandarins lives.

Phase 2 will be giving the harder Brexiteers enough rope to hang themselves on by saying you promised full market access, no job losses as well as hard EU immigration restrictions at the same time so get on with negotiating it.

Phase 3 will be the "I'm disappointed with you (Fox and Davis)" reshuffle or marginalization (if not judging by the Ministry numbers is there already) and the soft Brexiteers (possibly led by Boris) will take to the fore and put on the table a soft exit our EU partners might live with (that is pretty much an associate membership with no need for a legal break in our existing treaties). The benefits of doing so (and unlike a hard exit -and renegotiated world treaties- it can be done in this Parliament) are immense and would set the Tory's on course to win a majority for years to come. The certainty returned would boost business confidence at the right point in the electoral cycle for the Tories. IN effect it would be a delayed and enhanced version of the original Cameron strategy of negotiating additional subsidiarity on some key issues (migration included) and thus putting the Brexit issue to bed for a generation.
25 Aug '16

more evidence of TEF market trending sideways on house prices.

given all the scare stories that is not bad. Just to much demand helped by low interest rates for the foreseeable future. The low interest rates make a nonsense of the talking heads who base overvaluation of the market on historic averages of multipliers of income to prices. The new normal of interest rates means that there has been a permanent shift in affordability. It is nearly twice as easy for someone on a certain income to raise a mortgage of a set amount -albeit with a risk (receding all the time) BOE interest rates could rise back to 4% in a few years time. All financial betting is that for 10 years quite low interest rates are the new normal. 10 yields now near .05% 10 year deals on domestic mortgages now available for 3.2% It is just different.
25 Aug '16

Even the harder edges of the emerging Brexit migration policy is concentrating only restricting low skilled labour from the EU (and leaves high skilled migration unlimited which of course helps London and TEF).

If only the EU partners can swallow something like this and we can keep passporting rights for our banks all will end well. The definition of low skilled is pretty narrow as well and this is just a wish list ahead of negotiations. Something along these lines might even be possible within exiting the EU.

We probably need 200,000 net migrant from the EU for the foreseeable future for maximum economic benefit. If 80% or more of that is skilled migrants all the better. Let the scarce jobs that will be created for the low skilled go to UK nationals and if the wages offered are not enough let those employers be forced to raise them even if they have to pass those extra costs onto the consumer.
24 Aug '16

we dipped twice to 320 before the referendum and the referendum uncertainly still hurts.

I am not expecting a rapid rise until a lot more clarity on our future trade negotiations emerges. This could emerge suddenly if the government and EU commit themselves to a soft exit with some form of continuity with existing legal arrangements and pass porting rights for the city to be maintained. May may want that but she has to play the politics of her own party and EU to get it. Labour under Corbyn not helping.

That said some stability in a trading range between 320 and 360 this fall seems in order after the panic of June 23. From there we will just keep drifting up with results but underperform real value by a similar amount until we get real political stability and fears of a recession are in the rear view mirror.
24 Aug '16

what incompetence to do a video on a "packed train" attacking overcrowding that actually was not packed. Do these people not know their are CCTV's on the trains? Blairite spin was at least professional spin and Blair got away with it on the whole.

Smith calling for a referendum or an election before adopting terms for an exit and thus triggering article 50 a good thing. Pressure on the government to negotiate good terms and not just any terms is good for us. Soft exit is the preference of a vast majority of UK voters but a hard exit might be forced on us all by a conservative party trapped by it's hard core Brexit wing and a narrow majority.

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