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EXCLUSIVE: BlueRockDiamonds #BRD set for a strong 2018

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Last Posted: 22 Nov '14

7 Dec '12

Sunset 777
''I think johno's clever ramping played a big part in getting this sp into the 70 s just before the placement.''

Yeah ,and not only Johno, How about Dickie3times .

and a certain Sunset777!!! who posted just before the fall-
end Oct sp 0.70p

''Get in there tomorrow, you guys! before the steep rise! DYOR''

''Johno is here to get the sp up as much as he can prior to the next RNS... when there will def nitely be a spike.''

'' You need to buy more shares before they're 0.80 tomorrow.''
5 Dec '12

Did check back and and you are right it has budged ,Found that in the last approximate 25 months this sp has been higher than now 2/3rds of the time. Picking a end month date ,the average sp was 0.55p.
Apart from 8 months in 2010, in the last 5 years this has been on average higher than now , between a peak of 11p and 0.25p.

Now I dont expect the price to keep going up ,but if someone had said a few weeks ago that 0.7p was a high and our real value is 0.45p ,they would have been castigated for deramping, bearing mind the progress we have made.
So why was the issue price not indicative of some movement forward over the years. Even approaching clinical trials was not priced in.
At the moment I will give VAL the benefit of the doubt and presume the issue price and lower sp is due to the fact that we couldnt get a partner. The advisors knew the market would have the advantage of that knowledge and had to price accordingly.
5 Dec '12

''Why does everyone expect this SP to climb on no anticipated news? All we are waiting for is a start date for the trials... ''
Change in tune now from last few months on here ,Rampers all knew eh? ,pity theY continued ramping then until the dump.

We dont expect it to halve on 'no news 'either. As for everyone expecting it to climb,this board is full of rampers whosuggested just that ,but now after its crashed those same people say they all knew this was going to happen.Yes the same people who screamed blue murder if I or anyone else had suggested that VAl was not all it was cracked up to be and that the sp was being driven by rampers .I see the rampers are moving back in now with the usual stuff of top up ,great price etc .

Basically this sp has been unable ,with all the news of moving forward and pipeline products,budge in two years and appears to be an ideal share for ramping/deramping shorters.
29 Nov '12

I agree that it will drop again, but lets hope any future dilution will be worked on rather more than pulling out the paperwork for previous dilution sp/price and using that as a template. Why employ people that cant see beyond 0.75p sp /0.45p issue price.. My dog could do that .Twice in a row is enough,otherwise this will be a shorters paradise based on a predictable fall to 0.45p every time an issue is looking likely.
People might say that it doesnt matter what the issue price is unless you are selling however the problem here is that any potential investor will wonder ,why if all the good things in the pipeline are true do we have to have such a desperate issue price to attract investment,exactly along the lines of the last issue.and draw the conclusion that the 'big boys' dont believe us.Less investment because of that means next time ,same problem.
28 Nov '12

''im looking for .40 to top up,dont think we are gonna drop that low though''

Using talk of top ups to mention 0.40p as a possible. Nice one,dont think it will work though.Most people left in here now are not going to sell even if 0.2p is hinted at.
22 Nov '12

''was gonna buy @100p but didn,t have bottle on 12mth down trend BUT now 12mth 3SMAs show good support for bull run/............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm''

Since that was posted the ' good support for bull run' has meant losses of -23%.

Just what I always suspected . Charts mean nothing in AIM.Beware the interpretations of financial wizards.
16 Nov '12

How come when VAL goes up ,its because of fantastic fundamentals,but when it drops by -40% ,its the mm's plot to panic you because they want your shares.

Its easy really, Val's advisors , NOT MM's ,decided that the market sentiment,not ours, on where and how fast VAL was going was not very optimistic, and therefore taking account of this,and the fact that no one wanted to partner us (You dont really believe the 'we wanted to go alone stuff' do you) , had no option but to bend over and reduce the issue price to such a low level to get investors interested.At least we live to fight another day ,and hopefully by this time next year,the -40% losses will have been made up. The other option was to go bust.

No amount of ramping, or deramping this, on BB's ,sways the 'big boys' who can dissect and read between the lines better than the average PI. A lesson to be learned by the easily led.
10 Nov '12

''.I agree that the placing price was low but hopefully they would have taken good advice from their financial advisors.''

And what advice would that be that forced a share to be sold at 40% discount ,and why were the reasons for VAL situation/performance dictating that the issue would have to be at this knockdown sale, not known until the advisors did their homework.
Funny how none of the financial wizards on here didnt draw similar conclusions as these advisors ,when this was at 0.7p, except in hindsight of course.
6 Nov '12

Tasteforlife, if you cant understand why Paisley is unhappy and if you think that anyone that thinks this give away placement is just whinging at every obstacle so be it ,What are all these obstacles that Paisley has been whinging about anyway.

You said the bigger picture ''in your opinion'. Just maybe your opinion is not matched by everyone else so please allow them to air their opinion without resorting to cheap jibes.There were a couple of posters who did predict VAL having money problems would happen alot sooner than we thought and also predicted that we wouldnt be able to find a partner. They were mostly mocked as derampers ,but have now proved to have been correct,so might I suggest that we let the dust settle before the rampers start up again in trying to shut down anyone who doesnt agree with them.

By the way ,along with every second poster the last two days I have topped up. Though why people feel the need to mention how much they have spent and how much their total holding is ,is beyond me.
If I said I had 10million of these and had topped up by another 1 million ,how would anyone know.,
5 Nov '12

''Sensible people buying in now; they could even be up by lunch time.!!''

Nostradamus ,you aint! .Would help if all the people talking about topping up at this great opportunity ,actually followed hot air with cold cash.

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