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5 Nov '15

Hopefully the FCA will be getting involved here, and sort out once and for all, who did what to whom... Followed by the correct "Her Majesties Accommodation" ....
5 Nov '15

Why have you taken down the link to Chris Oil presentation ?
It was apt, to the point, talked about SER and oil!!!!!!
Or was it just that it shows the man up for what he really is? After all, it's not someone talking about him, it's actually the man himself talking, and if he is trying to save SER, surely everyone has a right to listen to what he has to say...don't they?
5 Nov '15

The IPR 6M is going to be paid in three tranches I believe, so it probably won't show until next year when this years accounts have been completed.
5 Nov '15

Maybe we will never know.
Without a Nomad they can't continue, they will be delisted and everything will go into the melting pot.
They have to have their AGM by or before Dec 15th, so I suppose that's the official end date, so I suppose all we can do is wait....;-((
5 Nov '15

Again, so sorry for you, and all of the others who have been duped here, not by one person, but by a never ending trail of them....
5 Nov '15

Yes I know, there were some dangerous people about here earlier this year.
But, as I said, KK was the most dangerous one, saying things like:-
I've had pizza with the board
I've helped them on their Stand
I know far more than you will ever know
I know for a FACT that the deal in the Philipeans is a done deal,
I know for a FACT, who the new CEO is...
The list of "What he didn't know" goes on, and when we pushed him so far he quit the board and set up his own blog.
That is the point when EVERYONE should have noticed something wasn't right, especially when he was charging people for the privilege. It's enough to make you laugh.....
I agree, there were a lot of the rampers on here, but where are they now....
I would like to see them come on here now and say "I'M SORRY, I WAS WRONG" but of course they won't....
5 Nov '15

I truly feel for you mate, but you can't say that many people here didn't wave the red flag.
It's the same old thing I'm afraid, you will get the crowd that will not hear anything bad said about a company and think that everything is going on so well, then they drag in the unsuspecting PIs that get burnt.
That's why many months ago I stated on here, direct to KK, "You are dangerous". Of course there are others, but with KK, and they way he posted things as FACT, (which I also picked him up on), leads people to believe the wrong things.
It's a lesson learnt here, but for some it's been a costly one.
Again mate, I truly am sorry for the likes of your good self
5 Nov '15

Is he for real????? What a load of twaddle he says,
"Oil & Gas there's a lot of money to be had, not by using the public BBs, as they lose money, and don't look at the companies spread sheets"....
Yeah right.
So mr clever clogs looked at SER spreadsheets and thought, "I've got to get me some of this"!!!!!!!
Honestly, can anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth..?????
Ask yourselves this question... Would you buy a second hand car off this bloke? Well I certainly wouldn't.
5 Nov '15

It's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black isn't it....
He doesn't like liars..... Hmmmmm, remind me again, what's his name?????
5 Nov '15

It's a good job he's not the CFO for SER....
Within the opening minute he is asked what he does, his response is stupid
I want to make over 100% in Two weeks......
300% in six months
1000% in a year.....
So after making the 100% in the first two weeks he takes his eye off the ball for the next 24 weeks.........

Re SER, it doesn't look like he achieved those figures here does it??????

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