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Be a contrarian investor says Ranjeet Singh

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26 Feb '16

The actual truth is, they are not contemplating paying dividends until capital expenditure is finished and cashflow warrants it...

But they are nearing completion on Phase 2 already...

Just bought another 10k at 86.2p; self and wife now hold c120k.....
25 Feb '16

The dealing spread in Market Size (3000) is 85/86.35....

Some complete idiot has sold at 82.25 and 83...what sort of cretinous broker are they using...

The MMs are trying to con us with the 'Quote' of 84/89 to shake out idiots like that as they try to fill an institutional order...

Once its filled the price will rise and the seller will look pretty stupid IMO

AIMHO as usual of course...
22 Feb '16

You do right to point to the LME levels Tracey, although I think COMEX is drifting slowly upwards.

What we don't know is how much the Chinese have stockpiled....
22 Feb '16

Thanks Tracy and plesse keep posting.

Im sorry you were banned elsewhere because I find all your information very helpful...

9 Nov '15

C'mon you honestly think somebody would sell to lots of 2343 to push the SP down...?

It's obviously someone freeing up cash, £2,000 at a time (2015 minus commission/fees)

We should actually be encouraged that the sp is static and there is no volume. It means nobody is selling and the rest are either waiting to see a significant move up to confirm a bull trend or still waiting for these to recover to where they should be.

Meanwhile, I bought 30,000 last week at an average of c 86.5 including the two tranches of 10,000 on Friday....unbelievable value and brings my average down to 95.

IMHO all it needs is one piece of good news, a positive RNS or especially Directors buying to see this spike from these ridiculous levels which are equivalent to 2.90p cf Edison's value of 6.5p and Canaccord Genuity 5.94p (that's between 178p and 195p...

(Oh and BTW even at the current copper price the existing resources are worth up to £3 BILLION sales value).

And as for you sheps....why do people always blame management for their own inadequacies. There have been plenty of opportunities for you to sell and buy back but you've sat on your hands and now you're moaning.

My first purchase was 5.25p (i.e. 157p) but I've averaged down to 95p by, for example selling my entire holding a few weeks ago at c4.1p and buying it back from 3.6p (108p) down to as low as 86p...

Not gloating; just being rational and realistic...

Onwards and upwards....
30 Oct '15

It was 154k and 0.15% of the shares in issue, but....

The average for the last 22 days is 35k or 0.03%...

You're right, it's not manipulation, you can't short this share like GLEN but the MMs can hit psychological stop loss levels below 100p and the benign neglect and news vacuum by the BoD and their advisors does the rest...

Now who might that suit,who own a copper mine next door and have just closed an oversubscribed loan issue to raise funds to acquire assets...? guess....
14 Oct '15

Read post 9856 on ADVFN.....says it all sadly...
28 Sep '15

Read Rougepierre's posts 5092, 5106 and 5108 before getting panicked into GLEN going bust....
22 Jun '15

Open Offer shares of 71,993, 297 at 1:20 equates to Qualifying holdings of 1,439, 865, 940, so that includes all the Big 3.

XGC, Orion and Traf held 205, 865, 181; 207, 954, 787; and 278, 594, 997 shares respectively, totalling 692, 414, 965 so the entitlement they did not take up would be 34, 620, 748

Only 26, 399, 206 shares were NOT applied for, which means that the UNDERLYING Open Offer for us ordinary mortals was oversubscribed by 21% ...

That's about 1 for 16.

Personally I applied for 30% more in total, PLUS the ones I bought on 28 May at 4.79 when the OO was announced, just in case I was underallotted.

In fact we shall all be fully allotted and I intend to keep my 1.5 million indefinitely....
9 May '15

Good man. The resource update will be pretty much certain inside theccompany and the big 3 will know it is a huge improvement so this will have some bearing and may have been a factor in drawing in outside investors. It is pretty much waiting for official verification before it can be published in a RNS.

Meanwhile, how can someone buy 700k at 5 and thereby reduce their average to 4....LOL...that maths is beyond me. (I have 1 million at 4.2 btw).

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