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Today 07:31

I just thought the post from advfn was worth a read. I don't agree with all what Nobull put. But some of it, he's got a point. Putting it in the right perspective. He's been pulling the company down for about 18 months. Could be a paid deramper. I honestly don't know. Why pull a company to pieces if you are invested there. You wouldn't. Nicandros does need to get results to the market though. Not whats going to happen. But to lay down facts.

Ie, true production level increases.

Work on the ground.( 2 year 20 well drill completed) what was the results????

What is happening to the frac equipment. Delivery. Just mid April. Then nothing.

The 900k loan. What have they done or are doing with the money. Has work started on taribanni and mizaarni

The list goes on. But I don't want to keep repeating my self. Having said all that. I personally am very confident with the outcome and that we will all be making good money here. There is a future in frr and a prosperous one.

Atb zeps
Fri 22:05

A message left for you on advfn.

nobull 18 Apr'14 - 18:49 - 2552 of 2553 0 0

Wanderer (on LSE),

The inducement charge is many things, including the technical thing you describe (the difference between the newly negotiated conversion price and the prior agreed conversion price, all multiplied by number of shares involved). However, it is also an AFTER-the-fact increase in the finance charges for FAILURE (i.e. failure to generate adequate cash flow per share to increase the value of the shares above the prior agreed conversion price). Avoiding it is not just about getting our share price up to 15p (or whatever the conversion price is), but might be also about being able to redeem all the convertibles for cash (or be about getting a new load of debt from some other lender to enable us to avoid having to pay, in essence if the share price is below the conversion price in August 2016, a bribe to the convertible holders not to bankrupt us.

I know you have described people of my ilk as being like a stuck record or something similar (banging on about the debt levels?), but the delays in delivering the gas sales are not acceptable, given the knock-on effect it has on the likelihood of being hit with an inducement charge in the future, IMO. The absence of any explanation for the gas sales delay, or of any date when they are likely to start, should be a concern to shareholders with an enquiring mind, IMV. While the farm-out news is a step in the right direction, you have to remember that Georgia is in the back of beyond as far as getting a rig there is concerned...delays enrich the note holders at our expense... daily transfer in value from shareholders to loan note holders... how many times do I have to say it before people with enquiring minds pick up the phone and complain?...

On the Arrar debt, I think that is mostly a red herring: it adds absolutely sod all to the value of the business. Businesses, as you know, are valued for their recurring earnings and not for one-off payments. Okay, so if it saves us having to issue any more of those goddamned 15% RPNs to the Board and its friends, then the Arrar debt being paid is worth a tad more than its face value to us, but it is not going to save us from the catastrophe we face if we don't get gas sales and we don't start drilling Taribani within weeks. I hope all shareholders (well, those with an enquiring mind) will pester Mr Nicandros to work much faster and to demand he discuss the things we want him to discuss in RNSs rather than what he chooses. He still won't say he is working for all stakeholders in the business, and he still won't put comments on the RNSs (prefers to distance himself from us - the note holders are his friends?).

As previously stated, McGregor has a good record on director sales. But his latest purchase of £6,000 worth can also be a flag to mean "I am a loyal employee and I deserve to work for Frontera NewCo if Frontera CurrentCo has to lose its shareholders
Thu 16:59

Someone's dumping. BUT, someone's buying them up too. So not to worry to much. But why sell after the 2 RNS ?????.
Thu 16:30

You not on your own . I wish I would have sold more when it went over 1.00p. I have lost heavy on some aims shares myself. It's a learning game. I am holding over 3 mill here. But I know the market and mms are using this share at the momment. I remember when his was 0.38p. I had 3 mill then with a avg of about 1.5 p. this time I am a little better. With a avg of 0. 76p. With which I am not to bothered. If you remember when it was 1.2p and the progress now.

Infrastructure related sales facilaties.

Gas now in production awaiting a CPR.

20more wells finished

990k loan sorted

36 mil jv partner for one part of taribanni.

Why at the sp. Maybe because we are waiting for the Georgian gov to give us the nod. Also awaiting gas flow rates, then we are off. Easy peezy lemon squeeze. Lol wish all was so easy. I reckon about a month things will settle. Isa's included. Like today again 1 1/2 mill x 2 sells. not, a isa yes. More room for the mms toplay with a share sp. Just my little opinion. Atvb zeps
Thu 15:01

I know what you meant. I am invested the same way as you. Not as much. But you get my drif. I Mean drift. Lol

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