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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Member Since: Tue, 18th Aug 2015

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Tue 16:12

Hopeing more

Egyptian receivables was killing ! Producing 7500 BOPD in Egypt does not mean 7500 BOPD worth of revenues! The situation has improved now...
Sat 19:36

Anything is better than iii! They are a bunch of angry rude vitriol glassweegen cants ! I left them and have never looked back !
Thu 15:22


Hate to break it to you but you can’t drill “without a top drive”! Top drive is what turns the drill string and drill bit to the right ! Before top drives there was something called a Kelly that did a similar job! That’s old tech with a huge list of disadvantages! This is how I used to pay my mortgage ;)
Thu 14:15

Are zen the company that bought a rig and then remembered they needed a top drive in order to drill? They then realised that they don’t have cash for said TDS and needed to raise money last minute in a deeply discounted placing ? Is that the company we’re comparing #BLOE to?
15 May '19

He starts the abuse and now wants to act all cute and nice with his “lets get on with being supportive”?

Like I said his true hypocritical snide devilish colours are being shown! NOT for me !


PS: as for giving the board a break, he’s addicted ! It’s all he does with his life! 4 weeks will seem like a prison sentence!
14 May '19


Impossible! He’s addicted!

The saying goes “if you have the same problem with everyone, may be you’re the problem”

Bet you anything that he’s useless never ending posts continue to add no value !

I for one will refrain from responding to said individual! Angry , narcissistic, vitriolic ... not for me
14 May '19

Angus Winther, non-executive director, purchased 427,350 shares in the Company at a price of 11.7p per share.
13 May '19


This CRL is an angry bitter hateful man and karma is a beach! No wonder his investments have all gone teeets up! I have nothing against him but he is just a hateful individual!

I’m Done with replying to him!
13 May '19


I’m invested in TXP! Average 13p! Amazing little company ! Management in Touchstone are actually proactive!
13 May '19

Anyone else getting ready to top up at the inevitable drop to 11-10 p range ??
13 May '19

What an abusive angry old man! No doubt you’re 5ft 5 with an axe to grind! Imagine spending your Saturday evening on chat board being abusing !!! Get a life !!!!

We all have IPhones! None of our phones remove our filters ! I think it’s just your ego wanting to stick your beak on every thread (while creating a new heading and new thread for some reason)

You do realise WTI and BRENT have a linked differential don’t you ? When BRENT rises so does WTI!!!

As for a genuine spelling mistake , I’ll just say pot kettle and black ? Why “NECAUSE” sic you never proof read any of your tones of verbiage !

Please filter me because you have nothing useful to say other than rudeness littered with numerous spelling mistakes !! You were moaning about TRIN management long before I was here and you’ll be angry and moaning about them long after I’ve sold ... so bitching about me being critical is just plane hypocrisy from you as per usual!!!

How much have you lost in Trin so far ? Answer that before critiquing BLOE! These boards are for sharing information I also mentioned RRE Rockrose ENERGY here last year ! If you followed you’d never over 109% better off !

Please filter me as I have no reasons to engage with you again! You bring nothing to the party other than spelling mistakes !
11 May '19

I’m still up over 100% up on my original BLOE SHARES !!!
How much are you up on your original TRIN shares that you bought at 180p++?

Old gentleman’s club wasn’t a complement !

This share is stil the biggest dog in my portfolio! I have a decent average but still down by thousands ! I’ll stay for as long as I want ... neither you or anybody else is going to tell me if/ when I sell!

You’re true colours are well and truly being shown ! Nothing gentlemanly about your vitriolic snide remarks

PS: thought I was on filter ?
10 May '19

Luv ya too

I’m staying ! Get used to it
10 May '19

Bruce Dingwall and Jeremy Brindalsingh have just been awarded 1.5 million LTIP shares for the outstanding value added and their contribution to share price performance and shareholders returns.. well deserved! Congratulations!
9 May '19

I’m staying ! Get use to it! ;)
9 May '19

I see the resident investment expert has spoken! With the stench of his middle aged breath spewing bile and vitriol he tells me to “leave ASAP” and “EXIT”!! When I feel like becoming bankrupt, I’ll start taking advice from this investing guru!

I suggest you desist with your not so subtle digs! Or I’ll be responding to you in the manner that you deserve ! I have done my best to ignore your snide weaselie little digs but no more!

PS: I thought I was filtered? Hmmmm...

I’m here to stay ! Deal with it !
7 May '19


I think we’ve bumped into each other on a number of BBs! Never invested in Matad and wouldn’t go near UKOG with a barge pole...

I think it was Amerisur and Trin last time we spoke! They are the 2 dogs of my portfolio! Thank god for Rockrose Energy RRE, GKP , DGOC and Block BLOE!

I would disagree that AMER is undervalued compared to peers! Quite the opposite actually! When I say “oil & gas metric” I am talking about EV/2P reserves , EV/ flowing bbl , PE ratio and PEG ! I could argue that AMER is actually overvalued compared to peers based on those metrics! The management team over there are also grossly overpaid and highly incompetent!
7 May '19

Must say I was shocked by constant selling NTM! This is undervalued based on every O&G metric! When you take into account that they plan on increasing production by 50% YOY for next few years! I think your stated 15p target seems to undervalue the potential!
7 May '19

Mini top up for 25000 shares in 2 trades ... after the drop from 17.5p it was too good an opportunity! Should be above 20p by the time we start the next well...
4 May '19

Not going to dignify the sad little digs by a bitter old man by even giving them a second thought!

I would appreciate it if you desisted with your snide remarks !

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