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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Today 12:07

she's not an investor!
Today 07:29

It was RNS like that made me invest here over a year ago, unfortunately the BOD aren't able to do their part in monetising it. Drugs appear shot hot but the company isnt...
Wed 12:48

So the drill owner just redrills for free because they experienced issues with pressure etc. Is this a serious conversation or are you joking? Imagine the shareholders reaction to that. This is why you're filtered ,clearly not stupid tiburn but deliberately ignorant in ur posts to ramp on!
Wed 12:36

Yes I can because you arent looking at the facts from DS himself, and it would take quotes from suppliers, rig operators to offer an accurate figure so how can I? My OnG experience is all north sea so the most expensive basin in the world and of little comparison. Btw the placing cash is gone otherwise they wouldnt be issuing an RNS telling us the circa £700k monthly is paying ongoing operations and debts???? So thats been burned.

Why would we drill out a plug and then not drill into the Djeno? That is insane considering it would be a few metres down and we were told previously we hadnt actually penetrated the Djeno...

To quote Sefton in an interview a few months ago "cash is tight" so I can guarantee hes not sitting on placing cash whilst paying debt. "Cash when we need it, equity when we want it" from the same video. Why say we need cash when we dont? Think that is obvious to anyone unless hiding from reality

If theres other plans in place great! but there's no indication from the company yet and usually raising cash comes from issuing equity.
Wed 10:27

I have no idea of the cost of these items in Congo so id be guessing, but if we compare the previous drill/placing and assume the topside need reworked and the drill rig previously wasnt adequate so we need a more powerful rig to drill into Djeno. Its several million ££. Unless we wait till all SNPC cash comes in. Say in 10 months time? No thanks.
Wed 10:04

Resident experts? The same people who predicted 30p every month since 2017...
Wed 10:02

Morningsun i think youre underestimating the complexity and cost of the job at hand mate. As per previous RNs the income is being spent already without increased capex
Wed 09:28

We were told cash is tight and had companies putting documents together whilst paying the previous rig. SNPC cadh is preventing us from already placing. Drilling and topside mods takes cash burn to a different level. Or am talking pish?
Wed 08:53

And ill say again I DO NOT WANT A PLACING!! I wanted to frack mengo
Wed 08:52

Sardy - logic and experience. What did the company do last time we needed to drill when cash was low? Did we sign an imaginary JV or offtake agreement? The heading of this thread is misleading purely because DS said the wrong name in an interview.
Wed 08:18

Drewky you cant just borrow a drill rig, a team of drillers, all the gear required like seperators, mud pumps storage and probably loads more stuff I dont know about...its an expensive game. I have no agenda my average is high 9s. I wont be adding till funding is sorted and I have nothing to add atm. Too many people like to fantasise about alternative outcomes when 99 times out of 100 this is how funds are sourced on aim. How can you call it manipulation when its how aaog have raised funds since IPO. I dont even see in what world you dont expect a placing when the company has run out of cash. Also its illegal to allow a company to run out of cash while still having liabilities so they cant even just run the clock down whilst sourcing equipment. SNPC cash only goes so far.
Wed 07:00

Rig, Drill crew, process equipment and storage etc. Maybe theres other means of funding being organised, maybe theyll just raise it after the AGM resolution's passed, but its money we dont have atm. As an investor PIs should realise and accept its the most likely option, each to their own and all that but there seems to be a persistent effort to play down a placing and pretend it wont happen. Once we're producing it should be a distant memory but expect it near term
Tue 16:16

Shares can be issued pending resolutions being passed. Ive seen just recently THR take over 2 companies pending resolutions being accepted by shareholders.
Tue 14:59

Depends if they are selling placing shares... production and processing equipment is different for Djeno than Mengo, the hint was in the interview imo. I find it difficult to believe all these people are "topping up" despite this.
Tue 12:39

BB today, given that the SP hasn't stopped dropping I'm wondering if there's a few people here trying to change sentiment to sell some shares? not a peep from majority of them the past few weeks.
Tue 09:38

Watch out for d3gsy selling and trolling the BB. Give it 2 weeks ;)
Mon 16:27

I've resigned myself to the likelihood there will be a placing, if there isnt 1 it'll be a nice bonus and will lift the SP but if there was a plan for funding the completion of 103 then he'd have said. Thats why the SP wont recover because despite the rampers telling us its a bargain again everyone who is on the sidelines will see a dip (post placing) as a big buying opportunity before production. 10p "traders" were a bit early unfortunately. Its Possible we can do an equity issue for lease of a rig deal etc. Might be taken as a positive as it was over on GGP but we'll find out hopefully with the production plan.

What I would say is Sefton should have clarified the issue regarding CPR a month ago. The market has taken the cancellation of release as pooor prospects and a CPI as a workaround. Jury is out!
Mon 13:38

Skittish - Djeno is below mengo and is 1.8km offshore. That is why the depth is 2262m. Are you saying its 2262m straight down from the pad?
Mon 13:11

The Tilapia Field is 1.8km offshore of the Republic of the Congo, located in the Lower Republic of the Congo Basin. It is drilled from onshore and has production and storage facilities onshore. It is a 45 minute drive from Point Noire and 17km from the nearest refinery.

From the operations page of AAOG website.
Mon 12:41

Everyone should keep in mind you're not gambling you're investing, you bought a piece of a company and you're within your rights to hold the company directors to their statements via RNS. Its not a case of "I paid my money and took my chance" anyone attending the AGM should ask questions of the recent news releases and remember youre right to expect a return on your investment.

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