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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
Exclusive: Hardman & Co Investor Forum - Severn Trent, Calculus Capital, Volta Finance, Residential

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Today 11:55

Also asking what affect my posts have in pointing out inaccuracies or lies to a BB is crazy. The notion that anything that is positive regradless of accuracy is welcome is not only childish but is misguided and damaging to everyone. We all need to assess the variables and not just listen to thise offering confirmation bias
Today 11:48

Sardy - saying "JV negotiations are ongoing" is not fact based opinion. And Id not point it out if it weren't the same people who have repeatedly done it for over 12 months. When do we get to the point when we go, wait a minute this person has been ramping BS all this time and his "opinion" has rarely if ever occurred.
Today 09:54

Sardy just seen this what am I supposed to answer? What sort if agenda can I have or misleading info can I be spreading? Im misleading people to think for themselves and stop congratulating liars on great posts? I get MM games but what are u on about ive realised something? Dont think ive ever argued this hasnt been taken down deliberately. Selling will do that no? I am not a troll, might not write to everyones tastes but im as frustrated with the SP as everyone else is, and tired of reading lie after lie while the same people day after day dont realise the ramping serves a purpose for HNW investors and nothing else. I can say ill win the lottery every day but it makes it no more likely to happen. Wasnt it iceberg and his blog that told is the CPR was imminent etc etc. He was apparently in the know then the big sells came.
Mon 18:46

Remember when 10p was dirt cheap and everyone is topping up on the way to 300m Mcap, I think that was what the "research" showed at the time. Then we had imaginary JV holding the SP "down" at 10p. How many more stories are you guys going to thank them for because you're bored? How many people invested on the unbelievable opportunity at 9.5p? Fact is these guys have no real concern when the SP drops 30% I wonder why that is? They Dont seem to have anything but out and out positive things to say.

SP will go up when the company turns things around of that im quietly confident but the full time rampers have been selling you guys nonsense. SOMEONE sold this down it didnt drop on MM games.

So Who sold and who needed the positive sentiment to clear their position, now sitting on capital ready to trade this up on the nxt RNS.

Wise up
Mon 12:49

Out, anyone here buy their shares. Doh
Mon 11:48

A plan with dates for equipment arrival etc would be great. Funding obv is an issue but at least if we know weve got approx. timelines we can look forward to production, Hopefully this year!!
Mon 10:16

Anything is possible but you're clearly attempting to mislead everyone as per usual, i still maintain youre not an investor. "JV discussions ongoing" hardly talking about possible outcomes implying its an ongoing discussion?
Mon 09:37

Imaginary joint ventures are awesome...
Fri 19:30

Troll logic is fickle, they appear when share price falls because apparantly itll never recover lol ... If id have listened to the same logic in GGP I wouldn't have caught the 400% spike that funded this investment, they still haven't extracted anything there either! Drops are inevitable as are the rises ;) Miton still haven't reduced. Why?
Fri 14:10

If anyone was going to publicly short VAL it would have happened before it dropped to 0.2p. Maybe they see a seriously undervalued company. Its practically free shares lol
Fri 13:45

Its known in the industry that Schlumberger are the most respected oilfield services business world wide! So many uninformed people here showing too much ignorance which unfortunately for Angela et al. Makes them come across as morons! Ive came across some really intelligent traders/trolls and you can tell they're well informed. However I suspect we dont have that here.

As for Micks comments not the first time hes tried "plugging" this. Its a standard process to plug a well bore using cement. Mechanical plugs are just drilled out anyway. Schlumberger dont mess up wells by not adequately casing them Im sire if they did they'd be straight on an LSE BB to learn from the experts here lol.
Fri 12:56

Freddie didnt understand that statement? What do you mean?
Thu 12:07

she's not an investor!
Thu 07:29

It was RNS like that made me invest here over a year ago, unfortunately the BOD aren't able to do their part in monetising it. Drugs appear shot hot but the company isnt...
Wed 12:48

So the drill owner just redrills for free because they experienced issues with pressure etc. Is this a serious conversation or are you joking? Imagine the shareholders reaction to that. This is why you're filtered ,clearly not stupid tiburn but deliberately ignorant in ur posts to ramp on!
Wed 12:36

Yes I can because you arent looking at the facts from DS himself, and it would take quotes from suppliers, rig operators to offer an accurate figure so how can I? My OnG experience is all north sea so the most expensive basin in the world and of little comparison. Btw the placing cash is gone otherwise they wouldnt be issuing an RNS telling us the circa 700k monthly is paying ongoing operations and debts???? So thats been burned.

Why would we drill out a plug and then not drill into the Djeno? That is insane considering it would be a few metres down and we were told previously we hadnt actually penetrated the Djeno...

To quote Sefton in an interview a few months ago "cash is tight" so I can guarantee hes not sitting on placing cash whilst paying debt. "Cash when we need it, equity when we want it" from the same video. Why say we need cash when we dont? Think that is obvious to anyone unless hiding from reality

If theres other plans in place great! but there's no indication from the company yet and usually raising cash comes from issuing equity.
Wed 10:27

I have no idea of the cost of these items in Congo so id be guessing, but if we compare the previous drill/placing and assume the topside need reworked and the drill rig previously wasnt adequate so we need a more powerful rig to drill into Djeno. Its several million . Unless we wait till all SNPC cash comes in. Say in 10 months time? No thanks.
Wed 10:04

Resident experts? The same people who predicted 30p every month since 2017...
Wed 10:02

Morningsun i think youre underestimating the complexity and cost of the job at hand mate. As per previous RNs the income is being spent already without increased capex
Wed 09:28

We were told cash is tight and had companies putting documents together whilst paying the previous rig. SNPC cadh is preventing us from already placing. Drilling and topside mods takes cash burn to a different level. Or am talking pish?

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