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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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6 Apr '19

With a new 20000 limit in ISAs today could Monday signal the start of some major buying as uf all the drill planned by JW and Amerisur were to happen I can not see this being 20p or below come October or November. Come Monday let all the buying begin again. When we were 17p JW said he could not believe how cheaper this share was. Heaven knws what he is thinking at 13.5p, Question is can we trust JW and if we can then Hold as come the end of the year 2019 with all the news due this will be well into the 30ps or 40ps
5 Apr '19

... but I believe it will come June and July onwards - looking forward to 25p, 30p + by end of year
5 Apr '19

LT should still see a good return though. Can't see us at 16p in December 2019
5 Apr '19

Two big sells of nearly 40K. Could Invesco Fund Manager have sold out leaving the sellers out of the game at the beginning of the new year on Monday?
5 Apr '19

Just over 1 hour left to fulfill ISAs for 2018/2019 and the

Monday I wonder will results also how many people will be scrabbling to move a ful ISA into AMER. Will the market drop hard on Monday am to let people put as many units in or what. Any clues? Looking forward to next week and not only the beginning of the new year but also what will results show?
5 Apr '19

Recently, the spread is getting more and more narrow. With the new year on Monday together with results are we getting ready for lift off. I can see alot of people filling up ISAs very quickly on Monday morning.
4 Apr '19

............... of the year, so I wonder how things will pan out before the beginning of the new year on Monday?
4 Apr '19

Brent going higher, come on Amerisur
4 Apr '19

Oil going up qucikly after hours and just about to breach $70pb
4 Apr '19

This share price is ridiculously low - what on earth is happening with Amerisur?
4 Apr '19

How many shares left to clear?
31 Mar '19

A nice steady rise of 3 - 5% would be lovely. The 16.37% fall on Tuesday was followed by -0.71% and -1.86% followed by a 1.46% on a volume of 5,670,908, so waner if people are backing the stock an see if we can get close to 16p before Friday
31 Mar '19

I fear this is not going to happen but I firmly feel this will bounce next week as if the price was over done and the news has been digested we could hit 16p next week. May be a shrewd move by JW ashe knew he would find nothing so continued to see if it was worth continuing in the area.

How far is Indico from the duster and how can they been sure of guarenteed oil? It can not be too much longer before results of the well are announced and maybe the results of this well will trigger the move into the 20p's.. My only concern at the moment are for more dusters and broken promises or is JW actually going to deliver what he has laid out. I would be amazed if no oil was found this year and would like to see at least double the current sp of 13.75p but the end of the year.

To say 27.5p can't be unreasonablel target for Dec 2019 can it?
30 Mar '19

Are you showing the sp this time next year?
30 Mar '19

$67.58 per barrel. 
29 Mar '19

So at the moment 14p, what would Indico add to the sp, assuming no duster.
29 Mar '19

Your point ?

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