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7 May '19

A rare site not offen seen here lately.....sp in the blue...hopefully just the start of the move back up...been a long time coming. Any sustained positiveness here should see the sp move back up very quickly imo. Holding and hoping
29 Apr '19

I agree things can take time and Newmont have been distracted i would agree, however Newmont paid over 5p a share and the sp is below 3p. It has been on a pretty much constant downtrend since Newmont got on board. Volume here is pitiful. The spread is crazy at times. There has been very little drilling news for months on end so i feel, like many i'm sure, rather let down by the OMI board about the present state of affairs here.
29 Apr '19

Yet again the share keeps dropping. Absolute crap since Newmont got on board here. If it were up me, i would probably sack the whole board. Very poor decision making from them has seemingly left shareholders with such a poor investment since the initial Newmont hype. Pityful volume and the last trade of 100k was from Friday and actually looks like a buy. Will hold however long it takes for this to turnaround but such a lack of news from OMI regarding drilling is definitely very poor comms from them and provides very little faith in their handling of things
28 Apr '19

Agree. OMI management get paid irrespective but this lack of movement from Newmont is detrimental to shareholders. I do think the OMI board do have an obligation to shareholders and it is time for some answers from the board as to why things are dragging on for so long. This lack of movement demonstrates OMI's lack of consideration for shareholders imo. Hopefully this present stagnation will change very soon. Here's hoping
24 Apr '19

Just a matter of time for Newmont to start drilling. They have taken their time, i guess due to other factors not really related to OMI. Won't be much longer imo so won't be in bottom draw for much longer....Once the positive news starts to roll out, i expect the sp to liven up very quickly. When a share has been languishing at it's lows for so long, a spark of positivity can do wonders for it
24 Apr '19

Seems no interest either way so i think it has bottomed. Volume very low and not many posts. So for me this is now at rock bottom imo. There has ben a complete lack of positive news for the sp pretty much since Newmont got on board here all those months ago but i do think the time is now to buy imo. Will try and top up tomorrow as i can't really see the sp going much lower. That is the chances are much higher imo of a move back up now. Always a risk with aim but high risk = high reward in time
23 Apr '19

Old article. Had me wondering for a while. My general understanding is that OMI will be mining in a generally positive political region so there should be no issues regarding drilling. So just a matter of time before Newmont start drilling, Getting ever closer. Could happen any time imo. Holding patiently
17 Apr '19

Agree Bhargav. Positive changes happening though at a slower pace than i expected. OMI will come back to life in due course. Just a game of patience. When OMI comes out of it's coma, the sp should move back up very quickly imo
14 Apr '19

Also lost out on both of those myself ezlee87 and many others including GGP hence my decision to give up chasing shares that seem to be moving up. Failed too many times and now will just wait for OMI to do it's thing. Not worth the stress and grief of constantly losing out. I do believe we are now so close to seeing OMI come to life. We have waited many months since Newmont got on board here but our time will come.
13 Apr '19

Maybe things will move ahead with omi finally. Fingers crossed.
12 Apr '19

Ironically this downtrend has allowed me to get more shares than i anticipated. The longer the wait, the more downwards pressure on the share and so i'll just buy more at lower levels. I'm confident this will come good eventually and when the sp does start responding positively, i expect a swift move back up closer to the 10p mark just for starters. With aim, my strategy is just to buy low on good potential shares such as OMI and just wait for the move back up. Won't bother trying to chase rainbows anymore.
12 Apr '19

Have to say fed up with constant delay here as the sp gets eroded away....seems omi management are happy with the long as they get their wage then no problem for faith in them is pretty much non existent now....stuck here for now but will just keeping topping up if the sp falls to the lower 2s....eventually this will come good imo despite the long delay
11 Apr '19

In the red again by a small amount. Very slow progress here. So much initial anticipation but after months of waiting nothing positve here to date. Very disappointing. Really wish OMI and Newmont would bring out some postive news here for the sp. Been dragging on for way too long in the doldrums. Still holding with the mind that the sp will move up eventually and come out of this long downwards trend.
8 Apr '19

Bought in for the longer term a few weeks ago and now in the red. Typical for me. Seems so much negativity towards this share at the moment and justified i feel. However i do think this will come good later down the line but at the moment the sp in just in a downwards trend. Will buy more later when funds avaialble at lower levels if possible. Seems many aim shares will have cycles of up and down moves so looking to just keep buying till the up cycle begins, however long that is. Better to just buy when shares are unloved and just wait for the inevitable upturn imo
1 Apr '19

Agree Professor1. Just the beginning of good things to come here. Some good news finally. Newmont are dictating the pace. They have paid up so clearly still interested so we just have to wait. Alot of patience needed here but this will be big in due course imo. Uraguay also looking positive. So all in all things are happening and moving in the right direction.
22 Mar '19

Looks like the buy volume is more than the sell volume yet the sp is down. Go figure. Will never understand the dynamics of aim. No logical sense what so ever. Newmont have invested for a reason here and the market cap is beyond a joke. Omi must be a target for other big players with a market cap as low as it is and the prospects in Columbia. Sp has to be worth 10p + imo even as a low ball offer. Just a tortuous waiting game it seems
22 Mar '19

May well happen the way things are going. Will buy more in the low 2s if funds available and if it goes to that level. Expecting this will come good eventually so aiming to buy as many as i can at lower levels. The market cap is getting ridiculously low day by day. Something will give anytime imo and expecting a big move back up when news about the present state of affairs comes out
22 Mar '19

Lack of news is killing the sp. Really think things will happen here but people are just selling as maybe getting fed up of the wait. People selling now maybe throwing the towel in and taking a loss imo.
21 Mar '19

No trades showing today unless on NEX, massive spread, no news coming from OMI management about drilling, sp on a constant downwards sustained trend. This is getting very tiresome. Really think OMI management should come out with some news regarding the state of affairs here. This has been dragging on for way too long without news. Very poor comms from OMI for way too long. Still holding and staying the distance but getting so fed up with the same cr@p day after day here
18 Mar '19

Puts our scabbles on these boards into perspective.....always sad when someone passes away....

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