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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Last Posted: 14 May '19

14 May '19

Dear OFAH, you seem to forget that LC suggested buying DEBENHAMS back in the day. I for one am very happy I did not take this advice and held on to my VOD. A 20% capital loss and a reduced divi is much better than 100% capital loss and no divi.
18 Apr '19

and two months after all that, another all time high! Cheers to all holders!
1 Feb '19

May 2015
FTSE 7000
VOD 250

February 2019
FTSE 7000
VOD 130
28 Jan '19

Yes, I have given up and will not buy any more. I am not selling the ones I have, I've just kind of written them off and anything I recover from the dividend as long as its being paid is a profit.
4 Dec '18

Hi Dinoken, it seems the ''Change: -110.60 (-6.82%)'' that we can see above in our screens is wrong, it might refer to yesterday, not today.
GSK was indeed steady today, taken fron the London Stock Exchange official site:
Price (GBX) 1,511.00
Var % (+/-) +0.87% (Up +13.00)
High 1,522.20
Low 1,499.60
4 Dec '18

I expected further falls today but the sp holds positive despite being a bad day for the markets. Changed my mind and bought a few hundred shares back in case the SP holds these levels, then we can see a lot higher. GLA
3 Dec '18

has just started, target 1200s spring 2019
3 Dec '18

why? very disappointing share :(
12 Nov '18

Exactly! And do not forget DEB !!!
12 Oct '18

I hold lots of VOD but I would still be surprised if the divi is maintained!
12 Oct '18

My last buy was a tranche of ULVR, cannot make myself throw any more money at VOD no matter how cheap it seems. I still believe it will recover in the long run, however I am afraid we have to forget VOD at least for a year or two.
5 Oct '18

OK technically that Tesco accounting thing was fraud, but not the kind of total fraud that brings the whole company down and is well organised and administered throughout the company itself (Enron or Parmalat style)
Tesco can be a possible long term investment, but is very low in the list of companies I am looking as potential buys for the near future ot for the next market correction.
5 Oct '18

tesco: the 'fraud' there was not the real fraud I mean, it was rather some accounting methods - the company still had infrastructure, stores, drivers, production, stocks of goods etc

carillion; the whole sector smells of 'fraud' to me; they owned nothing and trade nothing for nothing, all this outsourcing thing, getting some contract and then getting some other people to perform it.

take mick s post from the carillion board to explain how it works

Three contractors are asked to bid to refurbish the fence at 10 Downing Street.
One contractor is from Birmingham, another is from Liverpool, and the third is from London. All three meet with a civil servant in Downing Street.

The Brummie contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures and says, "I figure the job will run about �900. �400 for materials, �400 for my crew, and �100 profit for me."

The Scouse contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says. "I can do this job for �700. �300 for materials, �200 for my crew, and �200 profit for me."

The bloke from London doesn't bother to do any measuring or calculations; he just leans over to the civil servant and whispers, "I'll do it for �2,700."

The civil servant is understandably incredulous, and says, "You didn't even measure like the others ! How did you come up with such a high estimate ?"
The London bloke whispers back, ��1000 for me, �1000 for you, and we hire the guy from Liverpool to do the job." "Done!" replies the civil servant.

Now do you see how Carillion went under, leaving the taxpayer with the bills ?
5 Oct '18

they don't know their arse from their elbow; the city are notorious of mispricing companies throughout the years
5 Oct '18

the divident cut is fine, it is only temporary if the company is ok and not fraud
to avoid the fraud is the most important of all, and i have always done over the decades
but because no one is perfect and fraud could still happen 1 in a billion ... so we do not put all the money in 1 company.
so even if vod is free money i will not break the rules to sell other winning or losing holdings or bonds just to buy vod and have all the money in vod. this as a general investment rule
5 Oct '18

indeed the choice is excellent if vodafone does not go into administration and continues to pay dividend then it does not to bounce back to be a successful investment, the success can come just from collecting the dividend
5 Oct '18

no, but Tesco is not sth that will go completely bankrupt or stop dividends in the long run, so still suitable good investment to hold.
The most important thing is, not to buy fraud and avoid delisting, Dealt with countless companies, never got bankruptcy/delisting once in my life. And I ve been through the .com and financial crashes in the last 2 decades
5 Oct '18

lol none of us would want to work for a fund i guess!
it is better not to be accountable to anyone else for your investment choices. as long as the money is yours and you have not borrowed it or need it for working capital/living expenses then you can do what you want
5 Oct '18

Exactly! I also want to add that some companies I buy and hold forever, and will not sell even if in huge profit, just because they are steady dividend payers during the years.

And to come back to what Mrd said, I also agree because if you pick good companies that will not go bankrupt because of fraud (enron carillion etc) then you are guaranteed to get your money back as long as you ve got the balls and the patience
5 Oct '18

Main thing to learn is, never let a running loss exceed 20% of what a return should bring. Markets dynamic so you work around that rule per investment, and be ok




Had I done that during 2008-2009 I would have lost EVERYTHING

I experienced huge paper losses similar to the ones referred to by Mrd holding loads of stuff through the 2008-09 storm but then after a couple of years I was in good profit, not just break even

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