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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake Watch Now

TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Fri 11:35

Roger that, Jack and share your view on the potential here, all being well...sasa.
Fri 09:44

Jack - it always takes a short while (15 mins or so) for the Mm's to put in their bid and offer prices from 8am onwards, so a wide spread is almost inevitable until things settle down.

Attempting to deal within those opening minutes, therefore, can easily lead to a poor exe. price, more often than not; I usually wait until both sides of the order book are filled, if that helps - sasa.
Wed 16:17

Yes, agreed, macaumike - silver is a much smaller mkt than gold and because of that, it tends to emulate the trend in gold much faster in either direction. The present AG/ AU ratio of 90 odd overtly indicates that silver offers the better upside potential right now - sasa.
Tue 10:46

Echo that, CF73 and ors supporting TDT's contributions on here - not that he needs defending.

He puts in an awful lot of work in what he posts and information, positive or negative, is always better to have than not. His approach is refreshing, being neither ramping nor de-ramping - just clinical and it helps to keep things in perspective - sasa.
Mon 19:04

It would be better for us, though, to add to our limited oil production rather than yet more gas to balance up our energy source mix, I'd have thought.

Then again, if the price is right and structured along similar lines to the BKR deal, taking advantage of a depressed gas price might prove quite timely looking ahead...sasa.
Mon 10:17

Well, Silver certainly should do even better, relative to Gold, bonker, given the AG / AU ratio is now on 90 - the highest I've seen it in a very long time - sasa.
5 Jun '19

This bb seems to be all but dead; only ericeric and I seem to follow this periodically.

The next results, hopefully, will garner some interest in this near unique share. I notice that one broker has consistently rated EAH a firm 'buy' with a t/p of 725p which would be nice to see it move higher from here even part of the way towards that sort of level - hope springs....sasa.
5 Jun '19

Hi arsenal - no, I never short any share (don't believe in it) - just sayin' that talk of the sp having 'bottomed' right now looks a bit premature, post the figs, that's all...

Was in this before but after the 'blue passport' fiasco, I sold and sustained a loss but am now looking to get back in. Not trying to talk it lower, either ( no individual on here can be that influential) - just trying to gauge a more timely re-entry point which might yet be seen, as my previous post suggested - sasa.
4 Jun '19

Despite Crystal Amber adding recently and thus 'talking its own book' after the precipitous fall of the sp, one needs to be mindful of the short term pressures applicable here, too. Despite holding the dividend rate currently ( xd on 4th July) the 16.7p ps distribution is only 75% covered by earnings, so a significant cut in the payout must be expected next time.

Also, the forecast of 'continuing pressures' for this year doesn't inspire in the short term, so a decent rally in the sp looks a few weeks away yet. Often, a reliable upturn is only seen once a feared dividend reduction is announced to get that concern out of the way, along with the subsequent trading update to 'clear the air', so a sustainable rally seems premature at this stage and caution looks the more prudent approach right now.

Yes, DLAR looks vulnerable to another approach at some point, possibly soon but not, I suspect, until the present misgivings are confirmed or otherwise; meanwhile a move below the 300p level until then wouldn't surprise me at all, fwiw - sasa.
4 Jun '19

Yep - they're merely gaining exposure to the new constituents of the MSCI small cap index to closely mirror its performance and when the gas price, especially, picks up again / further news from SQZ is released, the sp will reflect that to advantage - sasa.
31 May '19

Yep, agree with that, rxdav - sell off the drag of the insurance side to help with the prospective funding of the two new ships.

Then, SAGA might be back to nearer its roots (holidays / cruises etc.,) and that should see a sustained recovery, at last. Trouble is, management can't address 'grasping the nettle' here with LB in charge. His departure would certainly accelerate the upturn which is long overdue here - hopefully an 'activist investor' will get involved to effect the remedy - sasa.
29 May '19

Yep, the hefty U/T last night after several days of unusual activity is explained by the MSCI news and it's a positive for us, certainly, (increased exposure etc.,) although not indicative of anything else going on - not yet, anyway - sasa.
21 May '19

'Decent H1 numbers' in the event, as you say, rivaldo, (IFRS / compensation costs notwithstanding) although not that exciting, I thought.

Margins are holding up well, though and the possible hiving off of the BtR division might result in a separate distribution of that component to shareholders which is interesting. That sector of the industry is increasingly appealing right now...

H2 is invariably more 'punchy' so a 'firm hold' for me, fwiw - sasa.
16 May '19

the H/Y results are out next Tuesday, 21st, I believe and they should be good - sasa.
16 May '19

Thanks for these informative updates, rivaldo - much appreciated - sasa.
15 May '19

Yes, it's the ITV Studios back catalogue / current production hits content that's the 'jewel in the crown' here which might yet tempt a bidder for it (Liberty Global still has a 10% + stake, I believe) - this is what the likes of Netflix and other 'streamers' need for their 'supply side' - not the dross shows nor the declining revenues from TV ads.

Today's price seems too focussed on the latter, I reckon, whereas the desirable content element isn't valued much at all seemingly until, that is, someone makes a move for it. Whether that will be for the entire or just the considerable Studios asset remains to be seen - either way, the odds favour someone taking advantage of the depressed sp before too long.

With this in mind, I'm a firm holder currently; if we're not yet in the basement, we're certainly on the ground floor, imv - sasa.
7 May '19

When a poster makes a definitive statement like that, NewK, I want to know what he's referring to, just in case I've missed something. If your assumption is correct, then it's a 'non -event' certainly but always worth enquiring about, nevertheless.

I might be gullible in responding to his provocative comment but I never take things for granted with any investment, especially on AIM - been in this game too long for that - sasa.
7 May '19

What 'new cash LIABILITIES, pray tell? - sasa.
3 May '19

Yep, bonker - it's mkt rigging by any other name! The Fed's been at it for years and the only way to kill it off is for the buyers of the put options they regularly issue to suppress the price are bought to hold for physical delivery rather than just for trading purposes.
An 87:1 AG / AU ratio is the highest I've seen in a very long time, so maybe we're near the bottom now? - sasa.
3 May '19

Yep - I have to agree, unfortunately. The costs could be substantial and run on for a long time and the reputational damage will be considerable, too.

Just shows how the inept concentration on excessive pay awards rather than running a good ship will cost shareholders as well in the end, so I'm out as well - sasa.

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