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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Thu 18:04

have a look at mikey`s comments post results..he hopes for POO remaining high to weed out the sector weaklings..
I hope he had his tongue in his cheek. The sector big boys are well hedged anyway.
Thu 17:04

the sector up.. :) I may have missed my "sub nine" moment which is better than sub 10 but could not buy today anyway.Funds available tomorrow so monitoring.If I buy tomorrow will be 90% RYA and 10% EZJ. Giving WIZZ and IAG a miss for now,which usually means a huge rise for them GL.
Thu 17:00

you have my sympathy.I suffered greatly when 33,and have occasional relapses but do not take medication other than some beer...One or the other will get me..I think the main thing is to talk to friends and family ,if you have any!And try ,(something I learned late in life) to focus on others and their problems not your own. It's an unpleasant world when all you can hear is your own brain talking to you in a huge black hole...Always remember, it will get better!
Thu 15:21

no good taking a moderate view ,the BOD are about their own business and care not a jot for ordinary shareholders. I warned that any group with a decent % would probably be offset by Buying from elsewhere designed to keep the status Quo.
I cannot attend the AGM but no doubt the BOD are confident all motions will go through.Grrr.
Thu 14:37

providing you CAN tie the money up for a while you have made a wise decision imo. You could easily double your money in two years.Maybe sooner.A while back many were buying circa ten and all made profits, some huge.. GL.
I`ll be buying a few of each tomorrow and then that will be it...I think!
No one ,unless they are an algorhythmic hybrid! ever finds the absolute bottom. Why worry. The non share alternatives, other than property offer so little. Even property looks to be fraught with impending problems. Law changes ,Landlord tax rises,etc..My accountant wrote to me recently to remind me if you sell a rented property next year you attract a large amount of tax.Grrr..
Thu 14:27

try "Hortas" in Sao Bras locality,north of Faro ,if you are in the area. Even a big eater will not need to break the bank.Beautiful lamb skewers..
Thu 14:09

I like the links in Porto to the Napoleonic wars.(just a hobby) The mother in law has a place in the Algarve ,got a pool ,big garden,etc and set back in the country,but all mod cons and a "Lidl" down the road lol.
Love the place,much prefer it to Spain and the Portuguese are our oldest allies. Half a year in Cornwall and Winter in the Algarve would be perfect. Even the local rates/taxes etc are much less than UK. (unless you run a big car)
If you have Spanish you can be understood and soon pick up Portuguese.Pace of life is slow,much like Greece.
OK thats the end of my rant for the Portuguese Tourist Board!
I do hope the football in the summer involving England will result in good behaviour not brudy drunken morons disgracing themselves..
Thu 13:12

Remarkable to have full books during Max8 gate.Of course Boeing are not a one plane company.I`m wondering if the max`s might be a little cheaper in the future until the world regains confidence?
Thu 13:07

Good point but I wonder apart from ridiculous debate has anything changed in our/your life since the vote to leave?I mean apart from shareprices and panic...Has employment gone down overall? is milk dearer to buy? etc.. It seems to me the reality has already been overshadowed by the hype and scare stories.Brexit has become the new climate warning for those making a name for themselves. :)
Thu 13:01

We don`t all live in Villamoura! I can assure you out in the country surrounding Sao Bras,in the Algarve, you can get all the quality meat and salads, I can eat anyway. beautifully cooked for the said 20euro.You will know, if you know the country that the house red in Portugal is very good.They export very little of it and keep it for home consumption.I`ve never had a bad one.
The only unreasonable expense out there imo is Golf.Flocking dear unless you get a deal and considering wages are lower than here in Cornwall somewhat inexplicaple.
Thu 12:55

er..sold to us and bye the way it was dopey Broon who sold our gold reserves for a tenth of what their worth today.The sad thing is young voters do not realise that the labour mob will have the country bankrupt in five years in the unlikely event of them getting in.

Please do not tell me you left because of thatcher!Maybe you left because of massive taxes due under the socialists!
Thu 10:55

yep! Great meal for two with a litre of fine wine in Portugal 20 euros..and the fags are cheap too! lol.And thats from a Cornwall resident..I just wish they flew all year round from NQY
Thu 10:52

in a horrible year for rya with ATC probs and strikes and unionisation they made a Billion euros (minus Lauda set up costs) It`s good Nicky`s name will live on after his sad death.I remember that epic duel with Hunt and some incredible bravery by him and his fellow drivers in those days.R.I.P NL. Monaco will be an emotional occasion this year.
Thu 10:48

moved some emergency cash out of our isa`s to have a little punt. Probably in EZJ! Yes I know..Having said it`s a buy under`s hard to resist and I`m already fully loaded with RYA.Based on the fact that over the last 10 years both airlines chart have crisscrossed multiple up the other down and vice versa..If one is hit by strikes then the other gains etc...Will wait until tomorrow when the cash clears.Hopefully get sub 9.

Mikey`s comments do reveal his ruthless business brain.Hoping for high POO! lol.I`d hate to play poker with him.
One thing puzzles me.Both airlines jet and rya and for that matter Wizz constantly show increased passenger numbers indicating healthy demand curve.Why then do ticket prices have to keep falling?It`s against the basic rules of economics even taking into account rising costs and consolidation.I hope mikeys quest for world domination do not blind him to basic profitability in the short term.
Thu 09:59

No idea re VOG.Just glad I got out years ago!It`s a shame all those hopes years ago have almost vanished.
Wed 18:51

I know the pub well in the church end of Paglesham Essex.Jamie is a decent hearted fellow but maybe takes on too much sometimes.His Gran (Tiger) was a legend.He will not starve...
Wed 18:47

not so bad.The jet taking a nearly 6% fall! Remarkable. Be good if John Camembert could go on there and explain why? with his depth of experience and knowledge.

My own view is it`s cruddy out there for airlines so RYA is the best equipped to ride out the storm.Maybe IAG can rely on it`s business class regulars to keep them going.Any marginal tiddlers are probably already in trouble.
Staying above ten is now an achievement!
As for Teresa , she was installed by the 22 committee to basically thwart the they use her as a whipping boy/girl.It was ever thus.The euro elections will be interesting,the only clear protest among about 15 candidates is the brexit party.I suspect many will jump on that wagon.The tories are in a hell of a mess and need a strong leader.Sadly none seem to exist.Boris might have had a chance if he had not spent so much time on Have I got news for you!
Wed 13:03

for eg the 20% pilot rise will be Ruthlessly garnered elsewhere ,for eg airport rates.As Mikey says they are queueing up to get RYA business.I doubt anyone will get near their low costs advantage despite unionisation.EZJ have had troubles with Unite before.None lately.Once those MAX 8`s start kicking in by say, end of next year? and another buyback next year there will be less than a billion shares in issue,none in treasury,and costs will be falling again.

When you have a fleet of 450 aircraft you get looked after ..
Wed 09:41

almost like he had his tongue firmly in the cheek."please do not buy ,we want them as cheap as we can get them!)

I`d love to add but need the cash for renovations next door.We might have a small dabble.

Good luck with the surgery pal.You are not missing any fish trust me!

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