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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Sun 14:33

ineed2know: Broadly agree with that synopsis - particularly about the 'trust' (or lack of it element - to be more precise) and most definitely about Captain America following DL out of the gate (now there is somebody I don't think anyone who has been around ANGS more than five minutes would trust as far as they could throw him (and with one arm tied behind their back)). I'm slowly warming to GL - but still concerned it was the former that brought in the latter. However, above all else at this juncture we need news - the positive variety - and soon.
IMO etc.
Wed 09:41

Crikey - the drop is relentless - 15% now.
Wed 08:26

11% down - bit of a bloodbath at the moment
Wed 08:21

Going down - hard - near 8% as I type
17 Jun '19

CarlThat: This is ANGS - only notable change of late has been delete PV, insert GL - with a (definite, maybe) promise of 'keeping shareholders informed' - yep, and mine's a 12 incher !!
Don't get me wrong - I am way too deep in here for comfort and would be delighted to be proved overly cynical - but I currently have recent reality on my side (unfortunately)!? One thing's for sure - (and hope I'm not tempting fate here?) - up does seem the only direction available - hopefully !?!?
IMO etc.
17 Jun '19

Woodstock1970: Your 'suspension' bottoming out on a rough road can be painful - many parallels there with SAGA!!
Been watching since 130p+ (was in briefly at that time) - thought 40p was the buy in but (like you) still wary - and sure enough here we are having already seen 35/36p. At least that utter tit LB has been fired (sorry 'retired') - personally, would have preferred gunfire at dawn (LoL) - as he thoroughly deserved having presided with brass neck over the catastrophe which has been SAGA now for a year or so. Will continue to watch methinks - certainly until the news (dire or otherwise) comes out on Wednesday (if it can be believed that is - unlike in prior iterations?).
IMO etc.
17 Jun '19

leepinglemming: I doubled up at 4p (first time around - seems so long ago now I can barely remember) - but like you feeling exposed as a consequence. Reminding me of the utter shambles that was/is AST does nothing to reassure me either - LoL. Been there, done that - a bloody nightmare!!
IMO etc.
17 Jun '19

inrhubarb: I doubled up and got down to 10p - but remember, not everybody has the nerve and/or will and/or money to do that - and given the recent track record of ANGS you really couldn't blame them.
IMO etc.
17 Jun '19

True - just another 250% and I break even - and I'm one of the lucky ones (allegedly) at 10p average (having averaged down from 25p). God help the poor sods who couldn't or wouldn't average down from 20+/25+/30+? All too easy to forget where this once was - and not that long ago either - until PV and bloody Captain (which well?) America totally screwed it up between them. Lucan gets benefit of doubt from me for now - but I wouldn't trust Tids as far as I could throw him (and anyone who's been around here for more than five minutes will likely tell you similar)IMO etc.
17 Jun '19

Can get a quote to buy and sell on HL ?
13 Jun '19

LoL WGR - I'm currently about 30k's south of Alicante in an extremely civilised abode (well away from the 'Full English breakfast and a pint of larger crew' (all more tattoos than teeth eh?)). It's 25 degrees, rising to 29 on Saturday (still pissing down and freezing in UK I hear?) - just knocking back an amazing and dirt cheap Rioja. Blimey I hate Spain - honest !! ROFL
12 Jun '19

dunderhead: Nice to hear from you again - hope the new job is working out well (maybe not so new now?). IOG - well - I have declared I'll await 25p (my average) and sell out - just hope it gets there eventually as I refuse to average down in a company where I no longer trust the BoD (and with good reason) - but that's my call. Fortunately, I'm not in too deep - and won't be going deeper. ATB.
IMO etc.
12 Jun '19

alligator: As you'll likely know already - very rarely on AIM is no news good news - but happy to be proved wrong.

12 Jun '19

Clarification: Announcement of him leaving that is - I suppose he could be going out in a blaze of glory - but if you believe that.................. !?!?!?

12 Jun '19

Harry: Have to concur that LB leaving just before results does not give me a warm feeling - will not be buying prior given the number of uncertainties now in play - which (should) be clarified soon.

12 Jun '19

Still trying to find a bottom - I couldn't even guess at this stage.
12 Jun '19

Not before bloody time either - I've only been saying this for a year (check my history) - my one regret is it isn't 'with immediate effect' !!

His departure had become virtually a pre-requisite for an improvement at SAGA - and consequent SP.

11 Jun '19

Or is it the signal to bring LB to the wall (dawn is often favoured - but in his case any time will do - just make it soon - please!)

11 Jun '19

Well that's 40p gone - is that the signal for a rise - or not?

Answers on a postcard...............
9 Jun '19

ross: 'Not really - I can see what it might do for sentiment, particularly if it is presented in a certain way.....'. Call me old fashioned - but isn't sentiment the principle driver here on AIM? Depends if you're a serious LTH (in which case any initial SWP news/activity will inevitably settle into a longer term (lower) but more stable SP (post spike) - offering two options really. Assuming success (without which all bets are off) it offers a spike for weaker holders to exit (whilst also potentially attracting new money to enter) and/or a better medium to long term SP base for current holders. I really don't think we have a serious disagreement here - it's more about priorities and timing - eventual desired outcomes (a successful SWP project - plus maybe further acquisitions in this and/or other jurisdiction/s) seem the same?

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