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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment | Watch Now

Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
Richard Slape, Oil consultant - Avoiding Losers and Picking Winners, his personal strategy

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13 Mar '19

Just think of the fun you can have explaining the road map on your abdomen to the ladies - "And this is where Ernst Stavro Blofeld lunged at my heart and missed." Glad to hear your news, Pdub!
6 Mar '19

Signed - 2174
3 Mar '19

Thanks for your wishes, Tyfoon. I got diagnosed with tonsil cancer(!) on New Years Eve. Currently exactly halfway through my chemo- and radiotherapy after having surgery just before Christmas. So far, so good, still upright, above room temperature and managing to eat normally, still going to work four days a week. The outlook seems to be good!
2 Mar '19

I'll take all the help I can get!
1 Mar '19

RK, great post. I just thought I'd put my tuppence-worth in. I'm nearly at the age where I can think about retirement and a share price above 60p would nail that on for me. My health was delivered a body-blow on New Year's Eve and as I have been a big strong healthy git all my life, that came as a big surprise. For the past 30 years I have worked in computing and that begins to pall a little. More recently I have been driving for a living as a bit of a sabbatical. It's great fun but not lucrative and I'd like to go back to the dump trucks when health allows. I am not a man of great vision or ambition, sadly. A quasi-retirement would probably see me indulge in two things that I would enjoy - gliding and small-scale mechanical engineering and prototyping. As things stand, I have to drip a few shillings out of my ISA every month to prop up my income. I have held most of my shares from my October 2013 initial start, though. My plan is to hold as many shares for as long as health and funds allow, but I won't let that get in the way of doing my own thing - which will be largely dictated by personal circumstances. You may all rest assured that I too would view a takeover bid under a pound as derisory, however!

GLA, Bushwhackers, here's to ambition!
28 Feb '19

Very pleased to have you back amongst us, enjoy your Weetabix!
27 Feb '19

When I seconded the EIC, it was only because I'd been there. If someone had said the Institute of Directors, I'd have seconded that too for the same reason. They're only bricks and mortar at the end of the day and "To the pure, all things are pure." I'd still meet in the EIC, history notwithstanding. If we took history that seriously, we should be thinking about levelling most of London on the basis of how the money to build it was obtained. As a previous poster said, before it becomes something it isn't, I will be happy to meet and eat anywhere where the food isn't trying to kill me. My last word on this.
26 Feb '19

East India Club is fine for me, have dined there with my Uncle in the past.
26 Feb '19

I'm up for it, anywhere, any time after March 22nd (end of radiotherapy) except last week of April.
24 Feb '19

Many thanks for that, Ophidian.
21 Feb '19

... straits ...
21 Feb '19

That's great news, RK! Best wishes to Claire and to you, also to Knuttie and Liz, not forgetting Pdub and all others in similar straights.
18 Feb '19

Best wishes for tomorrow, Pdub! Look forward to hearing from you shortly.
15 Feb '19

For the roads, I will drive their dump trucks. For the electricity, I will tend their gensets. Can't do a lot for their water, sadly :-(
13 Feb '19

That's great news, RichKen. Best wishes for Claire's speedy recovery! Don't forget to take time for yourself wherever you can steal it. All the very best to you both.
9 Feb '19

As of today I hold 475,408 BMN shares in an ISA (and considerably more in a SIPP). The ISA shares owe me nothing, in fact, they have actually paid me 3,355.74. Within reason, I don't care much about the SP. I am always going to be 3,355.74 in profit at the least. I'm waiting for the divis on my free shares :-)
6 Feb '19

Much appreciated, Ophidian. I'd like more if more is to be had.
5 Feb '19

I think I'd dodge a 0.5m dia magnetite boulder, even in an ADT.
5 Feb '19

In that case I stand corrected. I can't speak for SA but in the UK it is ultimately the truck driver's responsibility to decide when he is fully laden. I imagine magnetite to be a very heavy load by comparison with, say, sand, which is what I was last carrying. A 40t load of magnetite might well only occupy two-thirds of a skip in that case. Perhaps the digger and truck drivers have come to a modus vivendi on truck loading....
5 Feb '19

I'm qualified to drive Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) and in fact that's what I was doing all of last October. The last one I drove had a 40t payload and weighed 74t all up. Let me tell you that the digger drivers will usually pile it on until it's running over the sides. The first couple of bumps will take care of the excess.... The picture in the mine visit report looks staged to me, as if the truck was stationary - there's no dust from the wheels and dust I would expect in spades! You're right about the tyres, they are expensive, but they can take a lot of abuse as well.

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