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16 May '19

you say you were quoting SP. People dont necessarily study all his opera. interesting though that the agm date seems to have been what did . what is so wrong ? Maynard Keynes said when the facts change, I change my mind.
VERY interesting Spivey has just commented on the same thing to allay etc.but much as I appreciate him. yes, really. his attempted justification falls miserably short.
NOT backing SP but all should have their say . we arte only passing the time to ????? after all. right ?
12 May '19

BIG yes bad economics to subside Tesco and co.
POKER maybe but there are an awful lot of them living with gf having useless children so they can get a good living while doing nothing.
dont worry Icarus -hard to hold the balance when you have zero seats which is my guess.
why all this antagonism about Corbyn, who is the rarity an honest man. Most of his MPs are conservatives, who despite being made to look stupid in challenges twice are still stabbing him in the back. I think he made a mistake not trying to deselect the worst ones but can you imagine the field day our lying controlled media would have? They just did the impossible-managed so easily to make so much dirt stick about anti semitism, the usual way, so this would easy.not his advocate . Farage is the solution -highly intelligent and a good speaker too but in the euros I am fortunate to be able to vote for Tommy Robinson. deserves to win but probably wont due to the endless lies put out by our oh so independent media.
Does anyone else think terms such as far extreme etc should not be allowed ? but always remember 150 years ago Mark Twain said if voting made any difference, it wouldnt be allowed.
12 May '19

do you know last year there was a bill before congress to import much cheaper drugs saving vast amounts but the bought and paid congress voted it down. seems astonishing but it happened.
i dont have a high opinion of anything american but I suppose the FDA are seriously intent on not looking stupid by approving what turns out to be dangerous. accordingly more likely to be suspicious of small unknown companies with no track record led by someone who does not impress.I hope nevertheless it gets approved and soon. who knows? like others I cannot make sense of much of this.
If true, I do find it remarkable that Lumsden has no shares; why on earth not ?
Dont worry WACCY -Ian B will be back soon. On wednesday he said he had NO DOUBT it would be approved. How can anyone be that sure? either a fool or a paid ramper.
26 Apr '19

i think if it did drop to 130p that would be the time not to buy. Quite common to get drops of 20% , often based on what proves to be nothing much , but 50% is a different matter.
I will worry when Granto does.
26 Apr '19

someone comes out with some crazy low figure they just made up. usually people react as though he actually is worth listening to.Probably, has never bought a share in his life because the" the little bastards" wont go low enough.
I will go with buy when most are fearful; that mantra has paid off more here than anything I can think of off the top of my head.
14 Apr '19

where did this parasite come from or was he promoted from below ?
maybe the divi needs cutting;do they have the cash flow to pay it.
yields that high usually imply a cut will happen so it shouldnt affect the sp greatly logically anyway
12 Apr '19

I posted to test but as usual you and the rest failed. the fact is I do know many things you robots do least the others just keep quiet ,unlike you with your foul mouth shit.
Be careful over the next 12 months ;people who lack proper information are going to get usual the banks will bear the brunt..
11 Apr '19

THe EU joined in the pantomime saying up late just to pretend.funny how 27 but never one disagrees? oh, only the Reich has a machine gun as well as a vote.
I heard 2 weeks ago that the final nail in the long run plan to destroy the NHS, which started late 1980`s ! and has been carried out by BOTH parties. No you didnt see that because you dont watch the only honest news service and the govt controlled media are hardly going to tell`s and consultants made 2 very good short films explaining clearly how this treason was carried out; but you didnt see those either.I(N fact, you will never know ;just complain about how bad the NHS has got , encouraged by the govt media , never knew of the secret plan.
I do wonder if one of the aims of the May pantomime behaving in a totally irrational , inexplicable way , was to cover other bad news end of March. The end of the disgusting campaign against Assange is also timely and that event could have been arranged for anytime they chose.
Remember when Obama finally provided his birth certificate and the I T experts said it was a forgery and could break it into its various layers. Ok, you dont ! but the very next day , BIN LADEN was killed and his body dropped into the sea lol the birth cert never mentioned ever again.
30 Mar '19

should be passive house
german passifhaus
30 Mar '19

remember the great sketch where you can go to have an argument? doesnt get shown much now like some of the other ones.
I know who I would nominate for the position of the man in the office but there are a few potential customers here also.
looks like the bonds is going to be another winning topic . oh and perhaps FE65% too.
re that one , I would agree that IRC could be clearer but I suspect the problem is that it is not the simple thing it appears but is in fact very complicated in practice. While I do not claim to be an expert ,I feel sure pellet/pelleting is at the heart of the apparent discrepancy.
30 Mar '19

actually, I think you would do rather well on the stage and get really rich THAT way.
Nigella not been seen 2 months now-bit worrying? especially as was her wont to get in dust ups with assorted folk.Sounds like you did meet her ?I stayed in nephew`s new SILENT house in Edinburgh,west end last you know what a silent house is ?
No, will stay here a while , my doc says stay 6 months to be near good hospitals. not currently planning so long but much truth.Taken from airport to poshest Manila hospital. 2,000 for one night ! and nothing dramatic done.I was so lucky , a welsh friend and his wife pretty much organised my transfer to a great place he had been yonks ago.If I hadnt known him I hate to think.I spent 3 days there including doing the angiogram for no more than 1200. I decided no future being in that stressful situation so took a chance ,one night hotel then plane to London. Aren`t I glad I did.
I have got heavily into Tui but it keeps going down.Still not one I worry about .just give us our no deal then all can settle down and surely Boeing has to compensate for what is obviously their criminal failing .
27 Mar '19

I for one appreciate your input and I think to accuse you of deramping is absurd.
On 19th inst. I asked where Ian B was .He is BACK posting several posts a day just like before but seems to me he is more aggressive , keeps on about all ignoring all the derampers and has even got The normally sensible Ivy doing the same, which is sad.
I do own shares so naturally I hope your current view proves pessimistic but weand especially newbies,need to hear the other side.I cannot understand their approach given i m o there are far more rampers on this bb so why do you worry them so much ? the 2 ii s Ivy and Ian make lots of statements , some seemingly profound but in reality , they and noone else has any real evidence; it is all guesswork ,and I am capable of that myself!
Ian repeats many times that it was due to shortage of time compounded by the strike but has to admit there is no evidence.On first hearing this seems a bit daft.I am no expert on the FDA but surely they could just delay, even giving that obvious reason if it is true. What he is saying happened seems very unjust ?
your saying the US is corrupt resonates but at least the troglodytic Lumsden will know what is required now.
27 Mar '19

how can these people not snap up the only offer in town? Who even are they? people who have never had anything to contribute, just picked up easy money for doing nothing.Have only heard of Bucher, whose claim to fame EX Amazon..So what . not retailing and I doubt they fought to keep him.All he did was bury us in verbiage about a new strategy , which didnt seem to have the slightest substance and clearly had no effect other than somehow spending a surprising amount of cash, causing the level of debt to reach serious levels.I did ditch half when I read that nonsense, kept some as a gamble but I dont feel like I had any of the usual thrill of gambling. All the rest was incompetence and lies .
They said there was plenty of headroom in the debt level.So, how did we get here so fast with zero further comment. They kept quiet about other things we now know were going on Cva is it?and when the papers told us , we got silly remarks about nosy neighbours !!!!! but it was so telling that it took them many hours to make the statement.It looks like they just chatted and dithered , doing precisely nothing more.
So how do they have the gall to treat MA like he is some bad smell, just after finally admitting the probability of the OWNERS of the company shares being worthless. Noone knows what he might achieve but at least he is a successful businessman, has the experience and is keen to take on the challenge. Compare that with the inert dummies who think it is a good excuse to claim the NO LONGER EXISTING House of F is a serious competitor. Like the similar useless MPs something needs to be done about these cardboard cut outs.
27 Mar '19

in 1996, I was in court in Blackpool accused of doing 125 mph my utterly fabulous Subaru Impreza turbo.but I have never had an accident in my life.At the time I bought it they were like gold dust ,dealers getting just 2 a month but later when availabilty was good, so many were desperate to pay 50 % more to buy BMW s, which were much inferior. I borrowed a BMW once and was impressed by its engine but when resumed the Subaru,there was NO comparison; the handling was different class
.Not a digression , pretty much sums up the UK; like now the remainers strut around feeling and acting so superior so clever, when all they have done is lapped up project fear and cannot have ever looked for the true facts. This is what annoys me most about them.
So the ugly farce is near its end, having become so ridiculous the the people lust laughed and once they do that the elite are safe in the knowledge that is all they will do. Project fear only partly succeeded so nowMay has allowed no deal to be taken off the table accompanied by the constant drip drip of the useless MPs and "experts"aided by the Snows and Pestons about the dreadful fate avoided.So no CRASHING out , lets stay in the unelected, dictatorial incompetent, unaudited for 20 years, ANTI free trade EU and wait for the inevitable crash to take place.
19 Mar '19

Looks like he is now ramping a new ten bagger called MRS. Competition time !
best guess what sp is his target for getting out" before the storm" haha.
His work on MTFB was probably the biggest red flag;always very suspicious when someone posted as much as he did without much reason.
Ivyspivey didnt SEEM to ramp as much due to his altiitudinous attitude and he didnt post every single day;but actuallydid put out an awful lot. Best selling point knowing and having spoken to the great sic Lumsden .Cant be that good as L would not be allowed to tell him secret stuff and my impression is L would NOT impress anyone. I must have had the shares over a year and I dont remember Lumsden saying owt in all that time.
JUst read many pages but dont think I am any the wiser. Not sure if those spouting technically are really trying to be helpful or to show off. At least someone like the doctor some try to malign speaks clearly and gives reasons for his conclusions. Who cares if he is a real doctor, young or old? I was always a big admirer of Doc Holliday.
My feeling is this does remain a complete gamble.The people running it do not inspire confidence and the sudden resignation timing doesnt look great.It did look before that the FDA were actively helping along our success so I rather agree with Jackdaw , a while back, that L and the FDA may have agreed the delay between them. Finally Lumsden should definitely not draw his salary for a time since everyone bar Ivy think his personal performance has been somewhat lacking.
19 Mar '19

has started already on here.
no interest for over a year but i did use to profit from the regular ups and downs; the ups being entirely due to TW regular ramping based on zilch lol.I stopped thinking surely noone would be fooled a 50th time but mthere were more fools or greedy boys than I thought possible.after seeing the hype but naot the sp , I thought I would check for once and no its going nowhere fast it seems.
still this nothing special thing is actually TW finest achievement . the rest of his tips are distinguished by utter catastrophe, with possibly wishbone lol being the "star". IT is unfortunate the liar TW still has a platform, where i imagine many are still completely fooled by use of THE BIG LIE. I was once so impressed by his supposed exposure of liars and cheats but just repetition of same old and notice how none of them has ever been prosecuted . THe one who should be is TW .
his latest wheeze is daily nasty criticism of Woodford , who is at least an honest man, not someone who is paid by his shady or crooked friends to tip their pointless garbage companies , then constantly inflate and ramp them.
So respect smith 76 and others. I know from experience TW is also a seriously unpleasant individual and will be active here probably is risky246 and a couple of similar.
16 Mar '19

grimly clinging to 30p and all this due to STILL having the greedy waste of space Fankhauser feet firmly under the desk. I can only hope that the good sounding new top guy they recently took on is intended as his replacement ? I feel sure Fosun will be taking a close interest.
There ought to be a campaign to get rid but instead there is never a mention of the CEO,chief excuse orator.
16 Mar '19

was sorry to hear that. was she italian ?
i regret not moving to Italy, dithered 20 years deciding france or there , result nowhere.
do you mind me asking which region you live ?
16 Mar '19

Ciao amico, no she is far away and likely remain so for many moons. Had a serious event in a foreign airport waiting to change planes, was very lucky in the choice lol so been back 6 weeks first 2 in hospital nr heathrow.
Doc said he would write to brit embassy but wasnt impressed when I asked if I could request my old gf rather than my wife.I mean the least of the many attractions of the wondrous miss piggy is she was a qualified carer.My wife is lovely but seems even younger now than before the wedding over a year ago and couldnt look after a tortoise.
we all have our disasters but you are too honest, does wifey read here ? you should try the Nigella approach of never making a loss ever. who knows ? maybe it will come true.
yes got even more prefs latest lloyds. i think with qe coming back before too long , they are a brilliant place to park money;i just wish they were ALL in isas. talking of which, when I returned after 3 months I found HMRC had passed me to a fkg debt collector !!!!! those shits can take ages to do owt but us ,we have to operate mach 1. and omg , those wankers in the hoc.with a very few honourable exceptions , narry a thought or on tv even a mention about the folks they are representing.supposedly.elections soon in ms P country and the people are looking forward to a few quid to vote for someone. but all done openly ;surely better than the total deceit here.
how many other high paid jobs can you name where you need absolutely no qualifications.
13 Mar '19

mention of Adam Smith. never married and had all his manuscripts destroyed.a tradition carried on by the media. ever heard about him on bbc ? or other popular media ?same with the great George Orwell- must be a message there but we all know about Gemma Collins, like it or not .
With his comments and experiences in France, no doubt at all he would have voted for brexit.

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