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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
Richard Slape, Oil consultant - Avoiding Losers and Picking Winners, his personal strategy

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19 Mar '19

Looks like he is now ramping a new ten bagger called MRS. Competition time !
best guess what sp is his target for getting out" before the storm" haha.
His work on MTFB was probably the biggest red flag;always very suspicious when someone posted as much as he did without much reason.
Ivyspivey didnt SEEM to ramp as much due to his altiitudinous attitude and he didnt post every single day;but actuallydid put out an awful lot. Best selling point knowing and having spoken to the great sic Lumsden .Cant be that good as L would not be allowed to tell him secret stuff and my impression is L would NOT impress anyone. I must have had the shares over a year and I dont remember Lumsden saying owt in all that time.
JUst read many pages but dont think I am any the wiser. Not sure if those spouting technically are really trying to be helpful or to show off. At least someone like the doctor some try to malign speaks clearly and gives reasons for his conclusions. Who cares if he is a real doctor, young or old? I was always a big admirer of Doc Holliday.
My feeling is this does remain a complete gamble.The people running it do not inspire confidence and the sudden resignation timing doesnt look great.It did look before that the FDA were actively helping along our success so I rather agree with Jackdaw , a while back, that L and the FDA may have agreed the delay between them. Finally Lumsden should definitely not draw his salary for a time since everyone bar Ivy think his personal performance has been somewhat lacking.
19 Mar '19

has started already on here.
no interest for over a year but i did use to profit from the regular ups and downs; the ups being entirely due to TW regular ramping based on zilch lol.I stopped thinking surely noone would be fooled a 50th time but mthere were more fools or greedy boys than I thought possible.after seeing the hype but naot the sp , I thought I would check for once and no its going nowhere fast it seems.
still this nothing special thing is actually TW finest achievement . the rest of his tips are distinguished by utter catastrophe, with possibly wishbone lol being the "star". IT is unfortunate the liar TW still has a platform, where i imagine many are still completely fooled by use of THE BIG LIE. I was once so impressed by his supposed exposure of liars and cheats but just repetition of same old and notice how none of them has ever been prosecuted . THe one who should be is TW .
his latest wheeze is daily nasty criticism of Woodford , who is at least an honest man, not someone who is paid by his shady or crooked friends to tip their pointless garbage companies , then constantly inflate and ramp them.
So respect smith 76 and others. I know from experience TW is also a seriously unpleasant individual and will be active here probably is risky246 and a couple of similar.
16 Mar '19

grimly clinging to 30p and all this due to STILL having the greedy waste of space Fankhauser feet firmly under the desk. I can only hope that the good sounding new top guy they recently took on is intended as his replacement ? I feel sure Fosun will be taking a close interest.
There ought to be a campaign to get rid but instead there is never a mention of the CEO,chief excuse orator.
16 Mar '19

was sorry to hear that. was she italian ?
i regret not moving to Italy, dithered 20 years deciding france or there , result nowhere.
do you mind me asking which region you live ?
16 Mar '19

Ciao amico, no she is far away and likely remain so for many moons. Had a serious event in a foreign airport waiting to change planes, was very lucky in the choice lol so been back 6 weeks first 2 in hospital nr heathrow.
Doc said he would write to brit embassy but wasnt impressed when I asked if I could request my old gf rather than my wife.I mean the least of the many attractions of the wondrous miss piggy is she was a qualified carer.My wife is lovely but seems even younger now than before the wedding over a year ago and couldnt look after a tortoise.
we all have our disasters but you are too honest, does wifey read here ? you should try the Nigella approach of never making a loss ever. who knows ? maybe it will come true.
yes got even more prefs latest lloyds. i think with qe coming back before too long , they are a brilliant place to park money;i just wish they were ALL in isas. talking of which, when I returned after 3 months I found HMRC had passed me to a fkg debt collector !!!!! those shits can take ages to do owt but us ,we have to operate mach 1. and omg , those wankers in the hoc.with a very few honourable exceptions , narry a thought or on tv even a mention about the folks they are representing.supposedly.elections soon in ms P country and the people are looking forward to a few quid to vote for someone. but all done openly ;surely better than the total deceit here.
how many other high paid jobs can you name where you need absolutely no qualifications.
13 Mar '19

mention of Adam Smith. never married and had all his manuscripts destroyed.a tradition carried on by the media. ever heard about him on bbc ? or other popular media ?same with the great George Orwell- must be a message there but we all know about Gemma Collins, like it or not .
With his comments and experiences in France, no doubt at all he would have voted for brexit.
13 Mar '19

Where DO you find this stuff ? sheer dynamite .
Oh, just saw the name Presto. Hey presto ! I remember him as one of your main maharishi gurus from the past
13 Mar '19

you certainly know about sad lol
I am not interested in your posts, like everyone else here, nor would I believe anything you say, if I was.
let us see how many post to disagree, apart from Rachel of course.
13 Mar '19

its has already been well described by others exactly what you are here trying to do in such an obvious inept way. It is a pity you were not reported when Nige 2 lol threatened to because bb `s are not intended for incessant posting of exactly the same thing. I looked to see you only started here after posting frenetically on ITV 121p this never happened and you gave up probably closing your losing short. Unfortunately this meant coming here. I suggest you give up here likewise and take up Ironman competition or such . maybe ironwoman or iron lgbt . I say that since twas obviously you who brought RACHEL 2 out of her slumber from 2017 to go and purchase a kettle at debs and sum up the state of affairs there. Is 2 your lucky number ? what a fool.
PS unlike you , I do not haunt this site but like to go through occasionally for anything new . the fact that you fill 3 /4 of it with stuff decidedly not new makes it an unnecessarily tiresome task.
7 Mar '19

must be due to the zealot running the FDA retiring.
I feel sure he was pushed so we wont get another like him.
7 Mar '19

you are just the newest fool, sorry but it is true.
it is about 99.9% certain that the director owners are common crooks, who will continue to use this as there personal cash cow.
turning it into a bio company out of the blue. omg
is the product serious? more likely just to funnel the money out quicker to themselves using patsies.
I think the only possible course would be to write to Putin personally to say it is murky and ask him to investigate it.
I actually do think something might happen.
7 Mar '19

ch 4 wish to apologise for your disappointment. They say they tried to twist both his arms and wrists but, while they wanted him to play a bigger role in the prog, Hambro just wouldnt repeat what we asked him to say about the dodgy russians. And him asking endlessly how anyone could be selling his Pog, which is a british company quoted on the L S E and owned by thousands of fine upstanding britons does not make good tv.

RB- any thoughts on Ovoca gold , once OVG , now I am not sure. This looked to be free money. Serious question.
7 Mar '19

2,200 at 553.60. more than happy to gambol ! at this price.
4 Mar '19

you missed out the most important requirement.
Go to a well known expensive school, the fagging is worth it
then you can pass GO every day.
4 Mar '19

how i loathe these capitals. what the F. does msci mean?
regardless, it looks like a buy.oh, i did last week . so a bigger top up.
1 Mar '19

occasionally but now always surprised how high. In a 3rd rate country led by a nasty self serving bully who will grab more than his due share of any profit; so why do most of you imagine all these fab scenarios ?
Since they hived it off , why do you all assume with no evidence-or is there ?- they are keen to buy it back Genuine enquiry;maybe I would benefit from some of this remarkable optimism on display here.
Held a few times but usually took small profits due to cold feet.
1 Mar '19

housebuilders only rallied cos the May looked safer from poor under fire Jeremy.
This help to buy scheme , which is actually help to sell only must be the most scandalous misuse of our money since ? the crusades lol BUT where is the outrage from the comatose brits ?
.No more house built at all,only change poorer quality.
One guy built same number of houses as year before yet earned LOL 100 million bonus . Two others each pocketed 20k for every house they built!!
1 Mar '19

Selectively! to buy shares on biggish drops cos nearly always it is overdone. usually pays off even if have to wait a short time Must admit I got it wrong here, clearly a long haul now> I dont even want to understand all the tech stuff, nor do I give a fig about the dividend# but i still have the feeling ample reward is still likely, given patience and maybe a small amount of trading.I suppose my mistake was not to know that the cloud causing the drop would remain overhead for a considerable time.The same may apply to still to recover Tui but for a shorter time.
I notice BT sp has dropped back -is that still largely due the the ofcom person whose most obvious attributes are being black and female and whose tech knowledge must be limited given her background;unless unknown to me she is also a genius.I assume Vod is similarly affected ?
So the Liberty thing gets decided in a few months? would it be good short term if refused ?If not, I guess some uncertainty will be gone, always good, though I suppose it must be a year at least before the expected positive news can commence ?
Any useful info will be gratefully received.
22 Feb '19

this begum crap is just another charade with a predictable outcome.
what hope if reasonably intelligent people are incapable of querying anything ?
the people should decide not mp s javid etc and their viiew/vote is clear 90 % + say dont let her in.
the french ignores when it suits , Israel never follows it ever. and Uk is breaking international law by being in , bombimg Syria.they were trying to destoy the elected govt and the brave syrian army. guess what ? so were ISIS who the US spawned when Assad was close to winning the unjust war years 400 have already returned UNNOTICED lol.quite an achievement with no transport and the nearest wo0rking airport thousand miles away.didnt the lying UK govt assist them ????? must have.
just like the "rescuers" off Libya. Only when Italy refused a landing , did we see that there were 6 or 7 of these boats waiting offshore.Do you believe the huge cost of that was paid by charities ?no, pretty obvious UK/Eu must have been.Even better RT had a very good prog showing what a good job, the Libyan coastguard were doing rescuing, but taking back to Libya. but oh, thats no good .so the charity lol boats and the smugglers were doing their very best to avoid the coastguard cos giving 5 star lifts to europe, not mere rescuing has been the game all along.
21 Feb '19

should stay the right side of 60p longterm once the worried fainthearts have all got out.
i must look back to see how M
Henry II got on board .
good riddance to the blairites . Corbyn should have deselected them already. Only the treacherous media are taking this seriously.they should resign and stand again but they wont ;every single one would lose.
now the Tommy Nigel ticket ? that is different..
spent a night in bloomsbury, my nephew`s 2k a month 1 bed flat .crazy and London awful. One easy way to radically change it. simply move the H of C to say the North Pennines and all the associated crap would go too. But of course those useless passengers would never vote for. they have made millions on their london property That . didnt stop them claiming every last cent on expenses Though. Anyone else find such low moral calibre pretty remarkable..
Do we think Hortensia has really earned those vast riches ? I dont know enough to judge.

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