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10 Mar '19

9 Feb '19

Parity10 a UT trade is an Uncrossing Trade whereby the MM's clear their books or level their books at the end of the day, as follows. Just an example and nt specific to Lgen

The Buy bids are ordered with the highest prices offered at the top, the Sell offers have the lowest price at the top (in each stack if prices are the same then it appears that the order of arrival of the Bid is what determines the priority, with the first received having the highest priority.)

The quantities and price offered are shown together with the name of the Market Maker (eg Cantor Fitzgerald: CFEP, Winterflood Securities: WINS, etc) - this field is left blank if the offer is from an external individual using Direct Market Access. It appears that only during the 10 or so minutes of each auction do these DMA bidders have access to the market.

At the closing of the auction the bids/offers are frozen and an attempt is made to match as many shares to be sold against shares to be bought - the result of this is what is known as the 'Uncrossing Trade' (UT). In this case by selecting a UT price of 24.5p it was possible to get the maximum match of shares transferred - here 25,400 - and this was precisely the UT trade that was reported 16 seconds after the auction closed at 2pm.

This UT trade keeps both buyers happy - they both get their bid accepted but alas only the top seller (the one offering up 110,843 shares for sale) gets their offer accepted. The offers of 9,000, 15,000 and 2,000 all walk away with nothing because they must have arrived just after Mr 110,843.
24 Jan '19

reggie I know that, but that is not going to boost the share price 10 fold is it? be realistic
24 Jan '19

When everybody and his brother slate Nomads for doing absolutely nothing, what makes you think a new Nomad is going to make the slightest bit of difference here?
23 Jan '19

50m shares (in old money) sold at 9.5p desperate or what, loads and loads of big sells today?????
16 Jan '19

Genuine question to all, what's your thoughts now? buy, sell hold? with all this Brexit shit be nice to see anyone else's thoughts.
16 Jan '19

Genuine question to all, what's your thoughts now? buy, sell hold? with all this Brexit shit be nice to see anyone else's thoughts.
20 Dec '18

17 Oct '18

The share price is the market cap (x the amount of shares by the price)
17 Oct '18

At £2.40 we have no support and over the next short while I can see the sp tanking
6 Sep '18

Yes I was in then but at that time when CNOOC joined the party this was all the rage and it was just about to really take off, or so we thought, and when I realised it hadn't, as I took my eye off the ball it was too late. Ever since then it has just been different directors basically filling their own pockets, or so it seems, lots of broken promises and timelines and differing strategies.
5 Sep '18

This share / company has been nothing but hot air for the 10/11 years I've been here. Very frustrating really, such huge potential initially.
10 Aug '18

Although I don't keep my eye on this much now, having been here for 10 years + I can't remember him buying, or if he did when was it and under what name??
25 Jul '18

I have been in ANR for about 10 / 12 years and all I can say is, keep the focus, not drilled yet, nothing proven yet so don't get too carried away. And I am not trying to be too negative, seen this enthusiasm so many times before with ANR.
4 Jun '18

Like I said last week, just because N.L. is seen at waste plant in some far off country (from Aus) doesn't mean it's got anything to do with ANR
1 Jun '18

Just because N.L. is pictured at that plant it may have absolutely nothing to do with ANR, is he not involved in other companies??? from what I can make out, deal done a few days ago, no ANR RNS, just be careful not to get carried away.
30 May '18

They may be legally obligated, but they don't always follow the letter of the law, that is what I am saying.
30 May '18

Having been invested in the AIM for longer than I can remember there are many instances where the large seller has not informed the company of their sells, it is their responsibility inform not the company, and they don't always tell.
20 May '18

I genuinely feel that N.L. did us no favours by quite openly admitting a few months ago the fact that ANR was already up for sale, just about admitting he was here for a quick buck.
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