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EXCLUSIVE: Aminex CEO says 'Institutions are delighted' with Zubair farm-out terms Watch Here

EXCLUSIVE: Aminex CEO says 'Institutions are delighted' with Zubair farm-out terms
EXCLUSIVE: InfraStrata continue to negotiate with major gas companies and institutional investors

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27 Jun '18

Hi the_shareminator - New work for Peter Brotherhood is encouraging (but with no detail wonder whether it is navy related) as is also the speed with which the integration of acquisitions has been completed .I agree that the shares are undervalued but 250p we may have to wait a further update with the annual results in early October. Otherwise the next leg up may be occasioned by some positive news on box project deliveries from Metalcraft to Sellafield.
2 May '18

This is a stock that seldom gets commented on. As a holder I have noted there appears until recently to have been both an ongoing persistent seller and a matching buyer for several months around 22p - of late since the trading statement the shares have established some momentum in an upward direction with a greater number of small buyers also appearing and competing as buyers. Any thoughts from other holders or interested parties?
12 Jan '18

Shareminator I am in agreement with your assessment but returning to 2.4-2.5 may have to be preceded by an encouraging statement with the Interim figures due next month. My earlier suggestion as to December 2017 SP proved too optimistic but it was made before the Final Results in September 2017 when the Chairman chose to add some words of caution as to the task ahead of them. In that respect the recent trading statement as to progress with integration and an improved trading outlook was welcome news.
9 Oct '17

Sorry- correction - actually not yet overdue as was on October 11 last year - so due very soon!
9 Oct '17

Last year(2016) there was a trading statement on October 7.
29 Sep '17

Reading the small print:-
This disclosable event is as a result of the acquisition of Hargreave Hale Limited by Canaccord Genuity Group Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Canaccord Genuity Wealth Group Holdings (Jersey) Limited.

Hence no reduction in the Hargreave Hale holding or in Mr Allsop's
9 Sep '17

Possible that the shares will remain volatile while weak former holders of HAYT look to exit. Avingtrans got a good business at a bargain price largely because the HAYT management during the last 18 months or so was cack handed and left the business exposed. There will inevitably be both exceptional merger and integration costs to come followed by some cost savings. As to where the AVG share price heads from here; important will be both what is said at the time of the AVG Prelims due towards the end of this month and likely to be followed by brokers reports which ought to be supportive as to the medium term. As to predicting share price I think on anticipation of future progress 270p is possible by Christmas with a further leg up once they start to deliver the goods. Any other thoughts?
22 Aug '17

Reports from Avingtrans and Hayward Tyler Group meeting say all resolutions carried by requisite majorities. Avingtrans share price has recovered to the level 238p when the offer was first made, but Hayward Tyler Group share price aat 47p still lags a bit. Seemingly only the Court to satisfy now for the merger to proceed.

Where next?For holders inclined to remain shares will hopefully be more marketable and while there ought to be scope for some further modest progress versus the market in this financial year it may be necessary to wait until the next financial year for a better rating.
24 Jul '17

Annual Report of HAYT - 129 pages to read! -'Poised for Growth'
20 Jul '17

The HAYT SP is presently largely determined by the AVG SP which on its own is justified by its cash holdings and forward order book. That the HAYT SP is at a slight discount to the merger proposal terms principally reflects the risk the deal will not proceed for some reason. If one thinks the deal will be done and that looks likely then HAYT is essentially a cheap way into AVG. It is a good deal for AVG and once it is a done deal and the logic of the merger is better understood by the market (following brokers notes etc) the potential of the combined business ought to be reflected in a progressive improvement in the AVG price once the deal is completed.

I agree ELB did do a good job over the years but the BOD completely screwed things up big time on a number of fronts all at the same time over the last year or so. That HAYT's balance sheet was stretched was clearly a problem but less so if the required order intake and hence forward order book was in place. If it was then the BOD and the committed larger shareholders would I think not be supporting the present terms.

The HAYT preliminary figures claimed a record order book but that suggestion was due to the addition of Peter Brotherhood and in reality the order book was higher in early 2017 than at the end of March 2017. My reading is that they have been struggling to get the orders in otherwise we would have heard much more of them. Despite sterling weakness part of the problem appears to have been converting many OEM order prospects into orders in a timely manner or at all! Seemingly HAYT has been devoting additional resources to securing those or similar orders but that takes time. Meantime AVG has no certainty of HAYT short term revenue stream (or maybe it has via due diligence!) and has for its own shareholders to pitch its terms to reflect that.

I get the impression that many contributors to these threads have been there to make a turn and already done so but those (perhaps a minority) in for the longer term ought to do well relative to the current price by staying with the merged businesses.
10 Jul '17

Just a thought on seeing that TP Group has today announced plans to raise around £24m to add to existing cash resources to fund existing business and make acquisitions.
3 Jul '17

Hello Sherminator - Most of HAYT BOD in their judgement (Having backed us into a corner perhaps they have come to their senses at last) is recommending AVG bid acceptance versus alternatives. . Although having plenty to say on 'approaches to winning new orders' HAYT has been very quiet of late on announcing firm new orders and it may be that which has weakened their negotiating position. In the circumstances only AVG with a deep enough pocket has come forward. I would have preferred a somewhat better offer but in the circumstances see good potential for the combined operations with hope that they will begin to show their paces by 2018 with an AVG price improvement to reflect that and more to come.
30 Jun '17

A sad situation for HAYT albeit looks a good deal for AVG. During the past year the great future potential of our existing business was badly compromised by all of poor financial management, vastly over optimistic revenue & profit projects from our BOD, followed by major failure to convert heralded order pipeline in a timely manner, and compounded by very dilatory reporting of changed circumstances. Looking ahead we can probably expect a year of transition before the combination of HAYT & AVG are able to begin to show their real potential in 2018 . Hopefully the market will anticipate that and give support to the AVG share price. Roughly speaking for 'remainers' 5p on the AVG share price is worth 1p on each HAYT share.
18 May '17

Is having a non-executive director with a large shareholding a help or hindrance to an agreed merger?
And what about the same question as regards CEO?
27 Apr '17

Today's AVG share price closing near recent high suggests to me they are serious in intent. Still think any offer has to be in the eighties. Nothing new in the simplywallst article just their analysts opinion which I disagree with.
26 Apr '17

Hello Howard - AVG are savvy enough to know that they would be sent away with a flea in their ear at your hoped for level. If they decide go for it there is no point in their messing about. when a good & timely opportunity awaits them.
25 Apr '17

Sherminator ,I can't see your suggestion being viable. It's shares is the currency AVG has to acquire HAYT . It also has more than enough cash to finance the future capital needs of such an acquisition and continue to develop it's own existing activities. The two look a potentially good fit and if merged would have the capacity to provide a good ride for investors. I agree with graham-wales that it would be a shame if HAYT were alone to fall into foreign hands.
21 Apr '17

If AVG make an offer it is likely to be a ************** via either a merger recommended by HAYT directors or failing agreement an offer made directly by AVG to HAYT shareholders. There will be no need for AVG to have a rights issue.They will just plan to issue a certain number of new AVG shares in exchange for a certain number of HAYT shares. If successful AVG have already a surfeit of cash to deal with taking on HAYT's debt. The value of any offer to a HAYT shareholder will be determined by the terms of the ************** and the AVG share price in the market. That could change during an offer period depending on investors perceptions as to both the future progress of the merged entity and the likelihood of the bid being successful.
20 Apr '17

HAYT directors hold about 15%. If not already done AVG needs to suss out from the other larger share holders what price per share might interest them. IMO it needs to start with at least an 8. AVG need a deal and this would be a good match for them. If they faff around others may be tempted to enter the contest.
19 Apr '17

An offer if it comes will need to put 50p in the shade.
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