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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
Richard Slape, Oil consultant - Avoiding Losers and Picking Winners, his personal strategy

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Last Posted: 19 Mar '19

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19 Mar '19

Aim v main market, not seeing a difference atm. Similar shite different market? Best I can offer
19 Mar '19

Be nice to fly back up to the 0.5pís again ffs
19 Mar '19

I disagree degsy, this one is rotting on the compost heap that is my sipp with the best of them. I ainít selling though. Just fucked off. Apologised earlier to a couple of the so called derampers. 3k down on this one atm before anyone starts
19 Mar '19

Fíing hope so! Fund raising is the norm. Hoping DS is waiting for this crap to clear before pulling out the royal flush, ie revenue generation. Then off we go!
19 Mar '19

Credit where creditís due you ainít been too far off the mark. Nicer discussions today without taking the pee out of people loosing money. Hoping this turns a corner soon. Feeling a bit unsure after yesterdayís positivity but Iím locked in so fíed this on atm. I was a stem cell believer, the funding didnít bother me, buying Unilad has be wondering wtf is going on. At least itís not boring gla
18 Mar '19

Just trying to catch up but genuinely disappointed with todayís rise considering the peak. Iíve never heard of Unilad before so got some homework to do. DS doesnít seem to be messing around. The young lad in the interview made me feel old and stupid lol! Gla
15 Mar '19

Showing my stupidity now! I really donít understand half the financing talk going on although Iím trying. If they are selling then people must be buying and the volumes involved must give some comfort? It canít just be us lot ffs. I invested purely because of the upcoming need for stem cell businesses like this one that seems to be ahead of the game? Isnít this just general cash generous stuff that most small and innovative companies have to endure? Other question is isnít a bonus having Dave S on board navigating us through this crap I donít understand lol. He doesnít seem the sort after a quick buck
15 Mar '19

Far from it. Bbs need both sides otherwise they are traps for the naive. Itís the constant smuggness. We get it. Me more than most, but youíre regularity and smugness is killing your underlying investment information that new investors would consider. A bit of empathy when the share price is spiralling with your views on why a couple of times a day might be better received. Anyway beer oíclock!
15 Mar '19

Seriously Stu, some people are sat on big paper losses here. We all know youíre the greatest but please reign it in. Iím locked in and ainít selling. I come on the bb to catch up. Youíre right the sp is down. But youíre loving it a bit too much. I honestly donít know what entertainment you get from it? Rmp are having a terrible time, why not Fck off over there for a real laugh?
14 Mar '19

I donít think Stu has discovered women yet? If he put as much energy into saving the planet rather than my investment here then the world would be a beautiful place to live in
12 Mar '19

Code 1 made me chuckle (wasnít me). Good to have a laugh
11 Mar '19

Bought at 0.5 originally then averaged up because Iím greedy but honest. Biggest buy was 1.2p. But the shares are mine now
11 Mar '19

Go on Iíll bite. I own 500k shares here and am 30 percent down on my investment. Itís a start up for me and worth the investment. Itís in my sipp so Iíve got another 21 years for it to bloom or fail. What are you doing here?
11 Mar '19

Stu, if youíre not invested and not interested in the company why waste your time posting. Obviously been a bad day for me owning shares here but if I wasnít invested I wouldnít be reading this bb now let alone posting on it. Youíre all over it mate
5 Mar '19

DT, my thoughts exactly. If this canít be coaxed over the finish line for the sake of peanuts in the pharmaceutical industry then it just shows money is more important than health. Slap a label on it and approve it, then reevaluate the label whilst saving lives. I canít believe for one second the liver toxicity data required wasnít collected. Surely itís like taking an eye test for your driving license?
4 Mar '19

The whole situation is amazing me. How many years has the need for new resistant ABs been on the news. Canít help wondering what the powers that be have read that I havenít. Itís a case of allís well that ends well for me now gla
27 Feb '19

Agree completely, they have none to sell. But they wouldnít buy any now unless they they thought news wasnít due. If they did you could argue that itís a summer climax? I dunno
27 Feb '19

They canít buy shares as much as they cannot sell them. If they did youíd have to wait longer for an rns.
27 Feb '19

Iíve got the same username over there is what I meant

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