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Thu 23:42

I have done the 2 now on GGP*s EG. I had to re-do because I typed the link wrongly. Need to get my specs changed.
Thu 23:11

I am about to have an early night. However, tea and melon first.

I have just posted on Twitter re:GGP [EG]. Go to Twitter and type "#GGP" in the window. It will take you all to the GGP news. This is fast as anything new will get posted here as it captures all the news on GGP.

I did not want to post Ernest Giles here because GGP*s Ernest Giles may not be the favourite topic. I dont really want
to get involved with any reaction? Everyone has their own ideas. However, ya all know I love these aeromag maps etc.

Well, it helped me. Whilst others were having throwing buns etc, I was reading all the Solgold presentation eg what kieffy posted. That was how I stumbled on the tonnage early on. Even ...Freddy could not have missed it.
I go though every page since the early days. History now.

Best wishes to all. I would really like to put my feet up for a while.

Fri, 14 Feb 2019.
Thu 21:46

See ya folks. I will be covering GGP at a more quiet spot. Over to ya all.

Thur 14 Feb 2019.
Thu 21:22

New news: [Not posted on this forum or other UK GGP forum = new]

Marindi Metals Ltd has just entered the chasing pack at Paterson via their ANN or RNS.


See the MZN*s [Australia] Ann on 12 Feb 2019: "Shallow high grade copper gold in the Paterson."
CLICK the link and it will open the full announcement.

MZN will join Sipa [aggressive drilling next] and Antipa [looking for world class discovery], Artemis [Armada] but GGP is in the front of the pack because they have already done 9 holes at Havieron.

So, there is activity again in the Paterson due to GGP. Maybe, why GGP had not released the aeromag etc pics. So, Antipa and Artemis had to do their own magnetics on Havieron to see how it looked like.

Posting only for news in the area. Can only be good for all the Australian co*s and GGP as attention ie news will be of interest to all investors?
Thu 21:11


Your post is recommended. You did give the source which is absolutely fine as HC is the source.

DJ was just yanking my chain for laughs - all in good jest from Dj.
Thu 19:25


See kieffy*s link: Mar 2016-
Page 31-Soil Cu/Zn map
Page 38- PIMPLE like prospects akin to what Antipa showed last night re: Havieron & their own prospect.
-Look at the MVI Magnetic Inversion model [shows what the potential body looks like below surface]
Page 40- Compares to all the other such world class deposits eg Bukit Tujuh and so many more for benchmark.

TomE: Now you can understand why anyone could have understood? The above was what I was talking about.

kieffy*s page 56 - I will save others if they dont want to open the link. It stated:
"1. Increase drilling rates and results flow - two rigs now.
-600m/mth/rig 14,400m for 9 HOLES.
Resource statement next 6-12 months.

Note: As I said that was what Dr Bruce Rohlach Phd [Chief Geo] said about initial holes.

Thu 18:32


There*s more news out from Paterson and one from EG ie new news.
Thu 18:30


That*s my post from HC.
Thu 16:30

Measured resource/Maiden Resource for GGP at 9 Holes??

Eg Oak Dam, next to world class Olympic Dam- 4 Holes by BHP.

Eg Solgold Hole 16-17 and entry of BHP and Newcrest earlier than Hole 16-17?
Thu 13:52

Even for Solgold [history now], they showed these types of maps [geological] and from their, they did the conceptual estimate of tonnage and grade in the early days.

Hence, why I did not worry over hole by hole results after several had been done eg 9-10 as they were proving the discovery?

Other than these types of maps that all professional investors want to see, what else can one go one as they are the technical dependence [?] for drilling. As things move along, then the results are matched with these maps to see if they are falling in with the geo models.

Solgold even matched their geo maps [not seen these types yet at GGP*s Havieron] wherein they match their prospect at Alpala with one in Indonesia. All prospects are benchmarked as norm.

So, they are standard indicators? Almost ALL exploration co*s produce them? Some want to save on money so they dont show them but these are very tiny mkt caps, otherwise its standard.

So, as a case in point, if I did not see those maps from which Solgold provided a conceptual estimate of tonnage and grade, I would NOT have invested as its like investing blind?

These types of post come out at night in the hope that exploration geologists would be able to educate us further ie to those who are interested.

So, all genuine investors would be interested in GGP Havierons such maps but no one needs the mid-night posts or go back so far during the morning.

Think it needs to be said? Thank you. This is for the avoidance of doubt.
Thu 13:37


Last night, Antipa issued a Ann or RNS and they are starting aggressive drilling in April 2019 at Paterson.
They also pointed out that they have done the Aeromagnetics & Geophysical on their licence and they also show these maps in RELATION to Havieron [see the full ann].

Antipa also pointed out that Havieron success is due to Aeromagnetics & Geophysical. This is what Antipa is DEPENDING upon to start drilling.

The Antipa maps are NOT as clear as Artemis*s maps on Havieron. From recall, Artemis said they did High Resolution.

The Artemis gravity map has NEVER been posted before on this forum NOR Antipa*s maps on Havieron. So NEW.

When GGP talk of industry, well Antipa and Artemis in the structural corridor to Rio*s rumoured copper find [140m at 1%Cu?] has posted their view on GGP*s Havieron find. Antipa*s review or comment are NEW.

The Antipa ann was posted MID-NIGHT last night as the ASX, Australian market opened.

So, no one was forced to read the above as by morning, the posts were all submerged with all the morning*s posts.

Investors would want to see the above since GGP has NOT posted the said maps yet.

It can be useful to see what the aeromags & gravity maps look like when drilling starts.

Both these co*s will be SPENDING hundreds of thousands on drilling and BASED ONLY on the above.

The reason why the sp is moving in a range is due to the "expectation" as said by salpetite [Geo] that people expected 5g/t at Hole 6-9 results. Telfer etc HAVE NOT produced 5g/t in Telfer Deep [Underground] via Telfer Technical Report 43 101. So, how expectations exceeded MOTHER NATURE, one wonders.

Thanks to the person who posted the Antipa Ann.
Thur, 14 Feb 2019 @1.35pm
So, the above was NEW.
Thu 08:51

Artemis Aeromagnetics survey + Artemis appointed Geophysics firm, Southern Geo showed the Geophysical with "Gravity measurements" via 2 maps.

The above two methodologies were cited by Antipa to be the reason for the success of Greatland Gold re: Havieron? See their RNS posted last night.

The aeromagnetic and gravity mapping has NOT yet been shown by GGP.

However, interestingly, Artemis*s 2 maps does in FACT show the Havieron licence.

So, perhaps, very useful as we come up to next drilling.

Further discussion on the above may be helpful to identify the pin point location of the various prospect/s within the Greatland Gold licence area.

I recall that Antipa mentioned in their RNS last night about Newcrest so unable to get Newcrest data naturally, being a private investor.

Thur, 14 Feb 2019.
Thu 08:21

I have checked. On HL, click the green button for deal re:GGP. The advertised price is 1.70p/177p [Sell & Buy] and it shows +1.44% [Green]. Then, check LIVE price by inputting no of shares to buy and sell.

For sell, it was like last night as I posted ie very, very much higher.

As said, advertised prices are not live.

Thur, 14 Feb 2019 @8:21am
Thu 00:25

Sorry, the 2 links were faulty.

Links again:

See the black stars [magnetic measurements per their RNS] at Havieron

As said, the Artemis aeromagnetics and geophysical in facts shows Havieron [Greatland Gold] more rather than Artemis*s Armada licence, Paterson Province, W.Australia.

P.S Antipa*s RNS or ANN just reported said they are drill the high-priority targets in APRIL 2019. So Greatland will start drilling earlier than Antipa.
Thu 00:09

From the AZY ASX Ann: "BOTH Aerial Electromagnetic [AEM] & Aeromagnetics have played a p i v o t o l discovery r o l e in the Paterson Province, and are effective G e o p h y s i c a l exploration techniques for revealing gold and or/ copper deposits concealed beneath barren cover."

"An excellent provincial example of the potential for new discoveries is Greatland Gold*s Havieron deposit which is an aeromagnetic anomaly discovered by Newcrest in 1991 and is "visible" under 430m of cover."

"Recent OUTSTANDING RESULTS from the Havieron deposit, as reported by Greatland Gold on 25 June, 4 July, 19 Nov 2018 and 5 Feb 2019 include:

"121m @2.93g/t and 0.23%cu ...HAD 001 and
275m @ 4.77g/t & 0.61%cu......HAD005...." [See details]

"The co notes these targets share the following c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s WITH HAVIERON:
"BULLS-EYE to sub-circular magnetic HIGH anomaly,
Meta sedimentary host rocks,

This is a NEW aeromagnetic via a tweet I found:

"SGC are managing Artemis Resources geophysical programme for their exciting new Armada prospect within the highly prospective Paterson ranges of Western Australia. Read the announcement here..."
Link: 29.11.18

If one clicks the link, the article mentions what the BLACK STARS are in the MAP ie "Represents GRAVITY measurements."
SEE > map> shows Havieron with Hole 5 results against it.

Check Earlier Aeromagnetics posted on this forum by me:
"8 targets for Artemis proximate to the BEST gold D i s c o v e r y in WA for years."
Link: 16.1.19
Posting so that one does not need to check through my post a day or so ago to see the later aeromag from Artemis showing Havieron*s [Greatland Gold].

Thanks to Investor81 for posting the AZY RNS mentioning Greatland Gold. Two ASX co*s ie AZY and ARV mention GGP*s Havieron via their comments as above.

Thur 14 Feb 2019
Sorry for caps. No underline facility. Use caps for me to find info quickly when I want to check.
Wed 16:32

Mkt closed now at 4.30pm, Wed 13 Feb 2019

Advertised price at HL: 1.7p to Sell & 1.77p to Buy.
Tested LIVE price at the last closing secs: 1.741p to sell and 1.765p to Buy.
Now that the mkt has closed, the above is not historical prices and NOT live anymore. So can post.
Wed 15:38

1.7p to sell is the advertised price.

I tried LIVE price and its so very much higher.
Wed 13:58

Advertised price for GGP [HL] at 13.57 of 1.70p to Sell and 1.75p to Buy is not correct if one checks LIVE quote.

It is very close to the Offer price to Sell. Please check. One can just do a dummy live price for 1,000 shares.

Wed, 13 Feb 2019.
Wed 09:32

At 9:28am, Wed 13 Feb 2019 - Advertised has gone up to 1.77p to Sell and 1.80p to Buy +4.39% [Blue].
One can post advertised prices. To sell is a bit higher [size reduced from NMS] and to buy just a bit lower.

That*s all from me.

I came to see if the market could push the price beyond the benchmark on Day 3? Looks like I got my answer. History now.
Wed 09:15

There has been 2 days of "noise" [?] and the sp had fallen

Day 3 today, Tues 13 Feb 2019 - Share price at 9.10am is now up + 2.92% [Blue].
The advertised price [allowed to post] is 1.75 to Sell and 1.76p to Buy.
However, on trying to obtain a live price for Normal Mkt Size, there is NO live price. This is on HL.


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