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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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12 Apr '19

Typo: Should be 7.19 to 3.99. Also, should read ranked, not ranking.
12 Apr '19

This morning, another big stock fell from 719.40 [overnight] to 399.70 [intra-day low] after opening due to an RNS.

A few days ago, a departmental store was put into admin. One poster bought more stock as the share price fell and put their house and every penny on the line on just this one stock. Many of the posters on that stock contacted Admin who were very responsive and they contacted emergency services. This is not the first time.

So, before putting the family at risk [REMder who tweeted], it is ......hard to express caution.
12 Apr '19

I have come to post about Mr H*s aspiration to turn 1k into 100k. With a few trades over 1-2 days, one trade was much more successful due to the volatility - the stock fell from 1.05 on 9 April 2019 to 20p and bounced. So, + -, Mr H turned 1k into around 1,660 from recall.

That means Mr H has got to get it right around <200 times in similar fashion excluding any multiplier effects ie just pure straight line cals.

However, today, Fri 12 April, 2019, nothing more has been tweeted about daily trades. Not sure what has happened?

Suffice to say, that Mr H was attempting to do DAILY trading.

I was following sometime ago, one blogger who attempted to turn 1k into 1m but for some reason, after a short time, no more being said.

There are a lot of fund managers out there who earn a living investing in stocks both in the UK and the USA.
As professionals, their record is ranking and their funds produce yearly results.

On topic as one REMer said on Twitter he lost money etc and from the caption title above, REM was one of the most successful in that period for an AIM stock as it turned 1 into 95 [0.04p to 2.25p or 1m mkt cap to 95m mkt cap].

So, this topic ends as one may now be aware that the challenge appears great.

Some have made it and they have gone down in history for a long record.

Fri, 12 Apr 2019
Not editing.
7 Apr '19

Lol. Its O.K - we got there in the end about the REM takeover of BCN.

Oh, you may have read about H wanting to turn 1 into 100k and that has really stirred up imaginations.

However, as I have posted REM was the only stock that went up 95x, hence 1k went to 95,000.

The Founder of REM*s other stock went from 0.35p to 11p+. That is nearly 30x. So, one would have to put in 3,000 + to achieve the same result of nearly 90x plus.

Not sure how people lost money on a stock that went 95x and 30x?

LOADS of news passing through re:lithium especially Western Australia and hydroxide etc. Very critical info - I have liked it on Twitter.

Sun, 7 April, 2019
Just finished the Sunday Times - nothing about EV*s or lithium etc.
6 Apr '19

Typo: Should read attempt, not attempting.
6 Apr '19

On Twitter last night, Fri 5 April, 2019, someone called "H" [shortened to initial] tweeted that he is going to attempting turning 1,000 into 100k!.

As far as I am aware, the only co on AIM to do that is Rare Earth Minerals Plc [REM] under David Lenigas, Chairman. Mr Lenigas started REM from Zest plc, a shell.

Due to the Sonora drilling [lithium Mexico], the stock went from 0.04p to 2.25p, 1m mkt cap + to 95 million, thus multiplying 95 times. That is 1,000 became 95,000 at its height.

Needless to say, Sonora lithium was a big resource which Midas said [posted on this forum before], it could supply 9-10% of global supply then.

REM went into records as one of the most successful AIM co*s for one year. Each yr, its different co*s.

Naturally, when the takeover by REM of BCN [Sonora Lithium, Mexico] was rejected at 88.5p - 1, the efficient mkt theory kicked in.

Thought I would relate the history.

Many others have commented on H*s tweet and said it needs to be done over 30 times and another 24 times.

Moral of the story, if one got in early at 0.04p, it is different with someone getting in at 0.9p and so forth. All shares normally do not stand still due to news flow that affect "valuation"?

History now.

Sat, 6 April, 2019
5 Apr '19

Just seen some external news on lithium [ REM -KDNC*s biz]

"Volkswagen purchases lithium from Ganfeng."- 8hrs ago [In German]

This is interesting. Will need to find out more and why. This is the type of external news I was talking about earlier.

Fri, 5 April 2019
5 Apr '19

Typo error. Fri, 5 April, 2019
5 Apr '19

I have now covered as much as I can at this stage to research the BASE data publicly available?

I will continue to monitor the information as it comes in as and when?

I will have to look at the macro situation externally?

I will have to evaluate the REM [legacy] and KDNC projects to further determine the ranking of these projects?

I have to determine which PROJECT or PROJECTS will increase the value and therefore the share price of REM - KDNC, if any?

I will have to re-calculate the mark-to-market value of REM-KDNC*s projects and the discount or premium attributed?

I will have to see if any are best in class and matched against peers and why, say, BCN has been just given a target price of 72p [Speculative buy by Cannacord on 4 Apr 2-19 although the full note is not available to Joe Public] although the Black Scholes fair value is higher from recall. Interesting to see the workings.
The REM takeover price for BCN was 88.5p-1 but the co said it undervalued their co?

I will have to see the EXIT events for any of the investments or if they produce EBITDA and respective P/E and whether they have the industry P/E or not?

I will have to gauge REM-KDNC*S current strategy going forward given the 3 new Australian lithium projects. Example, do they go on to mine etc or remain an investment co?

Each one of the REM-KDNC investments will have to be EVALUATED since some are more advanced and others are early stage exploration co*s?

I have to determine what TIME-scales are involved in the JV*s etc and other investments?

I have to evaluate if any could become a Game Changer? The last game changer for REM was to takeover BCN, hence the mkt cap went from 1m+ as a shell co to some 95m mkt cap [0.04p to 2.25p]? To have reached or to attained some 5p [per the Twitter mention], it would reach some 200m+ mkt cap which is where Nemaska is at, awaiting funding? Please check. History now.

So, as an investor of REM-KDNC, these and many other workings have to be done to determine fair value? Fair value will be different for everyone as well as time scales etc? Least but not last, one always has to expect the unexpected.?

As I said, the stock market game is about NUMBERS? Even for stocks that go up due to sentiment, it appears that it is also forward potential?

Sorry, not editing.

By the way, when I signed in, I can go to the beta site but I have not tried it. No one has said whether it is different or the same etc.

So, I end this forum for now.

Sat, 5 April, 2019.
4 Apr '19

billion-tonne iron-ore."-4 April, 2019 [Proactive InvestorsVideo Interview with CEO, Joe Phillips.

On-topic as KDNC owns 10.1% of Macarthur Minerals [listed in Canada, TSX:MMS] .
4 Apr '19

Macarthur Minerals [MMS] currently as above.

KDNC owns 10.1% of MMS.


Fri, 4 April 2019
UK Time 4:50pm
4 Apr '19

"Argonaut Resources leveraged to drilling near BHP*s IOCG discovery in South Australia."- Proactive Investors Australia, 13 hrs ago, Fri 4 April 2019.


"Auroch holds a likely Eastern Extension to the Torrens JV Gravity Anomaly."

On-topic as REM-KDNC owns 6.7% of Auroch, listed in Australia.
Argonaut and Aeris Resources are in a JV re:Torrens copper project, South Australia.
Their 1st hole assay results are pending.
Posted earlier on this site, hence why continuing info here so that it is not broken up, the Torrens project could be bigger than giant BHP*s Olympic Dam?Please check back to read.

Fri, 4 April 2019
3 Apr '19

"Iron ore has moved about $90/t on talk of a SUPPLY CRUNCH after warnings of lower output by from the industry*s big 3 producers. Rio Tinto and BHP on cyclone damage and Vale on ongoing impacts after the tailings dam burst."-FT, 6 hrs ago, Wed 3 April, 2019.

On-topic for KDNC as it owns 10.1% of Macarthur Minerals [MMS] listed in Canada whose business is iron ore in Western Australia.

Please check.
2 Apr '19

On London South East above, KDNC.PL is 0.16p [0.14p /0.185p] +22.64%.

I went to KDNC Nex to check as PL denotes NEX exchange:
It stated: 0.14 Bid. Ask 0.185p & Mid 0.163p
Volume: 4.88m


On London South East KDNC, it is showing different data.
Mkt now closed, Tues, 2 Apr 2019.
2 Apr '19

"This DEAL really highlights how lithium continues to evolve as a strategic mineral." -Chris Berry, 1 April 2019
[Embedded in this tweet is the Reuters article: "China*s GanfengLithium boosts stake in Argentine project with Lithium Americas."

The last 2 posts to this was about the Ganfeng Lithium deal. So, the size of the deal ie 12.5% stake for US$160m= 123m does illustrate the M & A currently.

Certainly, the REM 5p mentioned by someone on Twitter [SP high 2.25p = 95m so 5p is around the 200m mkt cap mark] would be more illustrative of the mkt caps now of Nemaska [awaiting funding] at C$283.94m or Lithium America JV with Ganfeng at C$494.34m?? These appear to be the benchmark for lithium mkt caps?

History now of REM-Sonora Lithium, Mexico.

Tues, 2 April, 2019
1 Apr '19

Just imagine:

Today, Ganfeng paid US$160m = 123 MILLION for a 12.5% stake to increase it from 37.5% to 50% in Lithium Americas. Lithium Americas has just started construction.

Hence, REM* former 20% stake in BCN could have been sold for big wonga if they had got to the stage of funding.
On BCN, Analyst2 said that BCN is now 2 years behind time today?

Everyone is now selling their stakes down eg Pilbara Minerals [up to 49% which could fetch more than US$1b]. Pilbara is more advanced than Lithium Americas.

History now.

Mon 1 April 2019
1 Apr '19

KDNC owns 10.1% of Macarthur Minerals [MMS]. MMS is +27.8% today at C11.5.

1 April, 2019 [Mon]
1 Apr '19

Lithium Americas - Ganfeng has to pay extrapolation inversion maths, say US$640m for a 50% stake [using the 12.5% > US$160m].

I just checked: "Talison Lithium backs $848m Chinese takeover bid." -Proactive Investors, 9.12.12
This is about the largest lithium project in Western Australia ie GREENBUSHES.

Our Founder talked about this M & A deal then.

Looks as if one could buy a whole co a lot cheap in 2012?

PLS [Pilbara Minerals] is also in the news to sell at stake [up to 49% in Pilgangoora lithium project in W.Australia] which analysts speculate could fetch more than $1bn [posted earlier] .So, lithium M & A in the news.

On-topic for industry news as BCN was an REM legacy project.

1 Apr 2019
1 Apr '19

I dont have L2, so I try the size the MM would sell before going to NT.
Just tried a few minutes ago and at HL, there appears to be not all [to any great extent?] that many around?

Mon 1 April, 2019
1 Apr '19

Investors are not trying the live price. What is being quoted on KDNC is the advertised price.

I have just tried HL live price and the spread is very narrow.

Mon, April 1, 2019

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