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Share Views - Ferrum Crescent Exec-Chairman Justin Tooth talks on his re-structuring strategy and exciting new projects Watch here

Share Views Episode 13 - Ferrum Crescent Exec-Chairman Justin Tooth talks on his re-structuring strategy and exciting new projects

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Wed 15:55

stew200 / nothing wrong in investors having a short but posting 24/7 negative to put new investors off or getting newbies to sell due to someone posting negative is wrong if they are trying to get the price lower for their personal gains , folk use these bb`s for research like links etc , they also shouldn`t use what folk say on these bb`s as research , we all know they shouldn`t but we all know they do .
13 Oct '16

Space , you want to read that poor OAP on the GKP bb , lost his shirt in that one , put all his dosh in and bought in around £2.50 ,some really have been burnt on shares , folk really shouldn`t put all their dosh in one stock , I feel very sad for that OAP considering some are getting paid massive wages and the SP`s so low , at least VOG has some chance in getting back up .
10 Oct '16

NuckyThompson / you were trying to work out what the UK manufacture ,well they make the Jaguar car and Land Rover but sadly the EU is taking it out of the UK and have given Slovakia a massive grant to build a new factory so Slovakia can build Jags and all Land Rovers , If we were not in the EU that wouldn`t have happened ,EU is also taking Transit Vans away from the UK and giving a grant toTurkey so they can build the Transit Van ,the lists goes on , Britain made some of the bests things in the world until the EU got their grubby mits on control of the UK ,the EU is out of date and run by a load of money grabbing do do gooders who haven`t done a days work in their lives , one thing Britain is good at is inventing things only to loose control by the EU , who would ever think of inventing the world wide web , not only invented it but gave it to the world , yes we are a little country but a hell of a lot comes out of it and Britain is listened to around the world , let get a good deal with the EU and deal with the whole world , we need to move on with Brexit .
30 Sep '16

jiffybag ,well done ,great to see folk make profit on the markets ,also good to put in SXX as there was quite a dip to get in the low thirties , SP seems to have bottomed , i have done trading on Barc lately which has been very good ,nice bit of profit ,
SXX does seem to have a lot of newbies to shares ,a lot of them read these bb`s to pick tips etc ,they are also pick up posts from likes of Howie and Smthy which can be quite scary if you are new to shares and are sitting on a loss and think it is better to sell ,thats what Howie and co try and do ,if folk are on a loss they will go into the blue and more on news of funding , dont press the sell button on what folk say on these bb`s because thats what they want , it seems they are mr nice guy but they have a motive , ( have a short running or want to get in low as possible )
30 Sep '16

Olderandwiser , partly agree with you but over the last few years investors are day trading more and more , years ago investors would buy through their broker and would hold for years , now any late news or sniff of trouble investors bail out on their online share accounts , also if they see a good bit of profit and can see the SP dip they hop out , just look at some of the AIM shares , I know of quite a few that were 20 - 50p a share now 1p or even less ,those investors are well screwed,that is partly why I dont hold shares long term anymore ,
Sometimes it is good to take profit then wait , if the SP jumps a bit before getting back in on some very good news that would be fine just didn`t get in at the bottom but if the news is good still profit to be made and there would be a spike again ,
The same as SXX , I think it is worth staying on the fence just in case the market didnt like a large dilution , but then again it might not mind because SXX has got it`s funding so could be good to jump in , lot of things to take into account .
29 Sep '16

after hour trades are quite often just mm`s moving shares around when market is closed , it all looks good but mean nothing after the UT trade
25 Sep '16

stokey , time will tell ,well I have always favoured a partner who is rich and has the same goal as SXX , also will pay their way even for the work SXX has already done so SXX is funded till production ,
Like Scotsman said he hopes no dilution but I think they will have to , there is a lot of choices on the table
25 Sep '16

stokey , isn`t that what I was saying will it be 500 million or 2 billion extra shares we don`t know what deal is being done with the ii`s , but there has to be some dilution to speed up the money needed to get started , also you mention exchange rate , i would think the borrowing etc would be done on stage payments anyway and exchange rates would happen each time more is taken on these different stages , the amount SXX needs the funding will be complicated ,
25 Sep '16

I don`t think the interest rates will be that high against what interest rates were in the 90`s but would think higher than normal of present times, when SXX get the finance will they use some of that cash not only run the business but pay any of the loan off . If say finance gets sorted by end of the year the Mine wont go into production for 4 years so they will have to get an agreement that the lenders wont get any money back for 4 years or interest payments only till SXX go into production ,
As for equity that is what a lot of folk will be wondering even if they don`t like talking about it on these bb`s , equity has got to play a big part in the financing just how big , is it going to be 500 million extra or 2 billion extra , the other question who is going to buy those extra shares and is SXX going to look for long term ii`s that dont off load when they get the cheap shares ( as usually they are bought at a cheap rate by the ii`s )
23 Sep '16

No they wont , He said in his funding update last time he is working on funding Phase 1 , when he is ready to release news on how it will be funded then the SP will either like it or dislike it , remember he has to find a lot of cash for Phase 1 , if he gets it which is pretty well a dead cert I think you will find the SP will Boooom first thing in the morning that the news is released and many will be locked out , I also think the ii`s will know early and buy night before as they generally do which will knock the SP up ,

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