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Mon 20:21

GaiasKidney / , what folk need to work out when Phase 1 is in the SP could be 50p ,start of Phase 2 the SP could be 75p ,half way though Phase 2 the SP could be £1.20 or more then jump on production , it certainly isn`t going to hang around 19p then shoot to £2.00 or so in the start of production lol,

Um $6bill profit in 12 years the SP could be £12.00 or more unless the company split the shares get given 4 shares for 1 of yours , Barclays did this when the shares got to expensive . thats why if SXX did have 4 bill shares they properly wouldn`t bother to consolidate . however one wants to look at the facts the the profits will be in the Billions which should be life changing for folk who tuff out the dips and trades etc and wait till production . ,

Mon 19:33

MrShep , The RNS the other day was a good one where the Govt will guarantee loans on Phase 2 , so you can rest on that one the company wont be diluting on Phase 2 , and also the Govt can see a save bet there ,

Like an oil company they drill cost millions get a duster and have to raise funds for another drill and quite often still dont hit oil , at least what SXX is doing is just putting the infrastructure in and when in it will save money for years and years via very little transporting costs . profits will be huge even in the early days of production , which in turn will give big divi`s. and the company have said this .
Mon 18:51

Yorkshireman / Certainly dont take what I said was a deramp but I also wouldn`t see the the SP go down to 10p or lower even if SXX did dilute say 2bill share or 2.5 bill shares ,simple fact they would have got a big part of their funding which is the biggest risk factor in this share as it cant be the product as it is the biggest and the best product in the world . But what would be the best thing for SXX can do is get long term ii`s ones that would hold for 7 - 10 years and they are out there,

To talk about dilution and consolidation can make ppl feel a bit scary but the company needs money and to dilute is sometimes the best move with loans to be added further down the line , but 4bill shares isnt that many when he company will turnover $bill a year which is a fantastic amount of money , huge infact .

But if the company did consolidate in 4 to 5 years time it wouldnt make any difference infact companies consolidate to cut down day trading etc. if they had 4 bill shares and the SP was £2.00 a share if the consolidated 2 for 1 the share would be £4.00 , which for a FSTE share would be better IMO ,
Mon 17:28

GabrielOak , doubling the shares in issue would have an impact on the SP , looking at the graph on that presentation page 59 , didnt show 2 bill shares and looks like 4 bill will be in issue to get the funding , SXX hasnt got that many ii`s holding so the SXX bod will need to get some long term ii`s to to buy these extra shares if they do dilute , IMO .

Some may say on here it wont make a difference to the SP if they dilute but the share will have to dip some to except that amount of dilution , when the company make money then of course that amount of shares wont make much difference they may consolidate at that point , but who knows that is upto the bod , IMO they will as it would be better to be in the pounds than the pence share and to be in the FTSE it doesn`t look so good being a pence share .
Mon 14:48

Your trade may well have gone through ISDX trading , it`s all the same but doesn`t show on here , also some of the red could be buys but winds folk up and newbies sell thinking everyone is selling lol, I suppose it makes a market others will buy in or top up on the dips ,

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