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Last Posted: 1 Feb '16

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1 Feb '16

" Funny old game isnt it."

100 % agree ST mate :) It sure is :)

Good Luck All :)
1 Feb '16

I think it's fair to say both companies have had a very bad time lately (market wise ) and I 'm not in GKP ( thought about it the other day at around the 11 - 12 p mark - ha ! typical eh ? :) I hope both companies make fantastic gains and good luck all to all holders...... I sincerely believe that once the political situation gets sorted out ( which it surely will ) and the POO rises ( never mind global over supply in the short term - who doesn't want to sell their products for as much as they can get ? ) we'll all be quids in...... :p

The one thing I will say about the GKP bb though is that it's mental :)

GLA :)
29 Jan '16

st - if GKP sp is rising - why ( in you're valuable opinion ) is GENL falling ? Please try and keep it GENL related ( not a dig ) but if it's all to do with KRG / ISIS ( or whatever the news is calling them nowadays - ( 1984 and all that ) ) then your scare tactics don't add up ? even you must see that ?

Good Luck All :)
29 Jan '16

And a good weekend to you sir - I bet you have so many pals - you're spoiled for choice and still wondering what to do ?Ah well, decisions decisions eh ? but you being a decisive individual I'm sure you won't be on here or GKP ( where I'm not a holder - don't comment but watch with interest - not GNEL related ) God weekend all ( especially you st - if your wife / kids / parents hate you / never loved you - which I " sense " get on the interweb and meet a girl / guy - whatever floats your boat ) gla :)

this advice is free st - as yours is - thanks pal :) pal to pal - go and have a ball mate :) GLA :)
29 Jan '16

I see this as undervalued at the moment..... even GKP is on the up so rumors of the KRG selling assets on E-Bay are much exaggerated ( IMO ) I bought back in here the other day at 113 ( JL will know I am an occasional visitor here ) BTW - I thought about this or TLW ( ha ha ) but I think a rise is coming here and so to Credit Suisse ....

Time will tell I suppose - but you got to ask yourself why the OP is rising and (even) GKP are but we're not ? Games being played ? T/O on the cards ? who can say ? ;) GLA :)

I don't know ? the more I follow the stock market - the less I understand it but I'm happy enough at the moment to wait.... GLA :)
20 Jan '16

Sometimes you're better listening to the loan wolf on these bb's.... not that I'm saying this is not a well balanced and sensible bb ( with some good posters and generally nice guys ) I have been in and out of here a few times ( never ramped or deramped ) - got out when it was obvious that the market was taking the p1$$ on this share.....

A very good company and once the political situation is sorted it will be one of the best oilies out there ( imo )

It's too cheap ( if your holding ) but it might drop even below £1 ( and who would have thought ? ) Anyway - I'm not here to rub in what is already painful watching for LTH's here - I am down a " paper fortune " on other shares as well ( all my oilies ) but prices WILL come back - just a case of when ? Severe drops on some good companies just now but the stock market works on the old " rinse and repeat " philosophy Buying opportunity now - if you can afford ( or equally importantly - have the patience ) to wait...... GLA :)
19 Jan '16

I wouldn't give you 15 million peanuts for RRL.... ( Or 10 million ) never mind $

GLA :)
19 Jan '16

Was never a goer - Very difficult geology etc ( practically impossible ) and it's no bad thing Range are out of the picture here..... It was never going to happen - Of course - CH said Columbia was a great deal ( in spite of the obvious problems ) check his posting history - GL Range holders - hope the future is bright :) GLA :)
19 Jan '16

You answered the first part of your question with the second part....


Your way out ;)

GLA :)
18 Jan '16

No doubt there is a (slow) crash going on - but it's almost over ( IMO ) a bit further to go ( down ) then it's up, up and up...

(IMO - In My Opinion ) Good Luck All :)

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