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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Fri 13:20

Worth noting 2000 restaurants is only where they expect to be in a year. Presumably the long term aim will be multiples of that. I used Tablepouncer several times (hence originally got interested in Dish) and shouldn't be underestimated how much it was used just in Bournemouth with a much clunkier app. From memory I had to pay a small fee per booking too, though what I remember of process is a bit fuzzy now... Cant remember how I found out about it either, think maybe word of mouth.
To be honest though, for the next couple of years the value of the company isnt going to be measured by revenue, its about rapid expansion, footprint and foothold, and brand awareness.
Fri 12:13

Good interview. Sanj ends saying loving it at dish, v busy gearing up for nationwide. Asked what situation will be in a years time: answer was nationwide presence, around 2k restaurants, collaborating with a range of partners who will be promoting bigdish, on the radar of diners everywhere and known as the 'go to place' for great restaurant deals. Talks a bit about the tech, adding reviews and so on, and about the reaction they are getting from restaurants. They take 1 pound per diner for 25 PC discount and 50p per 50pc discount. Other ways to generate revenue in future. Achieved roll out so far with only 2 territory managers right now. Without a doubt knows his stuff and the industry inside out, very lucky to have him IMO. Just what I can remember anyway, worth a listen.
Fri 11:29

So presumably we are now at 50m plus level could start to see some funds starting to invest. Any thoughts how that's likely to play out? Not sure how the governance tends to work.
Thu 22:24

Make that share talk, not share pickers. Long day...
Thu 22:22

I'm not sure there will be much profit taking this time. With Brighton and news of a mystery partnership to come, would be short sighted to sell. I've not seen on Twitter etc that Dish has caught the attention of the traders, the steady nature of the expansion plan maybe makes it a bit harder to pump and dump, and seems to be a lot of investors sitting on it. Plus Aidan I think holding 30 percent or so. We will see though.

And yeah, Art doesn't seem to have a grasp on what the business have been focusing on. While he's been obsessively counting restaurants in Bath each day the company has been working up the strategy and what's needed to execute it. I've got absolute faith Sanj is the man to make it happen. News flow and momentum are superb now.

If anyone is new to dish I'd suggest checking out share pickers interview when it comes out tomorrow if you want to hear what's happening straight from the CEOs mouth, the company are very transparent.
Thu 14:34

Not too late, but future price all depends on soon to be released results. At the end of the day it's an educated gamble. I bought at about 3.20 initially and topped up earlier this week. Even at these prices if it lands you should multi bag, but if it doesn't have to be prepared for a steep loss. As simple as that (I think).
Thu 12:33

Cant find it ...
Thu 09:36

Where is the webinar being broadcast?
Thu 09:06

As footprint is southwest and now into commuter towns then London, cant see it being a big chain at the moment? Would have thought that would come after nationwide.

Are there any smaller southern UK or London based chains?

Or it could be something a bit more left field around sales and marketing, sponsorship, or perhaps partnering with a company operating in similar space to co-promote each other ... literally could be anything.

Chain would be great though.
Thu 08:37

Is there anything to be read into new broker appt?
Thu 07:41

Sorry, I should say live in Swindon and Reading added to roll out. Full release below. It's the partnership bit that's most intriguing...

"BigDish Plc

(“BigDish” or the “Company”)

New Locations on BigDish

BigDish Plc (LON: DISH), a food technology company that operates a yield management platform for restaurants, is pleased to announce new locations as part of the expanded growth strategy.


BigDish is now live in Swindon
Reading added as a new location
The Company is pleased to announce that Swindon is now live on the BigDish platform. Furthermore, Taunton is expected to go live on or around 28 May 2019.

In reference to the announcement on 8th May 2019, it is now expected that a new location, Reading, will go live prior to Winchester. This is part of the Company’s plan to expand into the London commuter towns.

Sanj Naha, CEO said:

“We are very pleased with the successful launch of Swindon on the BigDish platform. We are also excited to announce that Reading will launch in the near future as part of our plan to expand into the London commuter towns. Following successful launches in Exeter and Basingstoke at the beginning of May, it is hugely encouraging that the Company is on track with its growth strategy. We look forward to updating the market next week on further significant plans regarding our roll out across the UK and a new partnership which will coincide with the launch in Brighton.”
Thu 07:26

Out today, live in two more towns. Little teaser statement in there too... "We look forward to updating the market next week on further significant plans regarding our roll out across the UK and a new partnership which will coincide with the launch in Brighton."
Wed 22:18

Meanwhile f1 19 is round the corner. Another RNS and (bigger?) sp boost awaits. Should be the beauty of BIDS for the foreseeable future, having placed now. New games, contracts and I expect things we haven't even thought about.
Wed 22:02

Dont know if intentional or not, but Swindon live already. RNS incoming. Brighton will be the biggie though.
Wed 11:02

News drought?? ... dish consistently rns about twice a month, and we know we have one due this week or next with more positive news. That's why price seems to have a new baseline, people holding in anticipation. If people cant hold on for more than a couple of weeks without an rns then good riddance IMO. Dish are far more active than the majority of others I see.
Wed 05:03

Hi all. From what I can gather successful results = 52m payment plus 20 percent royalties. I've read back on the thread a long way but people quoting all kinds of potential mcaps up from the 30m we are at now. I've seen 20p mentioned a lot for phase 1 but not sure what that's based on.
Does anyone know what a realistic mcap or share price might be for success of each of the various drugs we have in the pipeline? Interested to understand more and rationale if anyone can help or point me in right direction, please. Conservative valuations are fine...
Tue 16:31

SP looking stable between RNS's. Maybe market has woken up to the #dish news pattern and share price movement. Have to admit most of my other shares have been a sea of red last couple of weeks, vs a sea of green the weeks before. So very welcome...
Mon 14:43

Topped up my nfx holding today, previous buys had been at early 3s but momentum is definitely growing now. Didn't want to miss out on news any day now.

Re another NFX, they are all unique, but try looking into FUM. There is a good interview on v@x markets podcasts worth a listen. Some similarities there. They are repurposing existing drugs so don't have same level of sign off required as new drugs. And they have results out later in the year. One is a pain killing gel. The other is a viagra gel. The latter is a potentially massive market as many men can't use viagra plus it supposedly is faster acting (5 mins). SP has dipped a bit recently so good price to buy in at. CEO seemed very confident. Hope of some help anyway. DYOR and all that!
Mon 08:42

Hi Drax. Fair points but they have been running at two account managers and been focusing on the tech really since IPO. Despite this have grown from 1 to 6 cities and more this month being added, things have really picked up the last couple of months in terms of roll out (with pre signed up restaurants ready to go). Add in their stated expansion of sales from 2 to 10, that London is on it's way and nearly ready to push the button on nationwide. And that they are confident they WILL add chains this year. I don't think they are short of ambition and have explained current position and future aims and how they'll get there. So like I said, points raised are fair, but also have to look at the big picture and that they have chosen not to grow it quicker by focusing on other areas of the business since Sanjay joined ie. get building blocks in place. The biggest constraint has been self imposed in my opinion, which has been holding back on recruiting larger sales team. I find it hard to be negative about #dish right now, we're on the cusp of some rapid growth which will be reflected in the share price as momentum builds. Perhaps see where we are in August Drax, think it will be game changing progress.
18 May '19

Cheers for replies. As you say, cap size where institutions invest should be a game changer. Perhaps I'll just take out the original investment if it multibags. Hopefully some fantastic news awaits in the next few weeks. I'm also sitting on FUM which has some similarities in terms of arguably 'lower risk' pharma product dev, and results due soon. Fingers crossed one of them comes in... NFX looking more likely than not but you never know, good luck all...

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