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Exclusive: Hardman & Co call the lithium market: is a change in trend happening?
Tower Resources identify 18 million barrels of contingent reserves worth $118M in Cameroon

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Last Posted: 16 Oct '18

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16 Oct '18

No one is keeping this at 2p, the price is reflected by the market, once the market sees value in the company the sp will reflect said value, results news and sentiment will drive the SP, all of which are imminent. As the well is already commercial in terms of flow, Any additional flow from the kim layers with the addition of a CPR will in turn be reflected in the SP and it won’t be at 1.95p it’s impossible imo. I’ll await the news but shorting HH with proven flow rates not once but twice is financial suicide. There would have a be a catastrophic disaster within the next few months for this not to bag imo.
16 Oct '18

The SP will soon be driven by sentient await the arrival of the heard pre news, 1.95p will be dust on final results of the EWT, the well is already commercial from the Portland, the two Kim’s will prove this to be a significant find, at which point the SP will rocket as it did during the last HH flow test. The oil is flowing, at the moment we have some doubt due to the B.B. fiasco. Get ready for this to return to trading huge intraday numbers. It’s innevitable - If there’s oil there’s cash if there’s cash theres buyers. Simple, and given the results so far its looking promising
16 Oct '18

Ukog will be taking the best possible price for oil as it will be sold on the on the spot oil market ;-) Sweet at 40API, helps fund the test programme
3 Oct '18

Letting the big buyers in early, like trying to hold back a train at the moment, larger pump now in full effect results pending, 1600 barrels spiked the SP to 11 pence albeit only 11 trades making the gate at the time. Let’s see what our biggger pump and choke will allow, either way - once results are confirmed and even if static on last years flow, which I doubt, a rise in the sp is inevitable, hence the flurry of large buys. Ukog was an extremely high profile stock during HHs last flow test period, this time will be bigger. The market is talking ...... GL ALL
2 Oct '18

Tomorrow mid day then if it’s free flowing ?
1 Oct '18

You need to work in your recovery cost per barrel, which differs but $23 is about right unless your Iran or Iraq then your at $8.89 per barrel
1 Oct '18

It’s the French !
1 Oct '18

Both equally annoying imo
1 Oct '18

This will be a bigger pump than last time, as flow was restricted at the pump on their last visit. Be interesting to see initial rates
1 Oct '18

We need to know the pump spec for a true calculation. But it’s a start .......
1 Oct '18

Pump Output (P0)
Formula 1

PO, bbl/stk = 0.000243 x (liner diameter, in.)2 X (stroke length, in.)

Example: Determine the pump output, bbl/stk, at 100% efficiency for a 7-in, by 12-in,
triplex pump:

PO @ 100% = 0.000243 x 72 x 12
PO @ 100% = 0.142884 bbl/stk

Adjust the pump output for 95% efficiency: Decimal equivalent = 95 ÷ 100 = 0.95

PO @ 95% = 0.142884 bbl/stk x 0.95
PO @ 95% = 0.13574 bbl/stk

Formula 2

PO, gpm = [3 (72 x 0.7854) S] 0.00411 x SPM

where D = liner diameter, in. S = stroke length, in. SPM = strokes per minute

Example: Determine the pump output, gpm, for a 7-in, by 12-in, triplex pump at 80 strokes
per minute:

PO, gpm = [3 (72 x 0.7854) 12] 0.00411 x 80
PO, gpm = 1385.4456 x 0.00411 x 80
PO = 455.5 gpm

Duplex Pump

0.000324 x (Liner Diameter, in.)2 x (stroke length, in.) = _________ bbl/stk
-0.000162 x (Liner Diameter, in.)2 x (stroke length, in.) = _________ bbl/stk
Pump output @ 100% eff = _________ bbl/stk

Example: Determine the output, bbl/stk, of a 5-1/2 in, by 14-in, duplex pump at 100%
efficiency. Rod diameter = 2.0 in.:

0.000324 x 5.52 x 14 = 0.137214 bbl/stk
-0.000162 x 2.02 x 14 = 0.009072 bbl/stk
pump output 100% eff = 0.128142 bbl/stk

Adjust pump output for 85% efficiency:
Decimal equivalent = 85 ÷ 100 = 0.85

PO @ 85% = 0.128142 bbl/stk x 0.85
PO @ 85% = 0.10892 bbl/stk

Formula 2

PO, bbl/stk = 0.000162 x S [2(D)2 — d2]

where D = liner diameter, in. S = stroke length, in. SPM = strokes per minute

Example: Determine the output, bbl/stk, of a 5-1/2-in, by 14-in, duplex pump 100%
efficiency. Rod diameter — 2.0 in.:

PO @ 100% = 0.000162 x 14 x [2 (5.5) 2 -22 ]
PO @ 100% = 0.000162 x 14 x 56.5
PO @ 100% = 0.128142 bbl/stk

Adjust pump output for 85% efficiency:

PO @ 85% = 0.128142 bbl/stk x 0.85
PO @ 85% = 0.10892 bbl/stk
28 Sep '18

What’s a big Bertha ?
28 Sep '18

Flow rates will spike the SP, asset value will prove and secure the SP, in short recoverable oil is all that matters without that figure there is no asset. Wait for the CPR and or the JV
27 Sep '18

I can concur, as I was witness to the event in question, I am willing to testify and represent blade sharp should this matter ever present itself in court, I can also verify to the best of my knowledge blade is in fact holding the for mentioned volume of shares in both stated companies, as he and I have both shared a bed and a bottle of lubricant on a number of occasions with breaks to conference the above matter, I would suggest the above to be true.
27 Sep '18

Potty mouth !
27 Sep '18

Brocal exactly we learnt our lesson at B.B. now we wait for news, GL
27 Sep '18

Much more cost effective to run a slickline than a wireline, no feed back required for fishing unless you are running a retrievable plug, can’t see that myself due to the time the Well was closed up, they are way more expensive.
27 Sep '18

Take care boyzee glad you are well
27 Sep '18

Pboo a wash pipe is 32 feet long with extension pipe available to fit the job, this isn’t a bad thing not to sure why you are so protective! It’s a normal procedure ! Fishing itself is a huge business and lots of wells undertake a bit of fishing from time to time chill out have a pasty !
27 Sep '18

Better late than never though ! As long as you get to spend a bit ;)
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