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Wed 10:32

My late Mother, who died at the age of 89, refused to have anything to do with Saga because it was for old people. She referred to it as Gaga!. And, in truth, what a silly name for a company. We refer to some interminable problem as being "a saga". Now i see that they have named their two new cruise ships Spirit of Adventure & Spirit of something else [not actually that, of course]. But what a difference. For older people spirit, hope & positivity are what life is all about. Later years are for enjoyment not drudgery. Now i doubt whether the company name Spirit PLC is available but what a magical name change that would be. Saga needs a new image & so it needs a new name.
Wed 08:41

Institutions have had plenty of opportunity to buy in recent days. The fact that they haven't speaks for itself.
Wed 08:06

I wouldn't say that i am allergic to Non-Execs but generally i cannot get enthusiastic about a bunch of hasbeens making up the numbers on the board. But Mary Taverner is different. This is major coup for Allergy Therapeutics & i believe, alters the investment landscape, turning this stock into a long term hold. Always assuming it doesn't succumb to a bid in the short term.
Wed 07:51

So Staffline is now in a dark place, the share price is in freefall & the stated 37m funding requirement becomes more difficult with every penny that it falls. Accordingly the dilution is becoming greater & greater. That is assuming that they can now attract placees at any price. What an inglorious mess. What monumental incompetence. The placing should have accompanied the most recent RNS. That would have staunched the blood from what is now an open wound.
Wed 07:44

Today's DT has their periodic China Watch pullout.It has a piece on how China is fast tracking 5G & that 5G licences have been granted to China Mobile, China Telecom & China Unicom. The latter two are referenced in Ethernity's RNS as being clients of Fiber Home. The Chinese Minister of IT is quoted as saying that China welcomes foreign company involvement in building it's 5G market. So there you have it - fast track - 2 of the biggest 3 operators & first licence holders as potential customers - a welcoming hand to foreign involvement [although presumably not USA etc countries that have targeted Huwai]. The FiberHome deal now looks to have exceptional significance. If ENET's technology has the benefits that it claims then major revenues & profit should flow.
Tue 14:10

They want to raise 37m. If the placing & open offer were to be at 1 per share then that is 37m shares. Shares currently in issue are 28m. That is huge dilution with a large chunk of the company going to those faceless placees.
Tue 14:03

Well, i suppose Mr Flight put 1.25m shares, at a cost of some 25K into his pension fund because he considered them good long-term value. So i find that encouraging. Hopefully, as the business evolves, the shares themselves will take flight!
Tue 12:30

No-one can be criticized for taking a profit. After all there are no guarantees in this game. Nonetheless i see this as the low hanging fruit being picked. The rest can be left to ripen.
Mon 20:56

You may well be correct Tracy but this is the dichotomy we are faced with. A bid at 3 a share would provide bountiful profits to PI's but, at the same time, could mean the bidder getting an important slice of the 5G revolution on the cheap.
Mon 16:45

Stock volume is modest although there may be delayed trades in the system. What today tells us is that any stock overhang is now cleared and the suspicion is that MMs are trying to flush out stock, potentially because they have an order to fill. No RNS so this news has only filtered through - not yet fully hit the radar. Not clear whether early revenues will accrue and at what level but what this deal has provided is an abundance of credibility. Part only of the jigsaw but a very important part.
Fri 16:41

So, is this Andrew Davies guy actually an undertaker? He is appointed CEO of Carillion & they are dead and buried before he even gets his feet under the desk. Now he fetches up at Kier & the shares go into a tailspin. Any attempt to calm the market - NO! Any attempt to buy shares - actually put some money on the table? NO! Maybe he was in such a hurry he fell over himself.
Fri 16:17

Breaking news; Kier got new CEO via Amazon. On taking him out of the box all they found was damaged goods. Now can they return him & ask for a refund before he awards himself a shed load of nil cost options?
Fri 08:04

With their specialist position in data centres etc & their excellent reputation the future looks bright indeed. Clearly signposted by the company & Google Maps is not required to find the destination.
Fri 07:34

Excellent results - would have been nice to see the d[ividend] word mentioned, if only as an aspiration for the current year. Nonetheless these results + prospects leave the company looking cheap.
13 Jun '19

Tracy - the thing that puzzles me is that, uniquely for posters, you comment only on this single stock. Is there a reason for this? I ask this politely, simply to try & put your informed comments into perspective. My current take on this is that quite simply we have to put our faith in the CEO. He appears confident & if he can deliver then the sky is truly the limit. One major deal alone would, i feel, double the share price. But delivery & early revenues are the key.
12 Jun '19

When it comes to US courts dealing with commercial disputes between a US company & a non US company the judgments can be quixotic & arbitrary. So, however strong Taptica's defence - & we only have their word for that - there is no guarantee that they will exit this situation without pain. In addition, when it comes to governance matters Israeli companies have a chequered record.
12 Jun '19

Curate's egg today - Jam tomorrow & so keep the Champagne on ice.
12 Jun '19

Delivery is speeding up. Looking very positive.
11 Jun '19

Contrary to what has been posted there in nothing in Gun's update to suggest that the status of the Madagascar licence is in doubt. Beyond this i wonder if maybe Northbay Capital may fold their interest into Gun for shares resulting in the total interest being in one listed vehicle. A London listing was always the plan for Oyster & would make a farm out much simpler.
11 Jun '19

Current market cap of the whole shebang is around 2m

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