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EXCLUSIVE: Aura Energy #Aura to IPO Swedish Vanadium prospect

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18 Sep '16

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology is yet to be fully incorporated into commercial cars, but Volvo has recently built a KERS-equipped S60 T5 prototype. The new Mazda 6 is making use of a system called i-ELOOP using the same technology. Jaguar plans to introduce KERS into its next XJ series...
5 Aug '16

Why is the redeemable share discount getting wider?

"Redeemable shares are shares which can be �redeemed� (in other words, the ownership of the shares can be retrieved from the shareholder at the option of either the company or the shareholder on pre-determined terms and conditions and payment of a specified sum). A company may wish to issue redeemable shares so that it has an alternative way to return surplus capital to shareholders without having to carry out a buyback of its shares. One of the key reasons why a company may prefer to carry out a redemption rather than a buyback is that, in contrast to a buyback, stamp duty is not payable on redemption." That didn't help :-)
9 Jun '16

The ETI partners includes; BP, Caterpillar, EDF, Rolls-Royce, Shell and the UK Government.

This contract is the first step towards fulfilling the goal, stated by Adam Robson, in the last trading update “…we have decided to focus our resources on the two areas (off-highway KERS and V-Charge). I am optimistic about the market and the opportunities and believe we can deliver the necessary licences over the coming 12 months in these two key areas.” Now that news would boost this share, IMO. GLA
3 Jun '16

with Caterpillar, IMO See "" @ 1:20 ETI invests £3m to achieve 30% fuel consumption reduction in Heavy Duty Vehicles, partnered by Caterpillar...

"The agreement has been entered into with one of the largest global manufacturers of off-highway construction and mining equipment within the Energy Technologies Institute's Heavy Duty Vehicles Efficiency programme. This fully funded programme will work to design, develop and demonstrate a high-power KERS for integration in the main drivetrain of both a large mining truck and an on-highway articulated truck."
27 May '16

RIT Capital Partners is an investment trust, which seeks to achieve long-term capital growth by investing primarily in quoted securities. Established in 1988 to manage some of the wealth of the Rothschild family, this is a “wealth preservation” fund.

It achieves this through a “multi-asset” approach, spreading investments across assets ranging from property and gold to shares listed in emerging markets. Currency exposure is also actively managed.

Investors may miss the strongest gains when stock markets are rising, but can expect to make up ground in less certain times. The trust may move to a premium during market turmoil, so investors should time when to buy if they can.
25 May '16

Note: these results are produced on a Ford focus, using the class leading 1.0L Ford Ecoboost engine, which already produces the power of a 1,6L engine. with V-Charge the output could equal a 2.0L engine when required, with the economy and efficiency of a 1.0L to pass strict emission tests, wots not to like!

This means one engine can power all models from Fiesta to a Mondeo, with only changes to the EMS, the economies of scale could be enormous. Most other major car makers would follow suit, or be left behind, unless Ford have an exclusivity deal with Torotrak?
25 May '16

a commercial deal is the only thing missing from the results. However, the price of oil doesn't negate the cost advantages of V-Charge or the market need due to pending emission regs. GLA

from last RNS: The successful results from the Bath study confirm the capability of V-Charge to enable more radical engine downsizing and downspeeding whilst maintaining vehicle driveability and performance. This will enable OEMs to put smaller engines in vehicles to meet the challenging post 2020/21 emissions targets and still sell vehicles that deliver the performance that customers want to buy. V-Charge enables demanding engine downsizing and downspeeding without sacrificing performance or incurring significant additional cost. V-Charge offers OEM customers the following key benefits when compared to other boosting solutions:

· Uses less fuel at full load than an equivalent non-variable mechanical roots supercharger, by delivering only the air that is required

· Achieves faster torque response than two-stage turbocharging, or clutched mechanical superchargers

· Is much quieter in operation than mechanical superchargers, or eBoosters which use switched reluctance motors

· Can produce higher peak power than equivalent eBoost systems, as the V-Charge supercharger operates continuously at low engine speeds, which means that the turbocharger can be sized for higher engine speeds only and hence optimized for peak power

· Offers significant performance advantages on alternative engine cycles such as Miller / Atkinson which are being investigated by OEMs for next generation engine platforms.
15 Dec '15

Interesting article. I like these comments: PitchSteer is a low-cost, low weight method of control that reduces actuation power required (to 10W) for Torotrak’s variable drive, which is designed for devices such as superchargers. DriveDisconnect provides a zero output speed capability within the variator – providing the functionality of a clutch without the cost or weight penalty.

“DriveDisconnect provides an extra function for free,” enthuses Gaskell. “Our development work for both technologies has proven that we can offer unique CVT functionality that addresses the needs of our customers, for example in the variable supercharging space.” - See more at:

IMHO this is great news for the uptake of superchargers in mainstream production vehicles. Superchargers place a direct mechanical load on the engine, so this development will disconnect that load from the engine when boost is not required, increasing fuel efficiency and eliminating turbo lag. A Rolls-Royce Merlin engine supercharger draws about 150 horsepower (110 kilowatts), so the potential savings are worthwhile.
4 Sep '15

Plant Impact, the agricultural crop improvement specialist, said it now expects to break even after trading profitably through the last full year.
After a transformational year to the end of July, the AIM-listed company predicted growth for the 2016 financial year on the back of substantial sales in Brazil of its soybean crop efficiency product, Veritas.

Sales of Veritas, which is sold in Brazil by German multinational Bayer, were encouraging and helped group revenue expand 80% to £4.5m, of which £1.4m came in the fourth quarter, itself a 75% increase.

Although sales in Northern Europe were hit by Russia's boycott of European produce, Plant Impact said overall for the year its net profit after tax was expected to be £0.1m, reversing the previous year's £0.7m loss.

Chief executive John Brubaker said it had been a transformational year for the group and said 2016 was "an important year for multiple growth programmes".

"The directors have a positive sales outlook for the 2016 financial year."

This is predicated on forecasts of "substantial growth" in Brazil for Veritas as sales are expanded across the whole country after a successful test-marketing season, with firm orders already received for most of its expected sales in the 2015/16 Brazilian soybean season.

Northern Europe, the smaller region from a current sales perspective, is expected to see "modest" growth, Middle-Eastern sales are expected to continue to expand, and a first commercial year of Banzai, a new product to improve cocoa yield that will be marketed in West Africa by Arysta LifeScience, beginning with Cameroon and the Ivory Coast.

Management also plan to significantly expand commercial and research and development programmes, using some of the £7.6m cash balances.
23 Apr '15

Sorry, I don't mean to mislead, I am back in profit - not Myriad, which set a new 52-week high during Wednesday's trading session when it reached 6.03 Chf, a rise of 364.84%.
23 Apr '15

0QMT: aka Synchroncia; Myriad Group AG (SIX Swiss Exchange: MYRN) ZURICH, Switzerland – 13th April 2015 provider of messaging solutions, and embedded software to leading OEMs, mobile operators, and pay TV providers worldwide, has seen double digit growth in its msngr chat service with users rising from 140 million in Q4 2014 to 171 million in Q1 2015, a 22 per cent increase.

I have stuck with this from the days of SYNC, but lost touch, until now. I will try and sell, as I am now in profit -;) GLA
12 Feb '15

It seems like the addition of graphene into the mix should make an interesting premium high technology wood?

"We were pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Christie and Sue Farr as Non-Executive Directors in November, adding strength and diversity to the current Board of Directors. The fact that we have been able to attract individuals of Sue and Sean's calibre to the Company speaks volumes about what Accsys has achieved recently and the potential of our business.

Sean Christie is the former Group Finance Director of Croda International plc, a global manufacturer of speciality chemicals. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Applied Graphene Materials plc."
12 Feb '15

· Continuing growth in demand with Accoya® wood revenue increasing by 42% to €28.7m for the nine months ended December 2014 (2013: €20.2m); 5% price increase successfully implemented during the quarter will become fully effective for the final quarter of the financial year;

· Strong balance sheet maintained with cash balance of €9.0m at 31 December 2014 (30 September 2014: €13.5m) and net cash of €7.1m (30 September 2014: €12.0m); 48% improvement in underlying cash-flow compared to same quarter last year;
. Improved sales and profitability gives us confidence that the Company will be cash-flow positive during the final quarter of the current financial year;

· Record production delivered in January 2015 resulting from on-going plant optimisation; indicates Arnhem production capacity in excess of 40,000 cubic meters per annum (+12% from last stated capacity)

This last statement suggests they are already exceeding the previously stated capacity (35,000 cubic meters) at Arnhem. Dose anyone know if this is true? or do they have plans for more shifts and /or extra production lines to achieve the stated capacity?
25 Nov '13

Seems like business as usual, I will keep an eye on future developments, but no need to change my mind. David Bundred, Chairman of Surface Transforms commented:

"This Placing completes the proposed fundraising of £821k announced in January 2013 of which £504k was actually raised in the period up to March 2013. The placing proceeds will be used for ongoing working capital purposes. The Board continues to target EBITDA break even and results are expected to be in line with market expectations. The Board would like to place on record its thanks to shareholders for their ongoing support for the Company."

Details of the subscription:

The Company has raised approximately £327,000 by way of a placing of 3,843,498 new Ordinary Shares at 8.5 pence per share. These new Ordinary Shares will represent approximately 9.1 per cent. of the enlarged issued share capital of the Company.

The placing price of 8.5 pence per share represents a discount of 25.3 per cent. against the closing share price on 22 November 2013 but a 6.3 per cent. premium to the last equity fundraising undertaken by the Company.
23 Nov '13

The Board Devilhawk Topcat 14 Castaway Mick THEX19MAN daza66 Chris2kmac KeyserSosse x 2 thepanda Members TheCobbler67 Sultan Merchant RobRoy007 mikemm kidwin
20 Sep '13

today, showing a small profit.

These will really move when they get aerospace approval. A simple retrofit will extend the range of an existing fleet of aircraft, once approved by the manufacturer, either Boeing or Airbus.

I shall hold for a couple of years, by then we will see the full potential here. the way the co is structured means they can respond quickly to increase capacity to match global demand.

Please DYOR, as timing is all important- and these things take time! Just be ready to climb on board.
9 Oct '12

This is great news for AXS shareholders and greatly improves prospects by providing a much clearer route to profitability, IMHO.

Paul Clegg, Accsys' Chief Executive Officer, commented:"2012 is proving to be a year of tremendous progress for Accsys and this joint venture has confirmed the advances that we have made in recent years. Forming this partnership with INEOS, a global petrochemical player and a global leader in the field of technology development and licensing, reinforces our ability to meet the expectations of our customers, partners and shareholders. We are confident that our combined resources will ensure that Tricoya® becomes the ubiquitous product that its performance mandates it should. The investment that INEOS has made, both into the joint venture and separately as a new shareholder into Accsys, strengthens our position as the undisputed world leaders in wood modification technology and enhances our ability to deliver value from our technology platform."

Peter Williams, Chief Executive Officer of INEOS Technologies, commented: "We are delighted to have joined Accsys in this new field. The outstanding durability and stability of Tricoya® offers the building industry valuable new options for the application of high-performance, cost-competitive and more sustainable wood based materials. Our skills complement those of our partner, and together we will realise important synergies for the new company. We are looking forward to the joint venture accelerating the commercialisation of this new materials technology around the world."
20 Sep '12

Seymour Pierce cuts Asian Citrus price target to 50p from 65p; rating buy

Target price should come soon after a good summers harvest, in my humble O:)
20 Sep '12

Shares in orange tree plantation operator Asian Citrus have risen more than one-tenth ahead of Friday's full-year results.

That will be some consolation to long-suffering shareholders who have seen the share price slide from the high eighties to the low twenties as doubts persist that the company may be over-stating its assets, a concern emanating from a single story run by the sort of magazine normally found near the check-out counter in supermarkets.

Seymour Pierce thinks Friday's results will show a strong advance in revenues, up 22% to RMB.1,725m. "The increase is driven by a full year revenue contribution from the fruit processing business, BPG, compared with just 7 months in FY11A [fiscal 2011, actual) and the 12.2% increase in orange production," the broker said.

"The trading update on July 25th guided to net profit (pre- revaluation of biological assets) being higher than FY11A but not significantly so due to the impact of heavy rainfall in the final quarter of the year necessitating the usage of a higher volume of pesticides and fertilisers to protect the crops," the broker added.

"If there was no increase in net profits, FY12E [fiscal 2012, estimated] EPS pearnings per share] would be RMB0.46, down -13.9% YOY [year-on-year] due to the share dilution from the BPG acquisition," Seymour Pierce continued.

"We would expect management to provide an update on the operations and the impact of continued heavy rain through July and August on the FY13 figures. The actual impact on the winter harvest revenues will not be known until ACHL [Asian Citrus] updates the market on the winter crop and it’s pricing in early November," Seymour Pierce analyst Sue Munden said.
1 Aug '12

PM's $400b power plan gains urgency as grid collapses India's worst power-grid failure in a decade exposed the urgency behind prime minister Manmohan Singh's bid to attract $400 billion in investment and ease an electricity deficit that is holding back economic growth. Financial Chronicle, India, 1/8/2012, p.9

Invested here and in Cyan, who are set to reduce India's problems with theft of electric and help manage potential overload problems. All this investment in power management systems, not just in India, looks good for long term investers here :)

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