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London South East Natural Resources Briefing webcast: #Emmerson #Alba #Condor Gold #Gold analysis
Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Today 18:13

Folk might want to seek clarification on that statement on drilling by dj, away from these boards.

Pure gobbledegook
Today 16:57

Presto thanks for the chuckles.

Main market listing doesn't mean a thing. Foolish to kid yourself and others. If you read the prospectus you'd see all the caveats. If that's too much, just take a look at pembridge resources. Then the balance sheet.

This share not influenced by PJ! Lol, he was one of the founders/organisers. Brought the Walsall rat pack and others with him too. I remember the commentary at the time from a director of the company.

I shall clarify here that I was bashing some of the seed investors, rather than the company. (Well, with those gross v net finance income woes there may not be a company for very long)

A good chunk of those people have been caught trying to manipulate markets by knowingly and willingly passing on, shall I say, "rather dubious information" amongst other things.

Only a mad man would purchase at a higher price than they did knowing their history and MO.

Wed 12:38

Hahaha auto-correct steeling and steelmin. Pmsl.

Google knows everything!!

Times up
Wed 12:37

Given what has happened with the disgraceful steeling and amulet loans, when they didn't rns those funds being burned as quick as I've seen any aim "loan" burned, why would they rns receiving what, 15% of what they pissed away in what most would see as a case made for the regulators?
Tue 22:45

Ryanair in talks with Boeing on 737 Max compensation

Shares in Ryanair tumbled more than 5.3pc in early trading, even as it announced a 700m share buyback.

"The shares are very lowly priced," said Mr O'Leary. They're down more than a third in the past year.

"This is not a time when anybody else should be buying shares," he said.

"I would ask you to wait until we've completed our share buyback before you start placing your orders."
Tue 22:36

Failed projects are one thing. The odds are nearly always against you. No investor really minds an honest failure.

What they do mind though, are moneys mysteriously vanishing when they should never have moved from the company at all.
Mon 22:21

Well, page 5 of the prospectus did make for interesting reading.

Who's who of those who got their pants pulled down over at rgm.

Highly dubious crowd bordering on market abusers with some of their postings. AN and PJ (down as value generation) are well over the border, living in cloud cuckoo land. Well documented evidence there.

Let's see if Ken and Co can keep them in check. Mind you they all went below the threshold on ipo.

Those fees made for tasty reading too. Ouch.

Let's see what occurs.
Mon 13:29

It was at 23c the week before the offer. And they were told 38c wasn't generous enough.
Sat 11:06

If you want an example of buying problems due to m&a, just look at the Bayer & Monsanto deal.

Bayer paid $63bn. Bayer now worth about $60bn. (RoundUp'ped from (59.57bn)
Fri 11:43

Your ears are alot closer to the ground on this one boo. If the meeting was a month ago and it hasn't been renewed...
16 May '19

PNG gov database says "Pending renewal - Hearing Scheduled"

EL1390. Oro nickel. RGM hold 50%
16 May '19

Booboo, I was going to ask you a few weeks ago if you knew when it was up for renewal and the terms attached.

I haven't heard anything, but your murmurs wouldn't surprise me one bit. Well, loosing it over 25k renewal few would. Loosing it over work commitments would.
16 May '19

I would have taken a nibble round the 10 mark myself.
16 May '19

Ha ha you think charts are relevant to these stocks. I pop in when I've a bit of time to kill. Not much news here apart from the death spiral equity issues, as delays abound.

I'm here because it's on my watch list. Did well before. Didn't stand around watching my profits fade.

You're right about you all convincing me. It's quite clear that you haven't got the foggiest as to any of the technicals involved in anything petroleum related.

Hence, my warnings are to those who might pop in to have a read every so often.

Charts. Ha ha.
16 May '19

Absolutely PMSL.

The next youtube song that auto played after Up in Smoke was titled "Lost Due to Incompetence"

Google really does know everything!!!
16 May '19

i love the way how the boys reckon that the value of sorting out some old core will automatically add tens of millions to the asset.

It's ok though. They now have a 0.4% royalty
16 May '19

What are the actual funding reqs for this Congo deal after all the chopping and changing? It was all a bit of a muddle to say the least.
16 May '19

Interesting concept.

They could also give out physical tokens to investors as well. I'm thinking compressed "coins" of ash from the power station. As a reminder that MET's met coal was actually used as lower priced thermal coal, and that the investors cash has also gone up in smoke.

You've been BELLended. What a LEGACY. SCOTTY doesn't know
16 May '19

8 ticks on that post in a day isn't a sign of tumbleweed either to be fair. Didn't tick up myself as i haven't read it.

Interesting to see whether those who did rec are actually silently purchasing at these prices or are gone quiet due to their p/l numbers.

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