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Today 16:30

I am absolutely underwhelmed. How could LLOY be so innovative.
My Nationwide account is all singing and all dancing. Not just today either.
The Lloyds link with their cc - do I need to be reminded- but you need to access MBNA - LLOY owns - via MBNA
LLOY has had terrible IT systems and I guess they think they - the IT guy - are world leaders.
Today 16:07

U worry too much. Posting @ 5.50 am ! Is that indigestion?
We will soon have the facts
Today 16:04

That was Angela6611- LSE pushed the name.
Today 16:00

came across a Gillian on one that i post on - just send ur complaint to info @ lse.
Is that the pathetic society we live in? No counter argument - no balls - no just metoomoan.
if that offends me - OMG
Sun 20:25

Get alife
ANG what do u vant?
Sun 20:11

Good to see the posturing by the i wannabees
Only Raab had simple answersOthers just posturers
I will be dead in 10 years - those that have no idea will die earlier.
EU - the dark side of the moon - Pink floyd - = listen
Sat 23:48

Sad that that could/can be anything other than a mental health issue in s/1 trawling through posts to report them.
I am sure LSE do not have the time so just cull.
Mine have been culled - but I have not yet been banned.
The old lady from the priory is filtered - yet I can see others engage.
Never yield - for if u let them win you have no excuse. This is not yet the Inquisition of the Spanish Golden Age
Or is it?
Sat 16:42

Read beow the Woodford comment
Fri 22:50


I say again - u take a mortgage - ur projected outturn is - cos u expect an inflationary profit - but you have no tenants and u lose ur job and you are foreclosed. u did not take out all the insurance u needed.
Saga is having bad press - not the ship business - just like FCRM.
If u were a MM in this current climate u would give nothing.
Bit like a pork sausage in Golders Green - out of fashion.
Expect no favours - scared then get out
Fri 20:23

U buy a car for ur personal enjoyment .
Cash depreciated by 40% in yr 1- nothing to compensate. yet Saga has income
ur house - u hope will appreciate - but it may not and u may not be able to repay fully, Do u have a business module for the rest of ur life?
Should u not believe in the fundamentals in a company then u should not invest.
Day traders are like horse betters -
Fri 20:00


No = leases tie u = look at all the high street chains.
U need to have faith - not in LB but in the module which will show that the return from bookins less the associated finance and deprecn less the admin costs - a profit for shareholders.
I have said bfore that u cannot establish a forward business without cost. Should u think borrowing is a bad idea then u would never invest in a company with debt on its balance sheet - yet I bet u have a mortgage and probably a leased hire car.
Just my opinion!
Fri 19:52

No idea why this has been shafted.
Should the company produce profits of 80m and write off another chunk of goodwill then we are at low risk of flight interruption and better off than IAG.
DB and JPM or was GS played with this stock on swaps going forward to 2020s.
My cash imputs are limited by other shares - AIM similarly shafted by MMs.
I have to be patient.
Fri 19:42

Wids re Boris
No messing cut the chaff asap
Fri 19:20

Re 19.11
Do watch The Society on Netflix - available on ur Amazon fire stick.
It is the snowflake version of our current HOC.
A bottle of wine will take u through it.
Just a chukka chuckle
Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose
Fri 19:11

1 He needs specsavers for an eye test and a hearing test
2 He needs to put his head between his kness to t=see the arxxhole he is
Because at one point he seemd to have some credibility - now he is forever lost - Lib dems is like the society Netflix - Where the fxxk are we?
Fri 19:02

WAG can't keep this coy afloat.
Too many tables too few visitor and the new exec appointment spells end game.
look at the leases and the impairments to those lease arrangements that will need to be asked for from LL. The LL will need to write down just to allow this to survive.
SP c5 with growing dividend - now 1.25 after RI
Fri 18:51

Large director sales in March and no news.
Glad I sold at 7.8+ since I would not wish to be waiting for the final outcome
Fri 18:47

Even though Woodford sang the praises of OXB - and w have no reason to believe he was wrong - his comment has not taken us down.
we have a positive investment from Novartis and some ace guys in R & D.
One significant breakthrough is all we need.
Fri 17:48

The old lady from the priory (rehab) is lonely and so spends her day censoring.
What a life
Dob me in as often as u like .
Tony B Liar was just that old lady.
LOL - never - because there will be a tomorrow tho the snowflakes think its curtains.

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