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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Wed 21:10

well good to see some chunky buys ! at least half the 67 mill must of been churned now. Be interesting to see what the sp does when they are gone.
hoping this paper work is soon sorted.
Wed 18:55

if so Dan has got us a great broker. they are massive liberium.. wow.. this company seems to be getting it right, time and time again.
well let us hope it is !
Wed 14:56

that generally means that they have enough trades open.. that is a good sign as it means many are placing the same long bet. imo
but as opul said. news. I do not agree with the other part. If art wants to he can always do another.. lets be frank. lights on with one, off without. but if he wanted to why did he not take the higher 2 months money.
assets worth to much and all hard work is done. so my money is on him pulling it off
Wed 14:03

me i think those on the sides. realise most/all last placing shares have been churned. a ltd amount left it appears from last tranche. so we will see. news due , one way or another.
How hard can a performance bond take? Well imo it is hopefully all done. Just the SPA has to be the hard part left imo.
then the long vetted bells and whistles returns.. nnpc/dpr permits/perf bond/spa. Then rig and alt finance. off we go to the sweet spot. (ramp over)
Wed 13:42

when they gone we can all agree.. we will see a much more interesting rise on news. Of that we can all agree.
Wed 07:41

anyone else think that large sell might be a short?
I only ask as it feels like a walk down and has for a while now.. I wonder if someone has latched onto spread ex selling and thought.. It was worth it ?
maybe just me..
News is due this month as discussed. Hopefully another curve ball collaboration or similar would be nice..
NSB,milestones, Broker..
Wed 07:26

my communications with Arthur have always been good. He would not tell me details of the alt finance but said that it was not a problem. he also confirmed that he could of raised more money and it was not hard.
both scenarios he said. That the people interested look at the fundamentals of the proven oil and the work done. Not the SP.

I asked why have we not sold a part of the licenses to fund rather than a placing. Any one would want it all and not 5% etc. There is no need to sell the Farm..
He sounded very confident that we will have this sorted before the dead line. Or would of taken more money to get us over the finish line
people can make of that what they want.
Me after so long. I trust that art will hopefully pull this deal together.
Tue 22:54

sub you posting like a little baby...

Have a word.. If you can not stand to loose whatever you have , then get out..
Do not dare to tell me what I can or can not say or do mate..
Have a f ing word with you're self !
Tue 16:50

I prefer the idea of a JV with a Chinese company. Also another one that hopefully will build a steel mill (on SEZ )would not hurt. Takes a third at same time as port .Special dividend..
Well if carling did returns !
Tue 16:46

I think there are a lot of things going on.. It seems to me the MM are short of stock and keep walking it down/or trying to. The only seller is S ex. With so much news due I assume/hope they are taking a breather.
I also agree AIM I hope there is some good news due.. on many many fronts.
Interesting that Abman has posted.. So far he seems to of called it right re returns. His last post (as I said at time was promoting another co).
Tue 11:38

IMO this is so undervalued it screams buy. The downside seems very small compared to the upside. The SP has been in the 20p range 2 times . So with news that is due. Esp the port. We will see the mother of all re rates.
EPP /DSO will as a downside make us money. News on that is due very soon. July would be my guess.
Port/IMF can drop any time (summer is my bet).
So assets still there. Ore prices rising. China is being a lot more active again. ROC seem to be pushing ahead in bringing in long awaited reforms. SEZ is a opportunity for the country to change its reliance on oil. Win win for all parties.
Tue 11:32

art does engage.. with most that email or call him.. We are waiting for the extensive paperwork to be completed. It is a massive deal and several parties. Patience . Te issue is, will he be able to do it. Before any further funds are required.
As many have said, like Jiving etc. If he can we will re rate. Arthur must be sure as he only raised a months money.
He said he could of got more. So to me we have 4 weeks.. imo
Tue 10:25

Reality is you as always can not buy in volume. I feel we are in a holding pattern. Awaiting news flow. We are due several bits this month.
I guess the nsb payment is slow coming in. As soon as it is paid we invoice for 2 mill. Then the broker news. With broker notes on us.
Still think we under valued for what we have in our pipeline.
Little downside from hear. Only good news coming imo
Mon 11:26

we are prob due one more TR1 re spread EX saying under 3%. Then it is an unknown ... There is also Miller with 12 mill.. He I hope will be keeping the bulk (prob sold 2 mill to get back his stake) so on a free ride. (he is filthy rich so assume he does not need the £££).
As many say.. News due so we will soon find out..
Mon 08:30

well s ex looks like they dropped another few.. one min you can by a mill, then NT. Then only 200,000.
As AIM put so well. news is due this week I hope..
Sun 13:28

If he was told something ( I believe him) then he does not have to share. They were Ob told after agm had finished. It matters not. Red dot is what we all need.
I am sure many on heat keep emails / phone calls etc to themselves.
We have 2 /3 weeks imo for news to drop.
Fri 14:30

ABUJA (Bloomberg) -- Nigeria plans to almost double oil production and triple its refining capacity by 2025, reviving previous pledges for the country's oil independence.

The OPEC member is looking to pump 4 MMbopd by 2025 and increase refining capacity to 1.5 MMbpd, Maikanti Baru, managing director of state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp., said at a conference Thursday in the capital Abuja. “Nigeria needs to unlock new barrels as quickly as possible,” he said.

Africa’s biggest oil producer previously set a 4 MMbopd production target for 2010, and successively delayed it over the years. The country, where output peaked near 2.5 MMbpd in the middle of the last decade, has grappled with militant attacks, leakages and theft at its oil infrastructure.

“Targets such as these are not new to NNPC,” said Cheta Nwanze, an analyst at Lagos-based SBM Intelligence. “Nigeria has not met a single production target for at least a decade now, in many cases because of security concerns.”


Nigeria also wants to be self-reliant in meeting its fuel demand and cut imports that put a strain on foreign reserves. Oil Minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu told the BBC in 2017 that he’d step down if the country doesn’t achieve that goal by the end of this year. The target is likely to be missed as the four state-owned refineries struggle to fully utilize their combined 445,000 bopd capacity following years of neglect and mismanagement.

Baru said part of the additional refining would come from a 650,000 bopd complex being built near Lagos by Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest person. NNPC is working with private investors for the remainder, Baru said.

“The desperate need for an improvement in local refining capacity has been obvious for decades,” Nwanze said. The 2025 plan is “extremely optimistic.”

NNPC, which pumps crude from the country’s fields in partnership with international companies like Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Exxon Mobil Corp., returned to profit in 2018 after reporting losses in at least the three previous years, according to statements on its website. That was mainly due to the strong performance of its oil and gas production unit. Its refineries had a $365 million operating loss.
Fri 14:02

well I for one am hoping for news next week. We have to be due updates on several fronts.
Fri 08:44

just jumped to buy 0.0128 for 3 mill.. Oh the joys if there is news on Monday ! (not sure which Monday.. but you get the drift !)

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