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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
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Today 16:34

remember how it flew to 1.7p on finance rumours. Well we hopefully are not far from that bolton. |We have been told q2 so lets see when ?
yes sp on its arse... have taken more as hope this is the bottom. I still can not see placing to end april/mis may. all depends what news we have (if any).

Has to be something soon ffs
Today 16:16

yes the company are being very very quiet. I really had thought they would of teased a few bits out. I still believe that this is an up to date review of the main project for the wider market.
We /well me I am keen to see EPP so we can at least get on with shovels in the ground.
NPV will be interesting. Anyone want a guess at that?

Extrader you like to correct the grey areas. WHat about NPV. What is your thoughts on it?

ATG I like you am just pleased to see things re the port in the press. Yes we are not there yet. I have thought 1/5 months but the reality is it could land tomorrow.. The chinese do not have to wait for the IMF.
Hey ho
Today 15:31

jokes aside. we will have financials and forward statements any day this week.I think we are talking months myself !
Today 15:30

great interview.. thanks for the link !
Today 13:27

yes atg.. sometimes in a hurry ! well I hope IP has exciting news for investors ! Tad quiet. Shame the company has not had much to say before.. Hey ho..
Today 12:17

Hi Happyholder.. I would agree with the timing.. Makes little sense to have broker before...
Today 11:55

yes great point Jiving. I wonder if he will cancel them. As we have seen he seems to value us more than the market is. stands to reason if he cancelled them (50 million founders warrants) at 4p ..

Will send a good message to us as SH..

we will see
Today 09:00

yes I agree AIM.. There is no way the company will want to have any delays on milestone payment to the market. The warrants being cancelled has to be very positive . Assume last delays were down to extra payments and new patents.

So expecting it within weeks.
Today 07:45

Special Economic Zone of Pointe-Noire: signature of an agreement for the supply of electricity from gas @ ThMoungalla @ rmassamb @ Grace_Patcheli http: // www. economic special-de-peak signature black-dun-agreement-for-delivery-of ...
Today 07:43

Well it is slowly starting to come together... Ip a few days away.. Hopefully some exciting updates on many areas...
Today 07:41

The document was approved on March 25 in Brazzaville by the Congolese and Chinese parties, and is a crucial step in the construction of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of the Ocean City.

The construction of new electricity generation facilities is considered to be one of the key points in the effective start of the project. The Congolese side, represented by the Ministers of Spatial Planning and Major Projects, Jean-Jacques Bouya, and the SEZs, Gilbert Mokoki, and Coidic's Chairman of the Board, Zhou Chao, welcomed a progress supposed to attract the industrialists.

But for the leader of the Chinese company, further progress remains to be made. "I am very honored to have signed this memorandum of understanding with the Congolese side. I can say that this has been a great progress for the project and can attract industry in the SEZ. We still have huge progress to make, especially with the ministers involved, "said Zhou Chao.

The next steps, according to the Chinese businessman, concern the realization of environmental impact studies; a new agreement for the creation of the mixed-capital company supposed to finance the SEZs and finally the development of related projects, with the construction of the port, the power station and the gas infrastructure. In addition, "The development of SEZs is very complex and especially the issue of land availability that we will discuss with the Congolese government," he insisted.

The Congolese authorities are rather satisfied with this progress in the realization of this important project of the five-year term of the Head of State. For the Minister responsible, Gilbert Mokoki, the work will be done step by step. "The signal will be given when we begin to make the expropriations," he said, adding that the parcel surveys including the first estimates of the cost of expropriations have already been made.

However, Congolese can hope that the project of the SEZ Pointe-Noire materializes on the ground from this year, assured the Minister Jean-Jacques Bouya. "The production of electricity is the key to the development of the SEZ. The country has interesting gas reserves to be able to bring electricity and industries, "added the Minister of Spatial Planning and Major Projects.
Mon 18:02

2 nice buys showed up for a million each...
Mon 16:53

more meetings.. date could be interesting
Mon 16:07

Quiet day on here today? Well as expected a retrace. But this is now hopefully about to change .. News flow has to be starting..hopefully a great 2/4 months !
Mon 13:07

I hope for the morning of the ip. If a day before no hidden hems ? We will see
Mon 12:16

I can not disagree , anything is possible .. IP will tell us all..
Mon 11:58

atg... I would love it but doubt it very much.. I do hope we will be getting some good news on the company. I can not see anything happening re stage 1 without the illusive port news
ROC seem to be having lots of meetings in that regard.
EPP it seems to me is the only thing that the company can control until then. Yes PO pellets/ore esp high grade like ours is going up. Vale has helped.
I am hoping this IP is to court larger investors with a long term view.
We could start EPP this year if we are lucky. It should/could be a 12/18 month build depending on the finance side. That as I have said can be done many different ways. It would be great if Glencore (or another) did an off take deal.
We will see.
Mon 11:51

we have plenty of time as you have now agreed Harry. One thing to also bear in mind on cash burn is our teams costs on opl 226 are split with shorecan. So it is not a straight burn on our side.

Also if we are as close as Art has indicated (drill q2/spa). Why would he do a massive raise if he knows that we have SP changing news to come.
Surely he would stagger them? That is what I would all do.Only he knows where we are in relation to news flow/deals/DPR/NNPC/SPA. To assume he will do it in one massive chunk when a few months later we might be drilling. Makes no sense to me? As for 2 bill I do not see that happening in one go. We are all dot joining until we see the financials/progress and future statements this week.
You have to agree we do not need one until end April/may. One thing Arthur definitely is a shrewd CEO . As he has proved over last 12/18 months with raising..
Mon 09:12

well Harry well done on working out the fiscal side ...So any placing will come after news .It can not come before the financials. I am like all LTH hoping this crazy valuation will soon be a thing of the past.
I do understand why people are nervous. I think to many investors do not truly realize how events have been out of company hands.
That said I am hoping like last time. The financials and arts statements have some exciting news on what our team have been doing.
I keep hoping the DPR permits granted. Then the SPA must be able to be updated.
Sat 17:52

Hi pc

It was not to make me happy but to get you’re thoughts. The fact you did not I found confusing. Me it was one of best hidden gems. Dropped in a pod cast like it was of little consequence. It is that I liked.
Why? Well the company must be very confident about its pipeline to remove a safety net of 2 million at 4p .
So it values us higher than the market does? Or they would of renewed them. That or something else is coming. Nxp 002 could be worth a staggering amount. Staggering.
I think we might have licensing deals in the pipeline re 001. As dan said in interviews he was talking .
But I do agree with the sp . If we get the results. 4p seems ok. When we start licensing deals that will be higher.
All this assumes that is all we have in next 3 months.
I still think a new broker will happen and hopefully they will bring pharma investors. This tech is so new most people have never heard of it. Now without the herd and rainbow chasers we need a targeted broker.
Nsb payment of 2 million should also increase the sp. me I am hoping for 5/8 p by June .
We will see. As anything can happen .

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