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Today 11:01

So when there was a raise at 0.45p (MP 0.54P) there must have been substantial selling to arrive at 0.15p, and no marking down. Is that about it?
Today 10:14

A chum of mine who I talk with over the phone due to distance, and seems to know a bit about the City suggests that the MMs are happy to take stock, are keeping the sp low, feel positive about the drill outcome and are preparing to cash in on the bounce. Is that possible?
Today 07:50

S S of RBD both very upbeat on the potential of the Colter South result saying that the 15m could be conservative. They have about 40pc of Carralion. With all the JV partners seeming positive could be an interesting couple of weeks ahead of the analyses.
Thu 13:00

Thanks m444. The drill was some time ago now so I imagine there is currently a fair bit of analysis being carried out on Colter south and further connected areas, all of which could yield good results. For some to blame SG for the situation is a little unfair IMO as there are other well known JV partners involved. I feel ADL is good option money and has a MC only a little above the recent raise with Colter as a bonus. I have topped up with a couple of buys at 0.1575 which I feel is a reasonable price.
Thu 11:07

Why or the gloom? As I understand it Colter was looking at 22m bls and it came out at 15m. Also BL of UOG tells us that this number could be conservative. Eagle where we have 25% has Paul Hayward as its CEO and seems to be doing OK with Block Energy, so not all lost there. Also there is cash (after paying side track costs) amounting to more than the MC. Also SG with his new investors at 0.45p will need to achieve or loose control of the business.
So if Colter comes in at a commercial 15m or more what is the value of our 8%?
10 Mar '19

There seems to have been a massive overreaction in the sp to the recent updates. My understanding is that we have about a 14pc interest in 15m barrels which according to the CEOs of the JV partners is a commercial prospect. Also we have a good prospect in California so I deduce that we are considerably undervalued and will be topping up on Monday.
9 Mar '19

8pc of 15m cannot be bad. I will add on Monday
9 Mar '19

Agree and most of that value is in the bank.
9 Mar '19

Update in the next couple of weeks and I expect this to be upbeat. Also could well find out more about the strategy going forward as this seems to be a fast moving vehicle building for shareholders not just BOD lunches.
8 Mar '19

So what's the problem? 8pc of 15m bls instead of 22m lbs. If commercial and that is the current thoughts then the current mc is somewhat on the low side IMO.
8 Mar '19

But take on board the 15mbls against the 22mbls projected then it's not that bad. We have 8pc of 15m at £50 a barrel less say £ 20 a barrel costs which will leave £30. That is 1.2m Barrels at £30 which is about £36 against a very low MC. So imo both ADL and BOIL each with 8pc could be considerably undervalued.
4 Mar '19

There are three very attractive prospects underway - Colter - USA - and WN shortly to start. We have a 50% income interest in California which seems to be gathering pace and further income. When this matures then I guess it could be sold either to, or with the other 50% holders interest to a third party. Colter should provide an answer in a couple of weeks and this of course could be massive if the two drills come in or even better if there is simply one massive field, and remember RBD have put another £750k in the pot. WN could also be a massive winner. I can understand the market not pushing the sp higher as in reality there is no reason to unless there are big buyers around. The MC is about £27m but once monetising the assets kicks in then the real potential will be known. £27m, £57m, £157m, who knows, but I feel it could be a lot of money. There are of course other prospects including Romania so the show will continue so if we can be patient and be prepared to continue to add at current levels we should all make some serious money over the next six months or so IMO.
3 Mar '19

Very low mc and worth noting that the large investors bought in at 9p and no doubt knew where they wanted to take the business. GC is no fool, will have connections and will be putting together a growth business. Vastly undervalued imo and it will be interesting when we get the trading update by the end of March.
3 Mar '19

So what could it be worth for our 8pc? 20m barrels @ £50 less 60pc for the cost of production will leave £20 a barrel. That would be 8pc of £400m or £32m. About 2.5 p per share. Of course there could be more than 20m barrels and the cost of production could be less than 60pc. Factor in the £23m of tax losses we have and the next couple of weeks could be interesting for the sp.
28 Feb '19

Good to see the sp up but been here a long time and am a little concerned that the MC is now a little ahead of the game - any views?
27 Feb '19

They need to do a deal. Every year they thank shareholders for their patience and every year they say they are looking for corporate activity.
26 Feb '19

I simply cannot beleive that a business with a fair bit of cash, assets in the Southern North Sea and 8pc of a potential oil find in Colter can only provide a MC of £2.4M. There are shell companies with only a few hundred £s in the bank that that have a MC that is much higher. If I had £10k to invest and wanted to double my money I know where my money would go. Perhaps the MMS are keeping the lid on the sp and holding on to stock to benefit from any anticipated and substantial rise. And we need to remember that the MMs are in the business of making money not simply there to accommodate buyers and sellers.
26 Feb '19

Clearly needed to sell something to pay for CBs daily lunch.
25 Feb '19

Is it not a discounted investment ahead of a fund raise?
25 Feb '19

£1m in the bank after paying for Colter so we have a bit left.

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