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Michael Masterman talks on WRES potential & Tungsten market Watch here

Michael Masterman talks on WRES potential & Tungsten market

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Fri 17:43

fine lets hope you get some PFS data soon then, as its been 2 years already
Fri 17:36

chemo does not kill all cells, its target is rapidly dividing cells, hence it also is quite crushing to the immune system, that's why patients need antibiotics and considerable after care while on the treatment. Antibiotic resistance could actually make chemotherapy in possible !

I would not describe cancer as a parasite. Its a self unregulated stressed cell thats is masked to the immune system.
Cancer learns to evade the immune system its called the escape phase, its mask's itself by using cytokine release
of IFny which turns off T cells check points. The more the cancer is attacked by the immune system the bigger the defence the more PD1 ligands on the cancer, I suggest you read about PD1 and its ligand, this will explain far more. It a lot more complex than that, as the immune system has multiple check points, this is why they have been testing combos, of CTl4 and PD1 and others. But these are systemic treatments affecting the whole immune system, so still carry toxicity.
Fri 16:23

Noise ....... actually its called cancer immunosurveillance, and just because you cut out what you cant see, it does not mean your cured far from it, even after a dose of Chemo, cancer stem cells can still survive and continue to thrive.
Even with all the current immunotherapy check point inhibitors which are systemic in action similar to chemo in that respect, its still very difficult to induce an adaptive immune response that is sustainable.
Fri 16:15

never posted an attack on VAL at all ......... only posted that your miss representing them, you should calm down

you also posted ......... and cellular proliferation of cancer cells which 201 targets.

is that a fancy word for Cancer Growth ? the graph shows it slows it down, lets hope after 2 years in the speedy fast tracked trial you get some results soon ...... best of luck

looking forward to a graph that shows survival statistics in patients .... time to progression etc ... the stuff that actually matters
Fri 16:06

The new approval marks just how quickly the FDA can move when it wants to. The OK is based on a single arm study including 88 patients. Of the 88 patients who received Bavencio in the trial, says the FDA, 33% experienced complete or partial shrinkage of their tumors. The response lasted for more than six months in 86% of responding patients and more than 12 months in 45% of responding patients.

what i was posting about before.............. speed to market !! SCIb1 combo could be just as fast ........ knowlesi forgot too mention it
Fri 13:57

101 is not in trial ........ and again the graph shows continued tumor growth
401 ..... again the cancer growth continues

i suggest you look at Vals graphs again

clearly you have issues as you have gone rather defensive ... best of luck
Fri 13:48

really ??? immunotherapy has achieved that !! i suggest you read the report i have just posted, 5 year survival has already been achieved in patients
Fri 13:47

pretty well anything will trigger an immune response ......... even Pollen ..........even chemotherapy .......

just because it does, you would not describe the irritant as immunotherapy
Fri 13:41

What i am trying to get across is this........

Vals presentation is not about survival data of the mouse its about trying to slow down the cancer growth

if you compare the data set from an Immunotherapy treatment you can see that its all about survival data as the mouse or human data actually shows remission or indeed out right cures.
Fri 13:35

in this presentation ...... the cancer Growth does not drop its size is maintained or increases slower ....

if you actually compare that to immunotherapy like moditope, the graphs shows no growth and the mouse does not die, indeed the cancer disappears ......

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