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EXCLUSIVE: Aminex CEO says 'Institutions are delighted' with Zubair farm-out terms Watch Here

EXCLUSIVE: Aminex CEO says 'Institutions are delighted' with Zubair farm-out terms
EXCLUSIVE: InfraStrata continue to negotiate with major gas companies and institutional investors

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Tue 19:18

MPs backed an amendment that would keep the UK in the European medicines regulatory network.
Tue 13:47

its non dilutive, no difference to getting a commercial deal, where the other party buys nothing but gives us £20m to invest in the moditope program ..

Its the ultimate commercial win
Mon 22:10

i refer you the first actual post i made. No criticism of RR at all ........

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RE: CrukToday 09:03They are not evaluating ..........

Under the terms of the agreement, Scancell and BioNTech will enter into an initial research collaboration to discover and characterise T cell receptors specific for citrullinated epitopes from vimentin and enolase

Lindy has already explained the science of identification in the Feb Vid for Calculus.

BioNTech will have the exclusive option to enter into a licence agreement for the development of cell receptor based therapeutics that are specific to Modi-1 epitopes.

Its not up to scancell to develop TCR vaccines, as Lindy has already explained that they can identify down to the individual T cell that has gone active to the moditope epitope, Then the science of identifying and cloning out the TCR is BioNtechs.

As this is done in human blood not mice, scancell has shown that the moditope epitopes are immunogenic

otherwise you would not get an "activated t cell"

The fact that Genentech and BioNtech which are the drivers of TCR and have signed up to the Modi3 program subject to the grant is a clear indicator that the Modi1 TCR program is on track.
Mon 22:02

i just questioned the use of the word .....

its you lot that went Over the Top ...

you yourself could not justify either ....
Mon 21:43

in fact Boom page 5 from your link contradicts it again

TCR characterisation
Mon 21:32

they have clearly used the same data Scancell and hardman

has one party in Scancell written the RNS and another the PDF ?
Mon 21:23

like i said its a contradiction ..
Mon 21:21

yes, many get unbalanced on here .... interesting thou

nobody could back what was in the report "on news flow"
Mon 21:15

having already posted the actual wording from the PDF ... i don't have to think it , i already can read the difference
Mon 21:06

so basically the report contradicts itself ...
Mon 20:47

can you post that actual text with the link ....

Thank you
Mon 20:47

will you posted the script from the hardman report that backs up your claim ?
Mon 20:27

have you posted the script yet from the hardman report ? Ruckrover
Mon 20:17

why don't you use your superb English skills to discuss the science ? ONW

can you post any post you have made that actually is "pure science based" .....

or is your entire intellectual capacity devoted to spelling and sentence construction ... if that is the case what exactly have you achieved ? are you an English teacher ? because your posts just come across as pedantic and to most unreadable
Mon 20:13

no, in the absence of inflammation the epitopes which mod1 targets are not upregulated onto the tumour cell surface thus the immunity is regulated.

"""In the absence of inflammation, immunity is regulated, whereas in its
presence CD4 responses to modified self-antigens are stimulated. """"

so the T cells that Modi1 induce are "pro Inflammatory"

so this is always the issue with cold cancers you have to turn up the inflammation ....
Mon 19:36

BioNTech research collaboration
Research collaboration
In January 2018, Scancell received a strong endorsement of its Moditope platform
when it entered into an important research collaboration with BioNTech, one of
Europe’s leading immuno-oncology companies. This new partnership will investigate
the potential for developing T-cell receptor-based therapies for the treatment of
cancer. The initial research focus is to identify and characterise TCRs specific for the
citrullinated Modi-1 epitopes. Engineering T-cells to express these CD4-specific TCRs
would represent a novel form of personalised cell therapy for treating cancer.

Ruckrover stated

"""I was simply quoting from the Hardman report who use the word in “evaluation starts” and “initial evaluation complete”"""

do you have the link ?
Mon 17:59

well C7 its simple ... prove up the science of the collaboration as an evaluation rather than as described in RNS as

""" discover and characterise T cell receptors specific for citrullinated epitopes from vimentin and enolase."""

good luck
Mon 17:19

well Boom the Hardman report is not written by Lindy ......

and i agree your post was on the process of identification ......... which as you have described does Not appear to be "evaluating"

so your attempt to smear the English language to suit Ruckrovers lack of understanding of the science was indeed a complete waste of your time and mine.

like wise Ruckrover has not questioned any of the science i have posted today .. which would bring in the word "evaluation" in the context of this collaboration

so rather than just accepting what i posted was correct ....

we yet again get all this garbage
Mon 16:48

in which case did lindy use the word "evaluate" Boom ?

did your post indicate that the process of identification was indeed evaluating ?

as C7 posted the evaluation is carried out on the commercial side, not the science side.
Mon 16:31

lets try it another way

If you had of understood what Lindy had described in the video and the RNS you would not have used the word Evaluate

repeat again the Hardman report is not an RNS

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