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Sun 13:57

Just add to Booms post .......... SCIB1 and SCIB2 induce high levels of PD1 expression ... with the attack by the CD4/CD8

PD1 expression is a reaction to inflammation its the way the Cancer defends itself against attack

in Moditope... High expression of PD1 is ignored by the Cd4 t cells they are not turned of by PD1
Thu 15:07

T cell binds via its TCR and creates a chemical bond with all sorts going on ... its not an antibody

why are we going down this multiple bonding route ?
Thu 14:50

like sperm to an egg .... no different
Thu 14:49

single cell multiple epitope's expressed ....... only ONE t cell would engage
Thu 14:46

Scancell does not use a Anti-body mediated immune response in Immunobody or Moditope
Thu 13:30

Now notice what i put at the bottom .......

""""""""" Now the technicals and process of this is IMHO ... so i would welcome thoughts on it """"""""""

thus it required "understanding" did you reply to this comment ... ? Nope

so why on earth would any one on this BB even consider your posts as "Informative"
Thu 13:27

Can you produce Posts like this .......... if not move on eh !

Inanaco 17 Aug '18

the point of my posts is this ... we know that the three epitopes that are built into the modi1 vaccine are expressed by 17 cancers as per Scancells Moditope presentation to exactly what degree is unknown because scancell has elected to go for 4. So once BioNtech have extracted the TCR's .. thay could potential build up to 17 personal vaccine targets using the same TCR

If BioNtech build a personal vaccine which is very expensive, as per Lindys presentation they can achieve success only in 10 to 20% of patients, which means they have to screen and sequence TEN patients cancer to find one suitable that expresses the neo epitopes which they can build a T cell around to clone out. . Clearly they see this as a commercial Model otherwise they would not do it.That would apply to every different cancer, as you cannot exchange the Neo epitopes from one cancer to another as by the nature they are different so you would have to build a huge repertoire of TCR that respond, a massive task.

But with Moditope TCR they do not need to screen or sequence a patients cancer because they already know that the cancer will have autophagy .... so now the cost tumble because they only need blood samples to build a personal vaccine and indeed the same TCR's could work across a spectrum of 17 cancers

so what is that worth to BioNtech ?

Now the technicals and process of this is IMHO ... so i would welcome thoughts on it ...
Thu 10:18

what a ridiculous discussion coming from somebody who has Never made a technical appraisal of the science at all, so is not really in a position to adjudicate

this relentless filibuster that is ongoing from you Ruckrover just clogs up the BB with meaningless waffle. What are you achieving by it ? Are you the New ONW ?
Wed 16:57

I understand Einstein theory of Space Time Gazza /Ruck ... but i could never develop the idea .. you are coming at this from the wrong angle... normally to suit your trading position

By the way Ruck i left you with a question which you never came back on ... Funny that Tues 11.08

Ruckrover i don't claim i could do a better job ...

""""" And if you can't see that in some areas, on occasion, SCLP have been naïve then you are, well, naïve! """""

what occasion ? be specific .. otherwise its filibuster
16 Oct '18

sums it up nicely Boom ... and i agree with Wild ... Val is just smoke and mirrors trying to sell snake oil to the market
16 Oct '18

Scancell does not produce Check point inhibitors .. ? so why is it damming for scancell ?
16 Oct '18

Ruckrover i don't claim i could do a better job ...

""""" And if you can't see that in some areas, on occasion, SCLP have been naïve then you are, well, naïve! """""

what occasion ? be specific .. otherwise its filibuster
16 Oct '18

You are not in the real world chap ... if you are using that article ..

"""" A broad range of regimen-specific toxic effects caused fatalities in 0.3% to 1.3% of treated patients;"""

when the other 99% will die if not treated ..

In the Japan Clinical Oncology Group (JCOG) trials for lung cancer, 29 of 1176 patients (2.5%) were reported to have died from toxicity of the treatments. Several papers have reported the risk factors of early death after chemotherapy or treatment-related death caused by chemotherapy in patients with cancer.
16 Oct '18

what a load of codswallop ..........

""""""" Sadly, biotech companies issue timeframes through naivety """""""""

scientists as per scancells patents create "Discovery" this discovery is then translated into a product suitable for the clinic, SCIB1 ... further research gave us Moditope ... an other discovery ...which gave us Homocitruline another discovery ... other developments by other scientists gave us TCR ...

all this has to be taken through exhaustive testing .... with variable timelines as you are still in discovery as its not been done before on this particular product ... so Modi1 went from a great vaccine to a superb vaccine when they added Amplivant ...

and yet Leas comes on here and calls that Naivty ...

I appreciate you want to indulge yourself like Ruckrover .. but really you are not in the same League as the Scancell Scientists
15 Oct '18

You talk the share down before its even gone up ...........

Your words

""""""" I, like C7, would hope for a rise in the run up to the AGM, but history tells us it falls after."""""""""""
15 Oct '18

then stop moaning .........

if you consider all the news we have had do not constitute inflection points in value , and the market has not accepted them as inflection points, what can you do about it ...

Moan .. LOL
15 Oct '18

The issue for Scancell is not that it has weak science, because the science has been validated by many third parties, the issue really is the short term thinking of the stock market, expecting an on going daily dose of news like a comfort blanket, mainly because the hard work required to gain an in depth understanding of how scancell fits into the market and how the science is interpreted is very difficult to get your head around because its very diverse as well with 3 Platforms, or possibly 4 depending if you consider another PTM within the moditope patent another platform.

so the question is why does the market not respect the existing inflection points that have already passed.

I have no answer to that ... its just the way the UK investment sector works, In the US the presumption is success

In the UK the presumption is failure ..

indeed RuckRovers attitude clearly is tuned to this way of thinking ...
15 Oct '18

be happy that you are miserable .. don't break the habit, it's what make you such a great poster adored by all
15 Oct '18

Hiding ? Scancell is a side show at the moment, until we get to the AGM , 3.30 in parliament is of more interest, however reading your post warranted a response .. as your optimistic happy post made me smile ..

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