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Wed 22:12

all cancer associated epitopes are neo-antigens, you could test a persons cancer discover personal epitopes which are very sensitive to the immune system

""" Immunogenicity is the ability of a particular substance, such as an antigen or epitope, to provoke an immune response in the body of a human or animal. In other words, immunogenicity is the ability to induce a humoral and/or cell-mediated immune responses""

""""""" and thus build a specific personal immunobody vaccine with it. """""""""""""

Immunobody is the carrier of the antigen so even patient specific vaccines could use this

so all cancer vaccines are in effect targeting neo antigens. be it personal to the patient or universal

A neoantigenic determinant is an epitope on a neoantigen, which is a newly formed antigen that has not been previously recognized by the immune system. Neoantigens are often associated with tumor antigens and are found in oncogenic cells.

This is why its so difficult to find "universal antigens" like TPR2 etc... leaving scope for a market in personal vaccines.

And this is why Moditope is of such value ........... we own all of them. Epitopes = wealth
Mon 17:42

All patients who continued treatment (n=7) showed strong
T-cell memory responses following 3 monthly boosts with
Mon 17:09

Did not say there was ........ just making a general statement

so calm down
Mon 16:47

Humans will not be re challenged with cancer

. Immune analysis from the patients recruited earlier suggests that patients may benefit from up to two years continuous treatment to effectively delay or prevent recurrence.

SCIB1 Clinical Study Report
03rd January 2017
Report confirms robust survival in late stage melanoma patients

SCIB1 Phase 2 combination study on track; IND expected to be filed in H1 2017

Scancell Holdings plc, (‘Scancell’ or the ‘Company’) the developer of novel immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer, today announces that the Clinical Study Report (CSR) on the SCIB1 Phase 1/2 clinical trial in patients with Stage III/IV malignant melanoma has been completed on schedule.

The Clinical Study Report includes safety, immunology and clinical data from all patients with Stage 3/4 melanoma up to 29 October 2015, the date of the last patient’s final dose in the main study. The main
conclusions of the CSR are:

SCIB1 was safe and well tolerated over a dose range of 0.4 to 8mg with no serious adverse events related to SCIB1.
There was clear evidence of an immune response in most patients receiving SCIB1. There were significantly stronger responses to the 8mg dose than to the 2/4mg doses, indicating that this is the appropriate dose for future studies.
Immune responses were stronger in patients without tumour present at study entry than in patients with detectable tumour; SCIB1 may therefore be particularly effective as monotherapy in early stage patients with a low tumour burden. Continued and broader responses were seen for up to two years of treatment with SCIB1, suggesting that patients may derive benefit from long term administration.
In the nine patients with tumour present at screening who received either a 4mg or 8mg dose of SCIB1, there was evidence of clinical activity in two patients; one had a partial response by RECIST and a second patient had a greater than 30% reduction in tumour size in target lesions but progression in a non-target lesion.
In the 20 patients with no detectable tumour at screening, disease-free survival was much higher than expected based on historical comparisons.

Updated survival and disease recurrence data are as follows:
Currently 19 of the 20 patients with resected tumours at study entry remain alive
Of the 16 resected patients who received 2/4mg doses of SCIB1;
Median observation time since entry is 52 months and 58 months since first diagnosis of metastatic disease
Only five patients have progressed and one has died
One patient in this group has now reached their 5-year post-treatment survival time point;
Of the four resected patients who received 8mg doses of SCIB1 (recruited after lower dose cohorts)
Median observation time since entry is 21 months and 27 months since first diagnosis of metastatic disease
All patients are alive
Two of these patients experienced recurrence of their melanoma in Q4 2016 following early termination
16 Jun '17

i will add to that .........

the SP relates to the fact that they have not yet signed a commercial deal so in effect your posts are already priced in so are worthless

whats not priced in is the pace they have developed moditope and immunobody over that period since 2013
16 Jun '17

ONW .......... the very reason why i dont post is because you keep going over the same ground post after post like agema .....

Very boring ......... after all if "" you""" accept that only commercial deals will move the SP the move to near 60p based on the moditope science RNS alone did not happen ??? but it did

so why should any one listen to such fantastic statements as you made ...........

"""""""" I'm concerned the SP is dependent on successful Commercialisation"""""""""""

basically pal .......... you have no idea just like the rest of us what will unfold .........

so why should i waste time posting

Science is covered 100% no issues ...... or do you want to take me on ???

so that only leaves what might happen in the future on commercial exploitation of the platforms

and that is as of today and Unknown ........ because no RNS released

so you can post as much garbage as you want but in the light of no news its just speculation or "meaning less"
16 Jun '17

Predictions based on a known future do not exist.

markets follow events they rarely make there own running

so Brexit, election, terror, and incompetence of predicting fire paths has changed the direction of government and markets in the last 12 months alone ......... who could predict that ?????????????

ONW and Agema >>>>>>> stars of the BB
16 Jun '17

You know those speechs that set you apart from the rest

""""""""" I'm concerned the SP is dependent on successful Commercialisation, """"""""""

Duh !!!!!!!!!
16 Jun '17

phase 3 trials correction
16 Jun '17

ONW and his Concerns ...........

unless you fully grasp the science it will always be a concern

after all Scancell is a Science based Research company and has never claimed to be any different, indeed they have stated that they have no intention of running phase trials.

so basically your in the wait and see camp ......... Jeremy

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