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Member Since: Wed, 8th Jul 2015

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Today 08:16

nice update Ophidian... even applying a long term discount rate extracting over the years that is a feck of a lot of locked up future profit.... or electrolyte revenue ;-)
Mon 13:11

is there a link to the agm resolutions... on a train so not easy to look up right now while I think about it
Mon 11:04

@jamiejopjo ... I dunno .. maybe that around 300 people own a controlling interest in Bushveld and why would we agree a sell for what .. 35-40% premium on todays price .

Stop worrying about a TO .. for one to succeed then it will right now need to be at least 3 digits in size
Sun 01:28

they are if he put the decimal point in the right place D'prick
Sat 21:11

aimed at me @amxdd
Sat 20:57

no @Audio .. you were not specific with your units .... I know exactly what I saw and exactly what I said .

@Dashriprocks .... get stuffed
Sat 17:07

Abbot is notorious for making numbers up and getting it all wrong ... what plonker should have said was... plenty of youtube clips

£46.00 divided by 12p = £3.83 (or to be specific 393.3p)
Sat 14:14

448 .. so well on the way to a TO offer then !
Sat 12:17

hey @audio .. did you go to the Dianne Abbott school of maths ... £46.00 divided by 12p = 383 ... outstanding there ... some rare old complex number calcs in that one
Sat 12:17

hey @audio .. did you go to the Dianne Abbott school of maths ... £46.00 divided by 12p = 383 ... outstanding there ... some rare old complex number calcs in that one
Fri 12:46

I had sold out all but 30/40 quid in my wife & my account last year. Decided to sell out my mums 6.5K to find its 60 days av sell time and currently nearly 1K is 'bad debt'

Been lending to FC a lot of years with no issue - all I can think is the very rapid expansion in the last 2 years has rather overstressed the company ....

Gonna have to no call my mum and say you are likely to loose a chunk of money (but if the debt does not get too much bigger would only be the effective interest.

Anyone with shares better think about their holding... this company has all the smell of one in a lot of trouble
Fri 10:40

I don't entirely agree @Sanchez.... by the way, it is not my spreadsheet tracker, I inherited it and just have maintained it.

I don't entirely agree for two reasons:

1. Yes 'unverified' but very likely collectively a decent level of accuracy - we know holders have been adding: it is plain that most of those who had declarations and made a change have added is decent way (as the risk come down no doubt)

2. There is occasional Take Over talk (jumped on by MM's no doubt - For any to succeed, a relatively small number (probably less than 300 overall) holders will have to buy into the offer and almost all have been invested from down below 2p. They have bought into the vision, taken the pain of dilution, the stress of minority mine ownership and now, right now, when Bushveld is actually making a substantial first year profit and on the way to much bigger things are they really going to let go cheaply.

The only real point of the tracker (and I agree, its usefulness is waning), is to give a measure of confidence that FM & the BoD can use during the high growth phase whilst normally speaking a company would be vulnerable, and also to give anyone a bit weak in constitution some confidence - investing the fundamentals - the current games are noise and we cannot be forced to sell off cheaply.

As for other comments on this thread all I can say is that all views are welcome and Sanchez has made very good contributions over a long period. He raises a valid point, and that is the usefulness is declining. No need for anything personal back - just politely state views
Thu 23:11

no one should ever feel intimidated by some big holdings... we are all backing a great company and vision
Thu 21:11

no prob RK (or indeed anyone) .. no one has anything to be embarrassed over. We all buy and sell holding depending on our needs and there will come a time a good many seek to divest down... that is investment.

This tracker (and if FM is reading) is about giving a measure of confidence to the BOD that any nefarious attack will not be easy

Thanks for the update RK and all
Thu 21:02

Gazbat .. I know there is licence with the tracker but not that much .. just let me know what you have when you have it and I will update
Thu 17:58

Don't track history of total ownership, but if memory serves it was 41.99% and is now 42.85% ... Most of the 50M holding recorded since 18 June have been position updates and the really good thing is all (bar one) have gone up. That along with new PI's or ones just declaring.

This can never be a completely accurate log as it relies on unverifiable data and as is plain, a large amount has not been updated for 2 years or more. That said, the majority of this holders (especially ones with large holdings) were in this for the long term.

As I stated earlier, it is not unreasonable to take a view that a third of Bushvled is solid in long term PI's and with other significant LT holders very probably around 50%+ ..... we could easily say that the controlling interest of a soon to be multi-billion quid business is in the hands of less than 300.

And boy do the MM's use that lack of liquidity
Thu 14:01

behave Sanchez LOL ... so funny ... maybe the ladies love him ha ha
Thu 13:39

@Bella .. only need to declare when the 'move' is complete... if it is ongoing then not as I understand it... so if they gave a timeframe instruction then that could be a while yet
Thu 13:38

@UncleJohn .. you had 1.5M .. now 18.3M ??? I think @Uncle_John you have one too many zero's ;-) .. I put you down for 1,833,000 .. let me know if wrong
Thu 11:30

missed that Messdog ... I feel a clod !! ... thanks

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