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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake Watch Now

TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Tue 16:12

American Aairlines have now said they wont fly any of there 737 Max Flying Coffins until the next review by the AA board on September 8th.

Airbus order book is already full for next 4 years, Boeing problem is not Just the 737 MAX COFFIN, its also now Pilots saying they wont fly them even if they come back in Service
5 Jun '19

On the Beach blasted for ‘shady’ marketing tactics
On the Beach has been lambasted for “shady” and “provocative” marketing tactics that name and undermine its competitors to boost its ranking in search results.

The OTA has created pages on its website directly comparing itself to brands including Olympic Holidays, Tui and First Choice.

It says “when you compare On the Beach to Olympic Holidays, there’s really no competition”, going on to add “and here’s the important bit – On the Beach is often cheaper”.

Olympic Holidays said some content posted by On the Beach was incorrect, such as listing Madeira as part of the Azores. Head of marketing Carl Catterall said: “We work hard, play fair and would expect the same of our competitors.”

On its Tui page, On the Beach says “just like Tui, everything we do is centred on you”, adding “you’ll find these holidays at cheaper prices”.

Aito director Noel Josephides said On the Beach’s tactic breaches an “unwritten rule” that fellow operators don’t criticise each other. He added: “All this does is create a price war, which is the last thing we want in the industry.”

Gemma Antrobus, chairman of Aito Specialist Travel Agents, said the tactics were “shady” but it was “understandable” that On the Beach would employ them to differentiate. “Naming competitors is not how it’s normally done, but someone was going to do it in this price-driven market,” she said.

Charlotte Lamp Davies, of travel marketing consultancy A Bright Approach, said the “provocative” tactic was being used to improve On the Beach’s web traffic from searches of its competitors’ names. She said: “It’s not what you’d expect the big boys to do, but within their rights.”

The Advertising Standards Authority’s code permits comparative advertising but it “must not discredit or denigrate another product”. It says comparisons must objectively compare one or more features, which may include price.

On the Beach said it regularly checks the pages, uploaded in March, “to ensure they provide like-for-like or better value than competitors”. A spokesman added: “These pages are designed to showcase some of the great hotels on offer that are often available at a lower price than through some other holiday retailers.
5 Jun '19

The Duchess of Cornwall will act as godmother to new Saga Cruises’ ship Spirit of Discovery.

The naming ceremony will take place in Dover on July 5 – the first cruise ship to be named at the port for more than a decade.


The Duchess and Saga share a common link in their support for The Silver Line, a charity founded by TV presenter Dame Esther Rantzen following the death of her husband.

She is the patron of the charity and The Silver Line is Saga’s first national charity partner.

Saga Group chief executive Lance Batchelor said: “I am delighted that The Duchess of Cornwall has agreed to be godmother of the Spirit of Discovery.

“The launch of our new ship is a key moment in both the history and future of Saga.

“Carrying fewer than 1,000 passengers, she is a boutique ship that offers our customers and members the highest standards of accommodation, furnishings, cuisine and entertainment.”

Sophie Andrews, chief executive of The Silver Line, added: “Our team is absolutely delighted to see this coming together of our patron and our charity partner, Saga.

“The Silver Line helpline receives more than 10,500 calls every week from vulnerable and isolated older people, many of whom have nowhere else to turn which demonstrates the depth of loneliness felt by huge numbers of the UK’s older population.”
3 Jun '19

Which fund managers, ? which ones hold over 3%.

Mr. Johan Lundgren purchased 40,000 shares @ £ 906.60 spending £181,000
Mr. Robert John Orr Barton purchansed 11,000 shares at the same price costing £ 99,264.00

Tells its own story, unless these are mugs and some spurios sharks on here want bargins
3 Jun '19

It will produce only 7.9% growth this year, more than any other industry and as much as you try to talk and walk it down, its carrying record numbers world wide.

Earnings per seat is down slighlty on a year ago @$6.22 from $6.85.

Profit is a profit, but the losers are the likes of Thomas Cook, Virgin who will record record losses again
31 May '19

IMM June /July 2018 the results of the Lupus drug trial showed up some benefits to "Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy"


Its an area of Autoimmune disease that as little treatment options, its my understanding it can not be cured, but relived .
31 May '19

chilting, never have i read any comment so stupid , other than one Trump would come out with
"so we may be rejoicing next week if he sends a few dozen cruise missiles to take our an Iranian nuclear facility"

You obviously don't have clue, and Iran is not the Iran of the 1980's that took on USA and USSR at the same time in the Strat Of Hormuz.

Iran is capable of taking out anything America or Saudi may use, it also as more allies in the Region than will go into action.

Suggest you look How Regan Thatcher failed with arming Saddam to Attack Iran, and the end result was Saddam used all the chemical weapons Thater and Regan supplied on the iraq's and kurds.

Trump is so dumb, he even put tariffs on Mexico last night, to deflect from what Muller went on Live TV for DOJ to spell out what Trump got upto and for Congress to Act in further investigations

Next week, no doubt you will see Trump with Crook Boris Johnson and Fraudster Nigel Farage.

Oil will continue to fall in Price, 4% down yesterday and heading down more
24 May '19

Taff Evans, there is a 7 day limit to notify.

Suggest you brush up on governance and stop spouting carp

5. Date on which the threshold was crossed or reachedvi:

6. Date on which issuer notified (DD/MM/YYYY):

NFX were notified on 25/04/2019 according to the TR1.
24 May '19

How do NFX get away with producing a TRI on Higgins holdings a month after the event, is it not questionable that there Governance is way out of kilter, or is it usual to mislead the market on not issuing that TRI on April 25, as they had it on April 24.
23 May '19

Sage. Not Right or Left, but remember how the UK market crashed in 1987 and how interest rates went from 10% to 15 % in 1992.

Problem for UK is is simple, they stopped regulation of martgages under Brown and allowed Buy to let morgates to anyone and loans of upto 125% Loan to value, with zero deposit. UK now as false economy, would love to see UK interest rates at minimum of 5%, and the carnage that follows, just to teach 90% of Brist who live on Credit a lesson.

Quiet odd when you think a lot of UK people were paying interest on mortgages @17% under thatcher in 1979, and 15% under Major in 1992, now they have retired they cant get 0.5% interest on savings.

Always good to remember how the UK got to where it is now, and average debt per capita is now £16,000 on Credit cards and Car loans alone.

Sage remind us how the Current Government raised VAT from 15% to 20% , that rise on Petrol alone is scary.
23 May '19

Yes I don not agree with Subisdies, problem is, most farms in France, Portugal, Spain are small holdings. In the UK they are not many small holdings left, the big Agri companys have brought up small farms for the Subsidies.

Its not correct to give subsidies to any industry, Srervice Sector etc.
How many MP's, Lords own farms and take subsides £10 million a year for doing nothing. Never see a poor farmer
23 May '19



Bieng an exiled Brit is great, but I do feel for the Brits who have been shafted since 2008 , and this current government is the worst in history, even beating Thatchers government when it sold off everything the UK owned.

Suspect Brits would contribute to a crowdfunding page to save British Steel in Sunny Scunny if one was set up.

Seem to recall every farm in the UK gets a subisdy from the EU , Fishermen get a subisdy, Europe as been paying those two sectors of the UK £ to do SFA. Especially Farmers.

You have Two companys owning 95% of your trawlers, and 12 Companys owning 65% of your farms, one of the 12 is owned by te Mormons and Bain Capital
23 May '19

Never metioned nationalisation of Bristish Steel.

Did the UK government take a stake in Banks?

Greybull. Monarch . https://www.theguardian.com/business/nils-pratley-on-finance/2019/may/21/who-are-the-villains-of-the-british-steel-crisis
Small piece that does not even get near the root cause of UK Government handing over assets to Theifs, and by the way.

Richard Branson operates the same way as Greybull, but uses Cyrusd Vulture Hedge fund
23 May '19

Family of two adults and two children in a hotel in Cornwall near a beach for a week, on Bed Breakfast, cost £1820 in August.

Cost of the same in Portugal on a beach with Full Board, all inclusive drinks. £1055.

Only Brits are thick enough to pay to vacation in the UK in the Rain.

Easy Jet new Travel agency packages will wipe out companys like On the Beach and put the final nail in Thomas Cook Coffin
23 May '19


Capitalist vulture fund Greybull, who done over monarch, trahsed comet, ripped off UK taxpayers and will continue to wreak havoc, , or have you forgot the crap Lehmans caused and the collapse of the markets in 2008.

The UK goverment could have taken a stake in British Steel, but it did the loan it gave GREYBULL the wrong way, another reason you never trust a Conservative Government, who have filled the pockets of the city tosseres
22 May '19

More at such a low price.

UK obession with Brexit is one of those things Little Britian Syndrom.
15 May '19

Surprised they did not make the annoucement that Boieng are paying them $270 million for the disaters of there FLYING COFFIN THE 737 MAX, it's a plane that no one will fly on again.

TUI SP £15.00 BY January 31st 2019
14 May '19

Easy Jet will start charging Brits for two seats on there planes , as they take up two seats, after scoffing Junk Food from Greggs, Obese Brits catching up Obese Yanks.
13 May '19

MM's, you mean Crooks and Vagabonds who are bottom feeders .

TUI dont have any financial issues and with Boeing already preparing to Pay TUI $270 million in compensation due to Boiengs Flying Coffin the 737 MAX, giving Airbus a massive business boost and order book bulging at the seams.

TUI have focused on Cruising over the last few years , which is paying big time. One half year results wont halt TUI dominance

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