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Last Posted: 18 Apr '19

18 Apr '19

My Top up's showing as sells as normal :-)
29 Mar '19

ART123 , why do you feel the need to constantly sit behind your keyboard trying to de-ramp ? I have kept quite up until now as i have done my own research but if i was to go by your posts i would never invest. You are so negative about this share that i have to wonder what you are even doing here ?? GLA
12 Mar '19

Same with my Top up, shows as sell
21 Aug '18

@jsmith23 I think we are hoping that is the case, there is no point guessing. I am assuming you have a substantial amount of shares in SAT as you post frequently and often sounding panic stricken by the slightest move in sp. If you read back over your posts give the impression that everyone else should panic with you and hence possibly put would be investors off which of course is bad news for yourself.

Perhaps calm down, sit back and see what happens, i have every faith things will be ok.

9 Jul '18

Not going to split hairs either, we obviously just have very different opinions of the word terrestrial :-)

Anyone know why the sp is climbing ? Not complaining of course...

9 Jul '18

Headinthedand , I think they are interested in terrestrial wireless customers which is why they purchased Quickline, offloading the fibre customers in Australia may just a logistical issue. I think they realise as you rightly said Satellite is last resort which is why they would rather now convert them to a wireless network. The new frequencies will provide speeds where there is no reason at all they cannot compete with mainstream ISP's.

6 Jul '18

No worries Chesh, in really simple terms, at the moment, at lower frequencies like 5ghz which is the most common frequency used by wireless providers, the best throughput to the customer is about 50Mbit in real world tests. The proposed change in the rules will allow wireless providers to re-deploy their sites as small cells which an realistically deliver a 1000Mbit + , this enables direct competition with mainstream fibre to the premises from the likes of Gigaclear, Virgin, BT etc. The previous V Band rules restricted providers to a point-to-point circuit meaning there could only be two devices rendering them useless for a multipoint network other than feeding the capacity to it. Its actually a game changer and you have to wonder if Google knew something about this when they decided the future was wireless and stopped rolling out their fibre network to consumers.

6 Jul '18

Just reading the Ofcom presentation for the changes to spectrum, most interesting is the change to V Band which will allow much higher throughput ( Gigabit + ) in rural areas. This is not new tech but up until now has only been allowed for Point to Point. The proposed changes will allow Point to Multipoint and although short range, will allow Wireless ISP's to deliver better capacity than can currently be offer and compete directly with any fibre rollouts.
Frequency band
Frequency range39

Proposed future strategy for this band or further action required
60 GHz (“V” band)
57 - 64 GHz

Propose regulatory changes to enable point to multipoint/mesh technologies on a licence exempt basis
20 Jun '18

So what are your feeling regarding this chesh ? :-)

20 Jun '18

Dummy sell looked like it was going to be ok, the option to buy has disappeared now from the portal for BBB.

20 Jun '18

Hmm, just tried to top up my holding with HSBC trading account and it says "Securities from BBB are not available to purchase from this portal !" never had that before.......
17 Jun '18

>dsb, you miss my point. Yes of course FWA is the next best option after a terrestrial fibre-based service.

I dont think i am missing the point, why do you think FWA is second best ? The technology is coming on leaps and bounds at the moment and the cost of deployment is a mere fraction of terrestrial fibre based services which quite frankly, are totally uneconomical in a lot of situations without government subsidy. Like i said in a previous post, Google have realised this hence stopping their fibre rollout and concentrating on FWA.

>Chesh, you're also mistaken. At the lower frequency level of the three current bands used (800MHz), 4G signals >propagate a long way and also penetrate well. The same should be true of the even lower 700MHz mandated 5G >band, but we're several years away from finding out if that's the actual case.

Hmm, not mistaken exactly, the problem with these lower frequencies is although they do penetrate well, the signals do bounce about and potentially go further, the main transmitters have to rebuild the received signal and put it back in the right order. This puts one hell of a strain on the processing of the data and as such reduces capacity across the board on that sector, and capacity is what matters here. This is why all FWA operators and Mobile operators are moving more towards "small cell" network designs, less distance, less obstacles, less potentially connected end users on a cell = higher capacity. Im afraid this is why your statement doesn't really hold water in the real world. As you rightly pointed out though, you are several years from finding this out.

In regards to the Capex investment required for FWA, i am fairly expert in that as i personally started a company some 20 years ago doing exactly this. The Business model works well and although we also do a lot of fibre connections on new build estates, it has nowhere near the payback or margin of FWA.

14 Jun '18

I think 4G will only ever be a worry for wireless if the mobile operators start offering unlimited data and drop their pricing, both of which are fairly unlikely. In regards to expanding the network from the core, these days thats easy. We recently has demand from Devon, ( our network is mainly Kent and London ) lots of users on 4g. We deployed a network inside a month, the longest part was waiting for Openreach to deliver the fibre to feed it back to our core.
14 Jun '18

Everyone is worried about the Satellite churn to 4g/5g. If you look at what SAT/BBB are actually doing, with the acquisition of Quickline who also acquired some smaller WISP's first, they are building quite a substantial WiMax class network, this is cheaper to deploy than fibre and can potentially offer ample speed / latency for most requirements. The technology is coming on so quickly at the moment, I have actually deployed wireless links capable of 2.5g ! Even google have come to realise a wireless future is viable and less expensive to roll out than fibre to the premises. https://www.wired.com/2017/02/google-fiber-restructure/
12 Jun '18

I think although Satellite may have a use for IoT, it will be really hard to compete with the likes of Vodafone who offer really long deals for no money. The data sent is tiny hence no big deal for the mobile operators. Its highly possible that the likes of LoraWan will take part of the market also, there is currently quite a few bases installed across the UK. The things network is also worth a look at. https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/country/united-kingdom/

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