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EXCLUSIVE: Aminex CEO says 'Institutions are delighted' with Zubair farm-out terms Watch Here

EXCLUSIVE: Aminex CEO says 'Institutions are delighted' with Zubair farm-out terms
EXCLUSIVE: InfraStrata continue to negotiate with major gas companies and institutional investors

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11 Jul '18

Tincan, been there, done that...thank you...although a nice little holiday in the Bahamas would be agreeable!
9 Jul '18

Just completed my registration for the Tendrara trip: Morocco here I come! I enjoyed the TE7 trip so much I jumped at the chance to go back! It is a longer trip this time so wonder if they might drive us down to Anoul as well as north of TE5! Maybe heli trips for those with cash to burn.. although maybe not! It will be interesting to note all the sandstone outcrops as we drive on to location. they are usually a good indicator of hydrocarbons and last time I was there I counted loads of them!
6 Jul '18

Mac, I think they have been as clear as they can be with their intention to drill three more wells: we know the location of the first two & the third is going to be down in Anoul targetting oil. They have just raised more contingency cash so short of spelling it out in blood I don't know what more they can do to convince us they have serious drilling intent! Strap yourself in & prepare for the 'Nantucket Sleighride' of your life...........

6 Jul '18

PNE, we clearly have the potential. For some TE9 could literally be a million pound well - or more! Given success on the two subsequent wells, even the sky is not the limit! But is the TAGI fully charged over our huge license area - or has the gas escaped? That was the only thing that Brian mentioned by way of caveat emptor...but aside from that he was quietly optimistic whilst explaining the virtues of our humongous thick, 1 km salt cap seal!
6 Jul '18

If you & I had been savvy Canadian investors who took a punt on junior Uranium miners Laramide Resourses (Toronto:LAM) in 2002 for 1 cent a share, 5 years later,at the height of the Uranium boom, those shares were $16.70 & a thousand pound punt would have returned £1.67 million! Who knows if the Uranium bubble of the early 'naughties' will ever make a return. Meanwhile oil prices remain fairly high, with gas prices equally robust (excepting maybe stateside) so an early investment in Sound Energy could pay very handsomely- but even at recent prices up to even £1 could still make a cracking profit! Who knows but there are plenty of examples of the energy sector making huge gains when conditions are favourable. Conditions for us at Sound Energy are extremely favourable!
5 Jul '18

Hey Frank, yes I'm good mate. Like you, I really enjoyed that Malcy/Brian interview. Such potential but beautifully understated by our chief exploration Geologist...
even he cannot completely contain the excitement of our licenses...& what they may contain!
5 Jul '18

'Chemical changes in the soil through gas seepage' can be observed..........just like oil shows it is another clue to hydrocarbon heaven!
5 Jul '18

I love it when Brian states that 21TCF unrisked in the TAGI is only a quarter of the potential in comparison with neighbouring Algeria...& that palaeozoic horizon! Brian is, of course, being his usual conservative self!!
5 Jul '18

Thanks, Oilgasjock...watching it right now!
5 Jul '18

Trellis, you seem even more disturbed than normal. The dates & timing might seem a touch vague but as you realise there are several factors at play here which preclude stating an exact timetable...this is, after all, oil & gas exploration - but I doubt James & co would advise simultaneous ground works were possible in the timescale he has publicly put his name to if they were not possible because of your imagined problems of seismic interpretations at TE-10! The Company have published the dates for the TE-9 site visit so I really cannot see why you want to pick holes where they simply do not exist. Yes, there have been delays to previous guidence but surely you can see we have a simple time framework now to guide us to first well & the rig is stated to move directly to the second location immediately after. Surely you have more things to worry about then the minutia of well & rig long as the process is started (which as stated ground works should commence within two weeks) then I see no problem on that score....waited long enough so a week or two is nothing in the scheme of things!

3 Jul '18

Thanks to all those who were able to send in questions. Special thanks from me go to Soundingoff for some very pertinent observations, questions & answers. I can't make these events any more but impending (early) retirement should hopefully solve that problem. Thanks also to Moroccoknows for his sterling work...reminds me of me a few years ago here!
2 Jul '18

There are 'daily commuters' of traders...but who cares about them? Some sage once said 'an investment is a trade gone wrong'...yet another closer to home Sound Evangelist once said "it isn't dilution if it adds value" quote former CEO Gerry Orbell...known to his diminished fan base as 'Merry Ordeal'! is there any truth in those statements....I suspect there is"!!
2 Jul '18

On the other could just be to assuage investor concerns re the placement...but with only very minimal dilution why bother? Do we want our hands held? Unfortunately, due to the presence of such luminaries as 'Fatty'...maybe it was felt necessary!
2 Jul '18

Very droll Fellruner! But it is very unusual to announce a 'fireside chat' the day before...something is urgent & the game may well be "afoot".....Dr Watson!! Why the urgency? What news could prompt such an urgent company PR exercise? If you believe Fellrunner (his witty rejoinder) the 'Fireside Chat' should have been announced weeks ago, but true to form, they were! But this isn't a train timetable to be criticised & analysed to the enth degree...this is oil & gas exploration - where nothing runs on time; there are no daily commuters & neither are there guarantees of a final pay your one-way fare & hope to arrive - the richer for the experience!!

The cat is very much among the pidgeons & gossips will gossip! Could tomorrow be a damp squib or will there be something urgent to talk this space & be prepared for anything!!
2 Jul '18

Bullheed, I'm truly sorry you feel that way - so much so that you felt the need to sell out. I do sympathise with your frustration & perception of a 'gravy train'...but imo it simply isn't the case. if you read up on historic cases of field development you will be more aware that it takes a great deal of planning, time & financing. Bringing a new, world-class hydrocarbon frontier to a gas hungry market does not happen overnight. It was always said that from discovery to production took at least 8 years! Wouldn't you have been happier in your investment had you been more aware of just how complicated a process we are undertaking? I know James well & he has a great deal of integrity. As was illustrated in Moroccoknow's post of a JP reply...he takes all the criticism to heart & he feels the pain & frustration of PIs...but he will not compromise in his quest for maximum shareholder value whilst doing his utmost for the kingdom of Morocco!

Good luck in your future investments.

2 Jul '18

Moroccoknows, thanks for posting your reply from JP...just goes to show how careful they are being with our three well campaign. They can no doubt now place a knitting needle in the exact spot they want the drill pipe & have backed up their cash position so all is being lined up nicely now. "Back in the limelight at full voltage" sounds good to me if we even get just one of the three wells right! I am sure we haven't long to wait now & even if we have who cares...getting it exactly right takes time & I am more than happy to accommodate any delays on our road to success!!

BTW, I read the Sunday Mail (occasionally as my wife likes the crossword), Money Week & The Week...when I am not reading books. My latest book is entitled 'Discovery - The Search for Arabian Oil' by Wallace Stegner. It is years old & details the very early discoveries. It will be an inspirational read of how the yanks discovered vast amounts of hydrocarbons...without the very latest technology we employ! When reading it I will, of course, be thinking about us in Morocco!!
29 Jun '18

Petroleumsng - "who is Luca"...seriously? He was only our head of Morocco all! I think maybe you need to do some more researc to justify your continued investment interest in Sound Energy?

26 Jun '18

Testpack, you don't think James has the cojones or the dynamism of the SDX boss...I've heard it all now! You obviously don't believe that JP can 'get things done successfully', ala Paul Welch. I agree, James has been farting around building a team of experts, partners, collaborators & stakeholders including Continental investment, OGIF, Schlumberger & Enagas & presiding over a huge scientific ariel & ground survey when he should just have been issuing billions of shares & blindly drilling holes in the ground at a rapid rate of knots! had that been the case we might well have - & been - finished by now!!
21 Jun '18

Quite so PNE...why would he?
16 Jun '18

Can't argue with that's everyone's duty to themselves to derisk, if & when they can. it is not always possible but should be a general rule of AIM investing.

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