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EXCLUSIVE: Aura Energy #Aura to IPO Swedish Vanadium prospect

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Sat 11:43

all :)

I see all our trades, bar the last one of the day, aren't showing on here but another good day of volume buying yesterday.

She's being held at 3p - for now - and you have to wonder why that is in the final week of June with, presumably, a very high chance of seeing news this week given that the AGM is on Thursday and MOD suggested the back-end of June for their various news drops. A decent resource upgrade with those 34 outstanding assays to ensure the PFS Expansion Case of c$400m NPV @ $3 Copper and some more insightful drill news, hopefully across multiple domes targets, is on our wishlist of course :)

I'm still somewhat bemused by why there's been so much (chunky) buying at upper 2s recently (enough to make me top-up at 2.9p yesterday too) but perhaps we're about to find out why.

A really big pivot break north of Sprott's 3p entry level so fingers crossed for something dropping in the days/weeks ahead to make that so.
Thu 13:40

Still on the prowl but what price is she stalking eh? :)
Thu 07:57


Some speculation knocking about that it could be LIM - the HK fund who bought heavily into MOD and who are committed to fund to production - that could be driving this buying ahead of news dropping. They were at the Mines & Money event in HK in April that MTR attended.

Perhaps we'll get a TR1 if they pick up 33m/3% - after news of course :)
Wed 14:27

Believe it or not but I've just made the EXACT same observation to someone away from here five minutes ago.

I'm gonna have to stop commenting cos of sounding like a ramper but y'know, this really isn't how it should be on normal trading - the MMs, quite rightly imo, want to bend her over a bit - 2.7s imo - but they've got no chance until this buying stops - these are really sizeable trades changing hands here :)
Wed 14:07

These are really chunky trades :)
Wed 13:17

@ Chesh - Fundy/TA are usually the same things mate when you've proper nailed it ;)

@ Keith - ordinarily I'd agree but this (£Large) buying is relentless, doesn't feel like PI buying to me - no ramp, I just genuinely don't think it looks that way. It all kicked off "from out of nowhere" that Friday six weeks ago with the MMs clearing out everything at <2.2p and it's just continued on since then.
Wed 13:05

I can't wait to find out what it is that I don't yet know that's making this thing so bloody strong around here :)
Wed 11:19

Totally - much of my recent read-up on this recently has referenced Gondwana and the Neoproterozoic era of these Copper deposits.

This pic is fab - hell, they've even got the Kalahari Copper Belt in the right colour and the right place reaching direct from those massive South American deposits straight into Central Africa lol
Wed 10:57

Great, thanks so much.

I'm on a geo fast-track training course at the mo lol but much of what you've said chimes with what I hoped/expected you to say.

Terry Grammer and JJvR obviously know what they're doing so little wonder they've ID'd that as priority #1 for later in the Summer - it could throw up something wildly different to everything else, maybe even those shiny diamonds ;) I'm not aware of any more info on that in the public domain but I'll give the relevant news releases a little more scrutiny ;)

One can only imagine what this land used to look like - as referenced in my earlier post, this whole area was once one VAST lake bed, fed by water from Angola to the N/NE - Lake Ngami being the last remaining body of water of what once was.
Wed 10:00

Aye - red buys a sure sign they're about to lose contol again for the umpteenth time since mr big buyer started weighing in six weeks ago ...

Anyone would think some major news was about to drop.
Wed 09:20

No way is that PI buying.


Wed 05:37


She's getting there, albeit in slow motion - for now ;)

I've just dropped a chart update with my perspective on what I hope is an impending large breakout to the upside on news in the coming weeks when c3p is broken for good.

BTW, as a geo, I'd like to hear your interpretation of what MOD may have in mind re the T23 "rotated" structure that they've highlighted as priority #1 once the T3 Dome complex Seven Sisters domes drilling is complete and they move South to the T20 Dome complex in late Summer. Feel free to speculate obvs :)

I've been reading up on the history of this land these past few days and had forgotten that Livingston himself first discovered Lake Ngami, adjacent to Cupric Canyon's land. Africa was my first love as a kid and I'd have read that aged about 10 years old (along with Stanley's exploits too of course - Christ, what a character he was lol) so I've come full circle here forty years later - funny old game :)
Tue 14:57

Everyone's money is good enough, wherever it's coming from :)

These are chunky buys right underneath a critical SP pivot at c3p - this really isn't what you'd expect to see around here under "normal" conditions.
Tue 11:49




Tue 10:03

I'm very happy to let em roll off the RSI a little pre-news - who knows where this could be next week.
Tue 09:42

Interesting grey trades too.
Tue 08:58

Interesting :)

Tell me we don't have an II buyer here :)
Tue 08:24

2.7s looks decent imo if you've been waiting on the sidelines and want to pick some up pre-news.
Tue 07:54

That would explain everything since Blue Friday six or so weeks ago - why wouldn't they snaffle up the arbitrage value at MTR while it's on offer if they're so committed to MOD anyway?
18 Jun '18

Actually, yes, they have, kinda - there's a video on youtube by @MiningBookGuy that I only caught by chance on the weekend during my further research where he refers to a list by @PamplonaTrader at around 6:00 that contains SOLG, MARL and ARS (boy did those move!) and wonders why Pamplona hadn't picked up on MOD but it's worth watching the whole thing as he made it in March 2017 just prior to Sprott loading up at 3p in April.

Also note his comparison to the Central African/Zambian/DRC Copper belt at around 11:00 where some of the world's biggest copper mines are located. We don't have their grades (yet) but in comparison to possible overall size (eventually) the market may start pricing that in going forward on the right news here which was my main point in last night's post in terms of *possible* upside here.

PS: There's also a funny in there where he disses this site as being (over) trading obsessed lol

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