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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: TSX-listed Transglobe Energy Corporation considers London listing Watch here

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: TSX-listed Transglobe Energy Corporation considers London listing

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Sun 23:42

Given how much your average PI p*sses away in no time at all on the stock market, a few K spent on quality training with guys who've been there and done it is a total no-brainer :)

Making money on the stock market and *knowing how to* make money on the stock market are two entirely different things. One can be utterly random (+50% then -50% repeated half a dozen times leaves you blown up at £Zero, no matter how much you started with), the other is replicatable and acknowledges/balances risk.

Some simple rules though:

Like the company first THEN look to the chart for an entry (i.e. IRR/SDX et al).

Utterly clueless but see something getting lots of "attention" (nearly always a red flag - eventually) on the public boards? Fine have a punt but get in *early* and when the profits start racking up 2-4x, GTF out of Dodge and never look back. If it's already bagged by the time you see it, it's generally not worth the risk of diving in - there'll *always* be another one just around the corner ................

Re the above - learn how to see it coming and buy the bottom - it's totally doable; I pointed out FRR @ 0.11p weeks ago on my site's chart update notes ...

Short term trade? No probs but a short term trade "should be" about a month with a view to keeping it going for 2-4 months as you see fit.

-10% to -15% paper loss is generally just noise but you may have got it wrong if it's more than that but don't sh*t yourself just cos it starts going down as soon as you buy. That's often just the broker/MM taking the other side of your position to throw you out and make you trade again for the extra trading volume cash.

Mass-market public web sites for "information"? Do me a favour, Sock Puppet forward-debt selling-arama pmsl but if you can see a spike coming before it goes then these sites can be a tool to use but your timing needs to be effin sharp and recognise they'll never let you out at the very "top", those prices aren't for you ... Utterly ignore the "in it for the long term" posts, they're almost always people looking for you to buy their shares so they can get out and move onto the next one ...

HTH ;)

That's defo me done - GLA :)
Sun 22:07

I know why it went up mate - that'll be the $500k put in by the crew behind it which is all the money the company has ffs!

300 posts today already by half a dozen guys about, umm, absolutely nothing ... It's gonna be an epic P&D, even by this site's standards but I think they're already sounding pretty desperate.

£13m mcap to £40m mcap in days merely by adding $750k cash and lashing together a £500 web site?

OK ...........

As long as they're still trying to sell their shares the preposterous "posting" will continue, maybe even getting more hysterical lol - it's got £zero written all over it eventually ...

Laters ;)
Fri 22:47

"Still oversold" with an 83 RSI ffs - it does sadden me to see chart guys taking the dirty money in cahoots with the Black November CTAG crew on their new November IDs *again* but hey, same ole, same ole on ...

See if this one doesn't end up as yet another P&D that ends up at zero eventually like the rest of them - think Positive I guess and Don't forGet the parachute ;)

That's it for me peeps, it's been "fun" :)

Fri 19:37

I rewatched MDT too, as entertaining as it ever was - some unfortunate stereotypes in there but those exist for a reason of course :)
Fri 19:36

Defo parachute required, same ole crew, new IDs ;)
Fri 16:32

Sans "bad news", I'm as confident as I can be that 25s is the floor but they could keep her there right up until full FDA approval next year ...
Fri 16:10

Hi mate.

I can't do all of the joined-up thinking but it's not rocket science to come up with various reasons why big money people/corps would want to see the SP/mcap suppressed for as long as possible - aggressive T/O or wotevs.

Pharma is a very, very murky world for obvious reasons :)
Fri 16:04

@ Chukks - that would be the White Hats mate :)
Fri 15:52

Someone, somewhere, is obviously very highly "motivated" mate - my first thought was US money cos they own the world/markets but it could be closer to home of course and I hear that SING are all over the ask during this very obvious market manipulation/suppression of the SP/mcap ...

Force someone to blink and it could go gangbusters but you're talking big, big money at play here so it won't come easy ...
Fri 15:47

Be even better if it turned out to be GSK via proxy rather than Pfizer pmsl

Not that our very own GSK would ever be caught doing the dirty of course ......

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