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ETF Investing made simple; CEO of justETF explains why

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Today 00:36

cont ...

"Ill-fated/poorly-researched launch of FBT's US subsidiary"

OK, so you're back again with the irrelevant 2015 stuff, 2014/2015 being your favourite time to keep reaching back to in your mission to harm the company as we've all seen recently. Thing is, this latest "objective" point doesn't even fit into the time frame of my point that you were supposed to be replying to to "help me out" - none of this is from the last 12 months of course because you won't talk about anything from the last 12 months because it doesn't fit does it? Really poor show mate, even worse when you consider that the BOD has been totally shaken up since then and Jason Cowan, tied to the US stuff back then, is out.

"The failure to develop a consumer business"

Subjective again ... Describe that failure then mate with objective terminology, not your usual twisted as hell made-up crap - you need to give numbers to back that statement up and if you haven't got them then oh dear ........

"The mission critical bugginess of Captevate"

Not remotely subjective there at all - AGAIN. Why is it mission critical? Because you say so? You're clearly implying that Captevate is so bad that it could bring the company down by using the "mission critical" term you used. Do you want to try and walk that one back too or do you have numbers in your possession that warrant such alarmist rhetorique being flung around?

"The appointment of a novice CEO who is barely known in the City"

Still with the subjective. Aziz didn't just leave Warwick Uni mate, he's been around the block a fair bit with Reed and and those guys seem to have done pretty well for themselves, yes? The thing is with this point is, again, you're completely undone because you're slating a guy who after having being in the CEO job for barely a year has just secured £3m of funding at 10.00p at a 40% premium to the 7p placing in the Summer to boot and from one of the biggest tech funds (maybe even the biggest - £1b) in this country, led by Gervais Williams, a renowned and super respected tech buyer who is right at the very upper levels of the City you're talking about. Do you think, per chance, that Aziz may be somewhat better known in the City after securing that head-turning deal while still in his nappies mate?

"The late or abandoned trading update usually seen in January"

So this could be a blue flag (given the recent placing ref to larger deals, the imminent end of the BBC/Apple PoC project or stuff still coming in from Aziz's just-ended month-long US tour) or it could be a red flag but you being Mr Subjective Agenda are going for the red flag - forgive me if I don't keel over with shock ...

I look forward to your next "objective" reply to "help me out" mate and I'm sure the rest of the board is on tenterhooks for it too.

Today 00:30

From his (vile, intentionally damaging and misleading) deleted post at 22:49 last night:

"The sudden and unexplained demotion of a recently appointed executive director"

I don't even know what that is referring to - if you mean Jason Cowan, he left the business in September to go and work for Avid, Apple's direct NLE competitor, *very* shortly after Apple were revealed by Bloomberg to be working on their new video app for 2017 and at exactly the same time that FBT's video app and video sharing channel app went radio silent.

"The modest increase in 16HY1 invoiced sales, considering the big increase in sales resources"

Modest is subjective terminology and I've picked this one up before and I'll do it again: +25% invoiced revenue is pretty good on any terms but when your new sales resources have barely got their feet under the table then the first six months are always going to be the slowest, *especially* if you're formulating a new sales & marketing strategy at the same time as Aziz very clearly has. Any reasonable (and objective) person would add at least an additional six months in that scenario if they had any real-world business experience of their own to call upon.

"The relative lack of material contract wins since the interims"

Again with the subjective terminology ... We had two major deals in the space of 6-8 weeks announced from December to January and a massive placing at 10p for the best part of £3m to service "larger deals" going forward. Problem?

"The discovery of a major direct competitor in Grabyo (notwithstanding FBT's patents)"

Discovered by you perhaps - again, subjective ... As you seem to love Grabyo, as you've mentioned them about fifteen times in the past month, perhaps you could enlighten us all as to how they are (in your words) *direct* competitors to FBT? Please don't leave out any details, we'll be needing to hear about their NLE compatibility with all of the world's leading NLEs and their global experience with broadcasters built up over the last decade+ and the world-stage sports events like the Olympics and Wimbledon that FBT have been involved with plus, of course, how they're achieving 15-seconds-behind-live video logging/editing/publishing as Forscene does on a 1.2mb internet connection. We're all ears mate but make sure you don't fumble it now you've said it ........

"The divestment by major FBT II, Schoders"

Seen a TR1 recently showing this divestment have you? For balance, because I know you keep saying you're all about balance (lol) I'm sure you'll also want to refer to the 15m shares bought by Miton (almost as big as Schroders last declaration alone and which takes Miton to 26m shares ...) at 10.00p recently and the other similar amount of shares bought by the people who took the other half of the £3m placing at the same price? No? Why not?
Tue 22:59

I'm not saying I'm off mate but the point is there's no chance of quality discussion on here anymore so anything worthwhile has to go elsewhere. I can't help that and it ain't the way i want it - I'm for collaborative effort that helps the most people, not just whatever suits me unlike some. If I was that way, I'd have half a dozen of my own share charts on my site, not 80+ of whatever other people ask for after a fortnight with every one of them given as straight a bat as I can give ...

I almost need two hands to count the number of temp bans I got on here before Xmas when butting heads with one of the magic ID crew and now we've got another one dancing between the rain drops with aplomb and the board has been pointless for a month in his continuing wake. I don't doubt for a second what the MO/objective is but as long as the people running this show continue to tolerate/condone it then wtf else can you do but migrate away from it?

Tue 21:04

That's why I parked it all away from lse mate because it's impossible to do anything on this site anymore. The privileged few with the magic IDs run amok and do wtf they like while mugs like me pay the bills - these guys would carpet-bomb Mecca for a buck and there's nowt I can do about that other than step away from it ...

Anyway, this is what i got: - if there's anything missing then let me know via the contact page cos there's absolutely no point in trying to have a discussion on here anymore ...
Tue 19:49

Cash rich like no other company mate - they can only grow by acquisition, preferably by swallowing current partners ...
Tue 19:36

He's defo got the bigger duck mate, I concede that point immediately.

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