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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
Exclusive: Hardman & Co Investor Forum - Severn Trent, Calculus Capital, Volta Finance, Residential

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Mon 17:29

Good luck to them Ojay but if anyone takes the trouble to do some research on PM they may find there is a lot more here than a gamble on whether it will rise or not on the way to spud. It's already gone up over 100%, that's why so many are jumping ship having made of beer money, but I am looking for a life changing amount as I did with RKH, buying at 35p and selling on good flow tests at 4.20 and 3.85, more than a 10 bagger. I want at least a ten bagger here.
A lot of people don't seem to realise that success at Heron 1 will mean a lot more than the 25mmbo there, it will give us the opportunity to fund the and exploit Raptor and Taat, probably with a partner but if not on our own. Success at Heron means we will most likely team up with Petro China so that their side of the border and ours has just the one operator, cutting costs in half yet with us having the biggest slice.
I wish anyone luck if they want to sell on the run up to spud.
Mon 16:37

What else will trigger a substantial rise, this is an oil company so discovering oil could be good bet for a rise! Gone are the days of spiking towards spud it would seem.
The best thing would be to do some research and buy if you think the company will succeed, don't buy if you think otherwise. The proof will be in the pudding.
Mon 15:09

Flashy500. I think we will see unitisation on block XX, it seems this has been broached by both parties but they need to see MATD discover oil before this goes ahead. It appears MATD may have the lion's share but Heron 1 will tell us more.
If oil is discovered on the other block there would be too much for Petro China to refine at their refinery and Mongolia want to build their own, they have the infrastructure in place already.
Mon 10:39

Peders 100. Yes, I always do this, it saves the pain of losing.
Mon 09:07

Excellent move by Mike Buck to publish the results to ease the minds of the worry warts. That gives him the ability to give news on mobilisation and another on spud of Heron 1. I dare say we will have more photos on Twitter as well.
Unless the rig is miles away I wasn't expecting it to mobilise just yet or we'd have spud in late June!
I bet a few of Friday's sellers have long faces, they ignored the Professor's advice!
Good luck to all.
Sun 16:26

Which three drills as there are four in total? It certainly won't go anywhere near £1 unless Velociraptor comes in.
However, Heron should give us the cash flow to plan and drill future wells as the cost is relatively low, very low compared to most, about $3 million or less in Block XX and about the same for Raptor.
Fri 16:10

Does anyone seriously think market makers sit watching their favourite share all day long thinking up crafty plans to buy cheap and sell for a big profit? Most either have their feet up, are still down the pub for an extended lunch or have better things to do than take any interest in a low turnover, cheap stock such as this. Instead, they are thankful for the algorithms of SETS to make their profit as that is how this is traded, automatically. Try playing chess against a computer to get an idea. In this case it's the computer against investors on AIM, the market makers don't give a fig what anyone thinks, the computer makes their profits with automatic regularity. Occasionally, a good RNS drops by during the day, as with RKH and Sea Lion, and they drop the sp dramatically to kick out all the stop losses before tripling it to have a laugh at cautious investors expensive and their gain.
This is down because of the sellers.
Thu 11:56

That is what I tend to do as well Icarus69. I take the original stake off the table with a profit and let the rest roll. The problem is greed and fear cause a sort of misty blindness that means it is difficult to see constructively so one needs to make a plan and stick to it.
However, I may not sell my original stake on this one before results on Heron1 as I have a strong feeling it is likely to produce first oil.
Thu 11:36

Good post bonum. So many people jump in on sentiment without doing any research but even then things can wrong. There can be no guarantees but with Petro Matad about to drill two appraisal wells virtually simultaneously this has to be one of the best Aim shares to be in at the moment. Block XX was supposed to have been drilled last year as back up to WH and SL, in case they were duds, but had to be delayed due the rig contractor, not the fault of MATD.
Now we are about to start drilling the back up! With 2 more wells after that. Now what's that word I keep hearing - oh yes, is it...
Wed 13:30

I chatted to an old friend with a crystal ball and she said tomorrow and Friday are likely to produce a frenetic, whirlwind of excitement.
11 Jun '19

Thanks Donkee, I have been checking Twitter but you beat me to it! We are getting set for a double for starters here.
11 Jun '19

Captain Stanley. Although before his time, Mike Buck has covered this and basically they drilled in the wrong places without the seismic they now have, a fact Oiler87 omitted. The sp pinged up to circa £2.10 and I dare say Oiler87 is still sore after piling in that price. It went from about 12p to over £2 on speculation and then back down on the failure. Shows what this is capable of! Oil will send this up up up... without the fall back this time.
10 Jun '19

I got at the time they went through but not on LSE.
10 Jun '19

Yes, they seem to have missed out the 2 X 500k buys.
10 Jun '19

Mine says, 2X500 buys and 1,712,977 buys, 1,169,087 sells.
10 Jun '19

Another huge buy wants some shares, come on sellers, dump away there's an RNS coming.
10 Jun '19

I have to say I am amazed that so many people sell at this stage of the game, each to their own though and without them we may have had a spike today. The daily trades are still quite low, it also amazes me that people wait until the sp has risen before they buy. What do I know?
10 Jun '19

More buys than sells, the sells were needed for that second 500k buy of the day, someone stocking up!
10 Jun '19

If you are going to watch something on YouTube it's worth watching something really good. Alize makes others look like dinosaurs.
If you don't understand French she is singing about what she does in the bath!
J'ai la peau douce
Dans mon bain de mousse
Je m'éclabousse
J'en rit
Mon poisson rouge
Dans mon bain de mousse
Je l'emmitoufle
Lui dit:

10 Jun '19

Yes, they may want as many shares as possible, they may even drop the sp for a short while if there are a few stop losses they can kick out.
I keep checking Twitter to see if there are any pics of anything on the move!

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