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Tue 10:33

I donít think all is lost. Bloe has a decent future. You will need to be patient though. This could easily slump to below 7p...only 9.5 bid now so just donít watch it every day.
Tue 10:25

I donít think so. Even the most bullish must now realise that 12 million placing was iffy after the company said it was fully funded. I would agree though that the short interest has increased dramatically and I am guessing those who knew the placing was on the way shorted at about 15p. Those who bought in the placing were mainly short term and thought they could make a quick profit and get out. A good few got out but the rest are hoping for a rally on an rns ...any price above 11p will see a flood of selling. A few on Twitter who are offered placings daily say itís become a struggle to get placings away at the moment and this stock is an issue. You have to give the directors here a lot of credit though get 12 million was a hell of a result and it gives them a lot of fire power. They need to spend it carefully..,wonít be able to raise that amount again for a long time. Meanwhile the mkt is stuffed with bloe stock and will be for some time.
Mon 16:35

The price is falling away. The chart is dire, there is such an overhang here. Raising 12 million was just too much. I thought 10p might hold but now I am no longer sure. The stock has gone up a long way but all this money being made monthly...I am not sure about that. Nor is the cash previously held still there. Hmmm...I hope this is not just another ramped up oiler. We have had so many recently. Please donít reply if you are a ramper desperate to get out a break even or just desperate.,,intelligent balanced views only
Mon 12:16

All mine went today for a fair profit. Good decision by the company to concentrate on the key asset but boy have they blown some money out of the door. Huge bonfire of cash..for me it was just a trade from 2.5p. Good luck to holders
Fri 16:50

Piís hate to be realistic. There were two 30k sales late I presume from the placing. The price is near the placing price, the chart is dire and holders from 4p are selling to lock in profits. A huge dilution here with an overhang of a hundred million extra shares. The presentation mentions a year period...I donít remember seeing that. Some of the most aggressive on here seem to have disappeared and sold or was it their job to try to get folk to buy so that the placing stock could be dumped? No point anyone getting upset with the price..itís the way of the mkts. Without news I now see this falling some way yet and certainly to 10p or lower. I would not rule out a sharp fall either. Look at echo ....all the support of Sound plc, at the time the next big oiler and FTSE candidate we were told. Raised 50 million dollars and money was poured in. A year later just a fraction of the price. No one knows where there is going in a year ....but next week it is going down imo. Sorry about that. Be careful with all aim Oilerís and donít trust anyone...especially on these boards as they will tell you one thing and have a different agenda.
Fri 13:23

Mind you what a disgrace that a company can raise new money and make lots of promises and then decide to take the company private
Fri 13:21

I bought these in the placing at 1p and sold out at 1.6 I think. Had a small punt today ..not going broke and we might see an offer or the delist might not get a majority
Fri 09:48

This was going below 10p levels and then the 8p levels I said and got slagged off for my pains. Here we are at 3.5p with a new BoD being rather evasive. I donít think there is anything here myself and a price below 2p now beckons. Goodness knows what the next results will show. At one point I had many thousands in this stock....the story sounded so good. The Weald was going to make us all a fortune....anyone want to put forward a compelling case why I should be buying these again at this all time low??
Thu 22:32

I hold both.....It looks to me that Zen is actually way ahead of Bloe on the drilling front. Maybe Bloe will try to buy a stake in the near areas.
Thu 20:37

Either way it got leaked a week ago. My view is that Bloe will struggle to hold above 11p unless there is news. I bought in today below 12p but I think that will be easily available tomorrow as those who bought in the placing look to get out. It looks like a row behind the scenes so I see a fall tomorrow.

BMD has been right on all these placing calls ....very useful in fact.
Thu 16:15

True indeed....but like generals even rubbish directors sometimes get lucky
Thu 16:04

I expect 10p tomorrow....a lot of that is cash and only a fraction of the price a year ago
Thu 16:01

Zen better have oil because they are next door to bloe. So a big result for zen in a couple of weeks would be great for bloe. All connected fields I suspect.
Thu 15:44

Yes the company is clearly turning around now. Lots of cash in the bank and a focus on the key business rather than trying to compete everywhere.
Thu 13:10

The punters will arrive now. Peel only left on L2 at 2.9 then a big gap up. Hoping the sellers stay away for a week and we get a good rns. Never lost on these ...yet..and they were my biggest winner of the year two years ago so fingers crossed for even a dead cat bounce
Thu 12:30

Bought a few for a bounce.
Thu 12:28

Yes must be placing overhang. Plenty left to go here so not buying back the one I sold here yet....even though the price is low.
Thu 10:54

Strange this fall. Donít they have an investment in a stock that has doubled
Thu 10:32

To be fair some decent buying now
Thu 10:14

Bid now down to 11p..,the mkt makers donít want any more

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